Taylor swift’s midnights birthday dress! Going viral!

Taylor swift’s midnights birthday dress! Going viral!

Taylor swift’s midnights birthday dress! Going viral!

hello friends! Today I want to chat about Taylor swift’s midnights birthday dress! This amazing dress is going viral and honestly, I think it’s one of the best things she’s ever worn! So I’m super excited to get into it with you! Let’s chat!

This amazing dress is by the super cool indie designer Clio Peppiate. The dress retails for a cool £1850. It’s a lot right?! True! But firstly… it’s amazing! And secondly, it’s Taylor swift! She’s a billionaire!!!!! She can afford it!! Plus it’s her birthday, and we all wear a special dress on our birthdays!

ok! So let’s chat about the dress shall we? Well, first of all, even on her birthday she’s thinking about her brand. Which is wild! As this dress is obviously a nod to her album midnights. 

Clip peppiate is known for her sequinned dresses, some of them have real mermaid vibes which remind me of vintage versace. They are absolutely stunning and really intricate with all the beadwork. Plus clio peppiate is an independent designer and I’m sure by Taylor wearing this dress, it gave her brand a real lift. Amazing!

sooooo! If you want this dress, you can buy it, it’s from Clio peppiate and you can buy it here! Also, if you ever want to support an independent designer but you can’t afford to buy anything from them, then a really cool thing you can do is pin their work on Pinterest, or shout them out ok social media. It helps!

how to style this dress

well first up! A lot of her dresses can be worn as mini wedding dresses – some women wear them as the evening party dress! Or others wear them as cocktail dresses. Personally I would Keep the shoes and the jewellery simple and let the dress do the hard work!

thank you for reading my post on Taylor swift’s midnights birthday dress! I hope it was of help and interest to you! I love this dress and I hope you do too! Thanks for reading!