Viral interiors: what is the unexpected red theory?!

unexpected red theory Pink sink

What is the unexpected red theory?

Hello pals! Today I want to share the unexpected red theory. This is a viral interiors trend which I love! Plus everyone can do it, no matter what your interiors style is!

So what is the unexpected red theory?! Well it’s the idea that adding a pop of red to a room will make it look more pulled together, stylish and cosy. It works with literally every interiors style and honestly… it works!!!!

All white interiors

If you love white interiors then a pop of red will add interest to your calming, textural space. It could be anything from a lamp to a candle or even a row of cushions. If you don’t love it, move the item to another room. But I bet you will!

grey space

I hate to tell you this, but all grey interiors are going out of style. So add longevity to your grey rooms with a pop of warm red.

pretty pink rooms

Pink rooms are my thing, but adding a touch of red will make your pink look a little less chintz and a little more punk and modern.

Why red?

In color theory, red is often associated with postive emotions such as passion, love, energy and excitement. It is a powerful colour which draws in the eye and is favourable to both men and women. There are orange and pink based reds, both tones have their place and can add warmth to the room. It’s a bold statement, but it works a treat to me a room look a feel more interesting and ‘finished’.

How to add red into a room in an affordable way?

to add red into your room without breaking the bank, try these objects:

  • cushions
  • candlesticks
  • throws
  • candles
  • art / posters
  • lamps
  • lampshade
  • picture frame
  • chair
  • coffee table bowl
  • coffee table book
  • Vase

You can also use the unexpected red theory in your fashion, for example, adding a red handbag or shoes!

what do you think of the unexpected red theory?

Unexpected red theory