Dr martens x Rick Owens collab just dropped!

Dr martens x Rick Owens collab just dropped!

Dr martens x Rick Owens collab just dropped!

hello friends today it’s an exciting day the Dr martens x Rick Owens collab has just dropped! I always want to this collection, however, it usually sells out so fast… that they have all gone before I’ve had a chance to upload the post! But not this time I’m on a quick! So today is your lucky day if you see this post and you want the boots and they are still in stock in your size… You have been warned by them quick!

Dr martens x Rick Owens collab just dropped!

how much are Dr Martens x Rick Owens Boots?

The Dr martens x Rick Owens collab boots are £370. Which seems like a lot, but it’s not unusual for designer boots like this to be £1000+ and Dr martens are incredibly well made and long lasting. I can also let you know that these collaboration boots have sold for more than the retail price on eBay in the past too: they are incredibly sought after and limited edition!

What sizes do the Rick Owens x dr martens boots come in?

These rick Owens x dr martens boots come in a uk size 3 to a uk size 13. So they are nice and size inclusive!

where can I buy them?

You can buy them direct from the dr martens website. Again! If you want them, snap them up fast! You can also buy them using Klarna, but do be responsible!

Are the Rick Owens x dr martens boots worth it?

100% yes!!!  Admittedly they are an investment purchase. However, if you are a fan of Dr martens and Rick Owens, then these boots are an incredible Purchase. That being said designer boots at the rick Owens and level can often cost even more than this and if you want to get 10% off, then you can sign up to the dr Martens mailing list, Which would take £37 off the price of the boots. Pretty good if you ask me! Plus if you ever decide you don’t really like these boots or they aren’t really your style, then you can always sell them on the preloved market and make a big chunk of your money back. If not make a profit!

That being said, these boots are not everybody’s style, so if they don’t fit in with your wardrobe, then maybe they are a pass for you.

How to style the dr martens x Rick Owen boots?

these boots can be styled a number of ways you could either wear them with a maximalist look and go all black and really really goth it up… Very on-brand for Rick Owens! This is how they were styled for the shoot and it looks amazing, but maybe not for everyday looks. Or you could wear them with a minimalist look and let the boots do the talking, which is a great way to get plenty of wear out of them. Or wear them with a simple vintage outfit and a tiny amount of jewellery.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, please let me know and please come back for the next post! Contains affiliate links which do not affect the price of the goods if you choose to buy them.