Going viral: Barbour x Ganni jacket collection!

Barbour x ganni jacket Leopard print
Barbour x Ganni jacket collection

Hello friends! Today I want to share the collaboration you need to know about; Barbour x Ganni jacket collection. This is the meeting of the super cool luxury danish fashion brand, Ganni and the ultra chic, insanely practical, old-money brand, Barbour. And my-oh-my! They have given us a real treat!

Is ganni still cool?

Yep! Ganni is still a super cool fashion brand for 2024. They are the sweet spot between being luxurious and wearable, as well as being designer and affordable. You can find them at all the best luxury stores in the world… and you can buy and wear them! So yes, they are still cool AF!

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Barbour x ganni jacket Coat review

Is Barbour cool in 2024?!

yes! Barbour is still a cool brand in 2024; but they are cool in a different way to ganni. They symbolise old money, sustainability, quality and effortless brit style. Think Kate Middleton meets Alexa Chung; speaking of which, both ladies are big fans of the brand! In fact…

which Barbour does Kate Middleton wear?!

Kate Middleton wear the Alexa Chung for Barbour Edith jacket. This was part of a collaboration they did a few years ago. It’s a classic Barbour with a slightly cooler, more modern twist. It’s also a great shape if you are slim and being photographed.

Barbour x ganni jacket Collection review

Barbour x Ganni jacket collection

So let’s chat about the Barbour x Ganni jacket collection, shall we?! This is a very cool collaboration blending the street style, sportswear, effortless look of Ganni, with the colours and fabrics of Barbour.

They have combined the nylon Barbour often use in their quilted jackets with oversized cord collars (again, reminiscent of Barbour’s classic colours, but bigger) with a few logos and mixed materials and patchwork colours. It’s very chic, wearable and cool. I love it!

as for the prices, these can’t be complained about either, the jackets retail for around £400-500, which might seem like a lot, but I think it’s pretty fair when you consider the quality and brands involved. Plus it’s really wearable! Want it?! Shop it here!!!

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