Five things you need to know about Elizabeth Scarlett pouches!!

Elizabeth Scarlett velvet pouches bee design monogrammed
Five things you need to know about Elizabeth Scarlett pouches!!

hello pals! Today i want to share Five things you need to know about Elizabeth Scarlett pouches!! These beautiful Pouches can be used as clutch bags, handbags, handbag organisers and suitcase compartments. They are so pretty and so handy! Let me tell you more about them! Let’s discuss!!

2% of sales is donated to wildlife charities

first up! I love every brand which incorporates big donations to worthy causes into their business model and Elizabeth Scarlett do this beautifully! Because the brand is inspired by nature and wildlife, they donate 2% of their annual sales to wildlife charities. From helping tortoises, to giving baby elephants milk, they do so much to help and they have already donated a whopping amount to charity! Incredible!

Elizabeth Scarlett pouches bee design

Each pouch can be personalised

did you know Elizabeth Scarlett pouches can be personalised? Some of them can be personalised with your inital or your name, but all of them can be monogrammed for you. I really wanted to get mine monogrammed but I didn’t because I am getting married soon and didn’t know which initials to use, but I will treat myself to one after my name changes!

The monogramming service is a really special and lovely detail! The monogram is super subtle but lovely so it doesn’t interfere with the design. It also helps make them an amazing gift, they are especially wonderful for bridal or new mum gifts!

beautifully made

Elizabeth Scarlett pouches are beautifully made and divine quality!!! I’m talking the most luxurious velvet, with rich lustrous gold thread embroidery and gold hardwear. It’s all such good quality and they really are beautifully made. They aim to bring luxury to your every day and they really do! No photo can portray the lovely quality and feel of them, but trust me, they are lovely!

Hope Elizabeth Scarlett pouch

Free delivery & Free tote bags!

Every order over £50 qualifies for free standard delivery and if you spend over £50 you also get a free wildflower tote bag! It’s pretty amazing!

Elizabeth Scarlett discount code

Finally… this is very exciting! I just want to let you know you can get an Elizabeth Scarlett 10% discount code with my special link. You don’t need to input a code or anything for this one, you just need to click my link and the discount will be automatically applied! It’s simple and well worth doing!!

how to use an Elizabeth Scarlett pouch:

  • clutch bag
  • Make up bag
  • handbag organiser
  • evening clutch bag
  • kindle case
  • nappy bag
  • to store jewellery when you travel
  • to keep your receipts safe
  • store your tampons
  • as a gift
  • desk tidy
  • bridal gift

How to style

You can use your Elizabeth Scarlett pouch as a make up bag, kindle protector or handbag organiser, but if you use it as a clutch bag. Then I would say to lean into the super feminine vibe and match it with something like a selkie dress for a wedding.

Or team it with a blazer, jeans and white blouse for a slick city looks with a touch of fun! They are also great for taking on holiday and using as an evening clutch bag which takes up barely any suitcase space!

are Elizabeth Scarlett pouches worth the money?

100% yes! They are so beautiful and luxurious to use! The size is perfect for gifting everything  inside without it being too big! I also love the fact that it can be used in so many ways. I also love the fact that they can be personalised and make beautiful gifts! They truly are affordable luxury!

Thank you for reading my post on elizabeth Scarlett pouches! I hope you like it as much as I do! If you have any questions, please let me know and if you decide to buy anything, please use my affiliate link. It helps me out a lot, and I promise, it doesn’t cost you any more or alter the price of your items, all that happens is I make a few pennies commission from the sale.