Is lovehoney a legit company? My shopping experience + 20% discount code!

Love honey discount code

Is lovehoney a legit company? My shopping experience + 10% discount code!

hello pals! Today I thought I would discuss, Is lovehoney a legit company? Plus share my shopping experience and give you a 20% discount code! Love honey want everyone to be as happy as they are! Let’s chat!

Is lovehoney a legit company?

Yes! Lovehoney is a legit company. They are actually a pretty large company at this stage and they have over 230,000 reviews on trust pilot with an average score of 4.6. Pretty good if you ask me!

When it comes to scams and personal data, it’s easily to assume companies selling toys like lovehoney might be a bit dodge, but lovehoney are the Tesco of the adult world. They are big, trustworthy and 100% safe!

Does Lovehoney have any stores?

no, love honey does not have any stores. They are purely online. They have 300 employees in their head office in Bath and over 2.2million customers.

my experience shopping at lovehoney!

Ok! So let’s chat about my experience shopping at lovehoney. First of all, their website is really easy to navigate and a lot of fun to browse. I also really like reading the product reviews; their customers are into it and they really want to share their knowledge, so the reviews are fun and thorough! I respect that!

I would recommend making a list of the products you are interested in and then reading all the reviews to check it’s what you really want and expect! The reviews are honestly so interesting and helpful!

ok! So when it comes to ordering, it’s a pretty simple process. Just pop your items in the basket and head to check out. I would recommend order over £50 worth of products to qualify for free shipping too. Otherwise shipping is £3.95. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s worth getting free shipping if you can!

The buying and checkout process is really simple and straightforward. I’ve always found it fast and efficient!

20% lovehoney discount code

if you want a 20% discount on lovehoney goodies, just use the code BBBUZZ in the ‘promo code’ box at checkout! Enjoy!

How does lovehoney show on your bank statement?

if you are wanting to keep lovehoney purchases private on your banking, then you’re in luck! It will simply show up as ‘LH trading’ on your bank statement!

What is LH trading?

Lovehoney is LH trading and this is the name you might see on your bank statement when you order from their website. It also might be shown in small letters on the box.

is lovehoney discreet packaging?

Yes! Love honey packing is discreet. There is no branding, stickers or tape on your box which will show ‘love honey’. The only tell-tale sign is that it might say ‘LH trading’ in small letters on the delivery box.

So there we have it! Love honey is completely legit and safe!

Thank you for reading my post on Is lovehoney a legit company! I hope you like it as much as I do! If you have any questions, please let me know and if you decide to buy anything, please use my affiliate link. It helps me out a lot, and I promise, it doesn’t cost you any more or alter the price of your items, all that happens is I make a few pennies commission from the sale.