Selkie Staycation Dress! The most glorious dress for the summer!

Selkie Staycation Dress

Selkie Staycation Dress

Hello pals! Today I want to show the amazing Selkie Staycation Dress with you! Of all the Selkie dresses I think this one might be my favourite;  It’s long length, the floral print, the subtle but sexy neckline… I mean it’s perfection! Today I’m going to share the price sizing information where to buy it and also some of the amazing dresses from the collection. I am a huge fan of selkie understand and I know that a lot of people aren’t yet familiar with them which is why I thought I would share more information and photos with you. Let’s go and prepare to be dazzled by the super feminine and fabulous ethical brand!

why are Selkie so popular?

Selkie are super popular for their beautiful feminine divine, which are both whimsical and vintage inspired with a modern twist. They are also a very size inclusive brand, Which I think a lot of people respect. And they are also a very ethical and sustainable brand too, They make dresses in pretty limited quantities and a lot of dresses are available via pre-order to cut down on much waste as possible. In short, they are The perfect fantasy dress, and if you’re off to a wedding, or even getting married and looking for something less traditional.

Selkie pink dress

Where to buy selkie dresses in the UK?

Selkie dresses can be bought directly from the official website or via free people. It’s also worth knowing that free people have a number of exclusive designs and colourways too. So always check both websites before you buy, as you might find something you on one that’s not on the other! Also, shopping via free people might avoid import taxes, you have been warned!

Selkie Staycation Dress

oh La La! The Selkie staycation dress is one of my favourite dresses they have ever made! The print! The ruffles! The laidback sexy look, it’s all perfect!!!! I also love the way it can be styled with a simple discreet bra, or styled with a more statement bra – like in the pictures. It can also be worn as a formal dress or a more casual dress. Either way, it’s beautifully made and designed and a fabulous piece to stay in your wardrobe for years to come!

Selkie dress orange floral

How to style a selkie dress

Selkie dresses are super beautiful and honestly, they are quite the statement so you can keep the styling really simple. Either team with a cosy cardigan and chunky boots for a sexy, laidback festival boho look. Or wear with cute ballet pumps or sandals for more of an evenings or wedding look. Also, I would keep the jewellery classic and small, but with a cool twist like this GANNI jewellery. As for a handbag, I would say to go for something small and cute like a Vivienne Westwood granny frame bag in a plain colour.

Selkie floral dress

pros & cons of selkie dresses

Pros: beautiful designs, unique, feminine, eye catching, perfect for weddings, sustainable fashion, luxurious, size inclusive

Cons: a fashion investment, limited quantities available so you must buy quick!

Thank you for reading my post on the Selkie staycation dress! I hope you like It as much as I do! Also, I’ve added in some other dresses I love from Selkie, so if you love them too, why not treat yourself! This post contains some affiliate links.