50 Little changes that make a big difference!

Little changes that make a big difference

50 Little changes that make a big difference!

Hello friends! Today I want to share 50 Little changes that make a big difference! I really hope this post helps you make little changes that make a big impact to your life. I know how busy life can get and sometimes it’s not easy to make big, drastic changes, but you can make lots of little ones which add up to big ones… or even just the odd little change! Either way, they are low on effort. Big on impact!

Also, there’s a book called Atomic Habits by James clear, and basically the concept is that lots of tiny changes add up to big results. If you constantly push to make things 1% better better in lots of different ways, then those 1%’s will add up to 10 Or even 20 percent. Which is a lot easier than trying to make a 10 Or 20 percent change with one big action. it just goes to show; these 1% differences add up to a big impact! Which is what inspired me to write this post! Ladies… I’m talking low effort. Big impact. Easy changes to make for big impact and big differences to your life! let’s chat!


Check your bank balance regularly

Make a plan to pay off credit card debts and/loans

Set a Monthly budget and add in ‘fun money’

Cancel any unused subscriptions

Use cashback sites

Buy used where possible

Change your energy supplier

Ask for discounts where possible

Look out for grocery coupons and use them

Switch any savings accounts for better interest rates

Gradually increase the amount you pay into your pension

Cook more from scratch and freeze leftovers for another day

Bake birthday treats instead of buying ‘token’ gifts

Sell your old clothes, jewellery, tech and video games

Wait 24 hours before you buy something small

Wait 7 days before you buy something over £100

Consider payment plans to buy luxury goods

Use store loyalty cards

Write a shopping list to avoid food waste

If you don’t already have one, start a savings account and automate deposits

Healthy & Happiness


Work out

Drink more water

Use a standing desk

Keep a gratitude journal

Wear perfume even if you are at home alone

Take time to craft

Read more books

Watch joyful tv shows and films

Cut down the amount of depressing or true crime content you digest

Say nice things to yourself

avoid adding salt to food

Take control of your finances

Plan holidays or short trips away

Reach out to old friends

Plan friend dates

Go to art galleries and museums

Cook from scratch

Bake for fun

Decorate your home

Listen to more music

Take more walks

Make meal plans to avoid unhealthy choices and takeouts

Plant bulbs and fruit bushes in the garden


Remember that new jobs bring new skills and don’t be afraid to job hunt or apply for new jobs within the company

Ask for help

Set boundaries

Turn off your phone so you focus better

Do you ‘harder’ tasks in the morning when you are more focused

Listen to white noise if your colleagues are distracting

Plan your day

Take a lunch break

Ask for more training

Ask for salary raises


Give more compliments

Give more hugs

Plan more extended family get-togethers

Celebrate special occasions

Surprise family members with gifts or baked goods

Send thank you notes

Plan fun activities

thank you for reading my post on 50 Little changes that make a big difference!  I hope it was of help and interest to you! Please let me know if you have any questions! I’m always happy to help!

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