Going viral! Clio Peppiate dress review

Clio Peppiate dress review pink handbag sequinned sequin
Clio Peppiate dress review

Hello friends! Today I want to share a Clio Peppiate dress review and tell you about these super cute dresses by an amazing independent London designer! If you have seen these dresses and you are keen on them, then I thought this post might be helpful! Today we are chatting price, designs, quality, sizes and so much more! Want to know more? Let’s chat!

why you might know Clio Peppiate

clio Peppiate has been going for a while now, I remember going to one of her London fashion week presentations around 10 years ago now and I have been a fan ever since. In fact, I even recommended her clothes to an A-list pop star I was assisting a stylist with!

Anyway, Clio Peppiate has been a hot designer in London for a while now, but she recently has had some pretty major fame when Taylor Swift was seen wearing one of her dresses on her birthday night out! This designer was hot before, but she even hotter now and I honestly couldn’t be happier for her!!!! It’s cool to see an independent London fashion brand thrive!

Clio Peppiate dress review Lana del Rey

Size range

Clio Peppiate dresses are available in a size UK 4 to 16. They aren’t the most size inclusive brand, however, they do custom orders so I’m sure they would make a bigger or smaller one if you needed. And they are an independent brand so holding a lot of stock can be really hard. So go easy on them!

Clio Peppiate dress review Ocean print dress Versace

Clio Peppiate: price of dress

Most of the Clio Peppiate dresses retail For £1850, however, there is one dress which is around £900 and another full length sequinned dress which is over £3000, but most of them are £1850. Admittedly, they are out of a lot of people’s price range, however if you are loaded or wearing it as a wedding dress, they are totally worth it!

Also, just a side note here, but these dresses really remind me of the 1980’s / 1990’s Versace dresses and if you were planning on buying one of those, then you would expect to spend around £20,000 on one, if not more! So compared to that.., it’s a steal!

Clio Peppiate dress review Wedding dress

Designs to look out for

Personally, I would advise you to look out for the ‘Night Lucina’ dress; which is the one Taylor Swift wore… it’s amazing! ‘Into the ocean’ is also incredible with its sea themed beadwork. Finally, the ‘prism’ dress is fantastic too- it’s mermaid ombré heaven!

Clio Peppiate dress review Bag handbag

Can’t afford a dress?

Me neither! However, it’s worth looking at their other accessories like the hair bands and handbags. These are much lower prices and still fantastic! The handbags are really really special!

clio peppiate dresses- pros & cons

pros: beautifully made, amazing designs, unique, unusual, everyone will give you compliments!!

cons: a big investment, not suitable for many occasions

Clio Peppiate dress review Mermaid ombré


Clio Peppiate dress review

Clio Peppiate dresses are stunning! They are beautifully made, fully sequinned and really fabulous designs. They are unlike any other dresses on the market and the only thing I can name which is similar is vintage Versace dresses – which honestly would cost you as much as a house deposit to buy! these dresses are perfect for weddings and super special occasions and honestly, if you have the cash, I would recommend. They aren’t for everyone but if you are rich and fabulous, then they are such a cool dress! You can find them at net-a-Porter.

How to style clio peppiate dresses

Honestly, a clio peppiate dress does the hard work for you! So you want to keep the look really simple, personally, I would say to go for small but cute earrings, sandals and a small handbag. Easy!

Thank you for reading my Clio Peppiate dress review. I hope it was of help and interest! These dresses are fantastic and I hope you love them as much as I do! Let me know if you have any questions! Im always happy to help! Xx