20 small changes to make a big impact to your finances

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20 small changes to make a big impact to your finances

Hello friends, today I want to share 20 small changes to make a big impact to your finances. I believe that taking control of your finances has a huge impact on mental health: it’s not about being rich (not at first anyway!),  it’s about taking control and then building on that. So today I want to give you 20 tiny changes that can help you take control and even build on your savings! Let’s go!


Check your bank balance regularly – it might not be as bad as you think, and being ignorant isn’t blissful

Make a plan to pay off credit card debts and/loans

Set a Monthly budget and add in ‘fun money’ as well as ‘savings’ and ‘pension’ 

Cancel any unused subscriptions

Use cashback sites to get cashback on purchases and even hotel stays 

Buy used where possible; this could be clothes, books, children’s toys, kitchen glasss or plates or well… anything!!

Change your energy supplier or mobile phone contract holder 

Ask for discounts where possible

Look out for grocery coupons and use them

Switch any savings accounts for better interest rates

Gradually increase the amount you pay into your pension

Cook more from scratch and freeze leftovers for another day. Soups are great for batch cooking and freezing, as are curries! 

Instead of giving small birthday gifts, bake treats instead. It will save money and it’s more personal 

Sell any old clothes, handbags, jewellery, shoes, tech and video games or anything else you have which might be worth money. Even if it’s only £10, it’s worth selling and using the money for something else! 

Wait 24 hours before you buy something small (under £20) 

Similarly, wait 7 days before you buy something over £100

Consider payment plans to buy luxury goods. This will help you stagger the payments and break up with fast fashion. 

Use store loyalty cards to get points, cashback or extra discounts 

Write a shopping list to avoid food waste. It will also mean you do less trips to the supermarket because you have everything you need 

If you don’t already have one, start a savings account and automate deposits. You can do this with a private pension, isa or even just a savings account 

ta da! And there we have it!! 20 small changes to make a big impact to your finances! I really hope this post is of help and interest to you! I know money is tight at the moment, but just saving £10 on your groceries and take outs could mean an extra £10 off your credit card bill or into your savings account which will really add up long term!  I hope this helps! Thank you for reading!

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