Easy tutorial! How to make a candle!


How to make a candle

Easy tutorial! How to make a candle!

Hello friends! Have you ever wanted an easy way to make a candle? Yes? Then this is your guide! You can use an old candle pot or you can get creative and make a candle in a vintage tea cup or a jam jar! Whatever you fancy!

Also, you can use fresh wax, but sometimes I melt together the ends of any old candles which have tunnelled and left me with leftover wax! It’s a great way to refresh badly burnt down candles and give them a new lease of life!

Also, these instructions are for a pot, but you can of course use a mould if you would prefer. Personally I don’t bother with dye but I love essential oils and I always try to channel my inner Jo Malone, but it’s up to you! Dye is nice if you are giving the candles as a gift or the pot is clear!

anyway! Let’s chat!

How to make a candle

1. Weigh out the wax for your container. A good way to know how much you need is by using the same amount in grams as the pot holds in liquid. For instance, if the pot does 200ml inside, weigh out 200grams.

2. Melt your wax in either a wax kettle or a specialised wax melting pot. And if you don’t have that, I’ve been known to use a slow cooker!

3. Prepare your container. Clean your pot, then select a wick with a sustainer, and use a small amount of double sided tape, glue dot or adhesive to stick the bottom of the sustainer to the bottom of the inside of the container. Make sure you put it perfectly in the centre for an even burn. Also, make sure the pot is strong enough to hold the hot wax and won’t smash.

4. Trim down your wick to size, leaving around a centimetre from the end of the wick to the base on the wax. If in doubt, make it longer rather than shorter as you can always trim it further

5. Use a lollipop stick or a kabab stick to hold your wick in place across the top of the container.

6. weigh out the dye if you want to add colour to your candles. You will need approximately 1g of dye per 500g of wax. Some people prefer to leave their wax a natural colour and that’s ok too!

7. Once the wax is melted and has reached approx 140 degrees fahrenheit. Stir in your dye, if you are using it.

8. Next up! Add your essential oils! Use around 5-8ml of fragrance per 100 grams of wax. Personally I skip the wax dye and just go for the essential oils!!

9. Pour the wax into your mould or pot. Leave to set for about 4 hours. Always leave it on a perfectly flat surface to make sure your wax sets flat. This is especially important if you are using a mould.

Is it cheaper to make your own candles?

yes! It’s so much cheaper to make your own candles – find supplies here! Plus you can put them in pots that perfect match your home decor and fragrance them exactly how you like! Plus they make amazing gifts and initial outlay isn’t too much either!!

pros & cons of making candles

pros; can choose your own wax type like beeswax or soy, a fun hobby, potential business, makes great gifts, choose your own scents, save money

cons: be careful when pouring wax as it’s very hot, especially if children are around

Thank you for reading my post on how to make a candle! I hope you like it as much as I do! If you have any questions, please let me know and if you decide to buy anything, please use my affiliate link. It helps me out a lot, and I promise, it doesn’t cost you any more or alter the price of your items, all that happens is I make a few pennies commission from the sale.