Going viral! GANNI x Mejuri jewellery! Sustainable luxury

Going viral! GANNI x Mejuri jewellery! Sustainable luxury
Going viral! GANNI x Mejuri jewellery! Sustainable luxury

hello pals! Today I want to share some information about the soon-to-be-viral! GANNI x Mejuri jewellery collection. Both brands are hot, sustainable and luxe. This is a beautiful collection with a beautiful story behind it. Trust me! You’re gonna love this one! Let’s discuss! 

Going viral! GANNI x Mejuri jewellery! Sustainable luxury
Four leaf clover jewellery 

The GANNI x Mejuri jewellery collection features a lot of four leaf clover designs. This represents luck and friendship, best friends are hard to find, just like four leaf clovers. Also, the four leaf clover is a classic motif used in jewellery, proving that their collection is designed to be loved and worn for years, if not decades to come, because sustainability and buying better is at the heart of both brands.


This collection is made using 92% recycled sterling silver and 95% recycled 18k gold vermeil. sustainably is at the heart of both brands ethos’s and silver and gold are both precious metals which can be loved and worn for decades without spoiling. If the owner does ever decide they don’t want it, then it can be resold or recycled once again for a new generation of wearers. Gold and silver can both be endlessly recycled. Also, gold vermeil is the highest quality of gold plating to ensure it stays looking beautiful for years and costs a fraction of solid gold.

Ganni jewellery collection

Mixed metals

Interestingly, this collection features a mixed metals, both gold and silver combined in one piece. This is a big trend we are starting to see in the jewellery world, and quite frankly I love it. It gives a real effortless thrown together look and it’s very cool. Traditionally jewellery wasn’t designed to be only gold or only silver, so even though this feels like a new trend, it’s actually a very classic way to design jewellery. My engagement ring is mixed metals and that dates back to the Victorian era. And in a lot of antique shops you see a lot of mixed metal jewellery too.

how to style

This jewellery collection is fun and easy to style: ideally for the GANNI look go for a maximalist scandi style. Or mix and match with vintage, designer and whatever you have in your wardrobe. It also easily transitions to evening style with its delicate shapes and chunky chains. You can layer it up or wear it one piece at a time. In short.. anything goes! Just wear it, love it and recycle it within your wardrobe as much as possible!

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Thank you for reading my Going viral! GANNI x Mejuri jewellery! Sustainable luxury post. I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know if you have any questions! Im always happy to help!