Vivienne Westwood x my bag exclusive handbags! Plus save 25%

Vivienne Westwood Grammy frame bag mybag

Vivienne Westwood x my bag Exclusive handbags

Hello pals! Today I want to tell you – and show you – the amazing Vivienne Westwood x my bag exclusive handbags. These are honestly the dream Vivienne Westwood bags and you can only get them at my bag. So if you normally shop in store or online at Vivienne Westwood, then you will be excited to see them… as they are amazing and you might have missed them! Let’s chat!


Five bags to choose from

This collection features 5 exclusive bags, each on in the same print but a different iconic silhouette. Choose between a duffle bag, classic flap, small swinger bag or small size grab bag… or my personal fave; the unbeatable Vivienne Westwood granny  bag.

Each bag features the same print, a stunning hot pink check in coated canvas. It’s a beautiful combination of hot pink, red, navy and a hint of purple. It’s stunning! One of my favourite colour combinations of the Vivienne Westwood tartans I’ve ever seen!!

25% Vivienne Westwood discount code

Right now there is a 25% discount to be had with the code STYLE25. But don’t linger too long as it might expire soon! But it’s pretty amazing, it gets you 25% off all the bags! So good!!!!

Vivienne Westwood bags – are they worth the money?

Over the years I have owned a lot of Vivienne Westwood bags and I have to say;
They are worth the money! They are also great as you can often find them on sale making them a great price. In fact, some of my bags I bought on sale, wore loads and then re-sold them for as much as I paid for them and sometimes more!! Amazing right??! So yes! They are worth the money!

Much like LV, Vivienne Westwood love a coated canvas bag. Don’t worry, this isn’t inferior to a leather bag, in some ways it’s better. They tend to be more hardwearing and better in the rain. In fact, I have a Vivienne Westwood coated canvas bag I bought over 15 years ago and it still looks amazing!!! 

So there we have it! The Vivienne Westwood x my bag limited edition handbags! Plus a 25% Vivienne Westwood discount! I hope this post is of help and interest! If you have any questions, please do let me know! I’ve been a Vivienne Westwood shopper for around 15 years now. This post contains affiliate links.