Clarks x Vandy The Pink burger shoes! You need to see!

Clarks x Vandy The Pink burger shoes

Clarks x Vandy The Pink burger shoes

hello pals! Today I am back with a quick post to show you the most delicious shoes… ever!  These are the Clarks x Vandy The Pink burger shoes! They are limited, edition and super special and honestly the most fun shoes I’ve seen in a while or are the boots, either way they are amazing! Today we are going to chat sizing, price, design and so much more! Including how to get a discount on them! Let’s Discuss!

Clarks x Vandy The Pink burger shoes

These boots are a fun twist on the iconic wallabies shoes; a style made famous by Oasis. They come in the classic suede instead of being simple they have an epic twist… They have been reimagined as a cheeseburger! on the upper you feed the sesame seeds and hanging from the laces, you have the salad items! Amazing!

Burger shoes boots Clark’s

Clarks x Vandy The Pink burger shoes:  Sizing

These shoes / boots come in Uk sizes 3 to 12. However, some sizes are already sold out. As for width fittings, they come in just a standard width fitting, that being said, even the standard fitting from Clark’s is fairly generous. Has anyone else noticed how shoes seem to be getting more and more narrow?! What’s that about??


Ok…. Sooooo the price is a little steeper than a regular pair of Clarks shoes. These ones come in at £200 a pair. Not the cheapest, and £60 more than their regular wallabies… but let’s be honest… you’re not gonna find cheeseburger shoes anywhere else sooooo… if you want them… it’s time to save up! Maybe make cheeseburgers at home for the next few Friday nights!

how to style them?

these shoes come in both mens and women’s sizes. Personally, I would say to wear them with a simple indie band teeshirt, a cool pair of sunglasses and a pair of jeans… bootcut if possible! However, the girls could also wear them with a cute novelty print dress and a berret too! Cute right?!

Final thoughts?! What can I say! They are burger themed wallabies! They are super fun, really unusual and quirky and because they  are Clark’s they are well made, comfortable and reasonably priced. I’m a big fan of Clark’s for their comfort. Sometimes their designs aren’t that good, but their collabs are amazing! In fact, I still have my Clarks x orla Kiely shoes which I treasure!!!!

Save money on Clark’s shoes!

Finally, there’s an offer on new season Clark’s shoes and boots at the moment, so try the discount code BOOTS30 for 30% off! It might work!!

Anyway! That’s everything! That’s the Clarks x Vandy The Pink burger shoes! I hope you like them as much as I do! If you want to buy them, I would do it soon as they won’t be around forever!