Dr martens creepers review! Worth the money?

Dr martens creepers review! Worth the money?
Dr martens creepers review! Worth the money?

hello friends! Today I want to share a Dr martens creepers review! And ask the age old question… are they worth the money? We are going to chat price, colours, design, how to style them and SO much more! Let’s go!

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Dr martens creepers – what colours?

right now the dr martens creepers come in three colours; black, pink and a light green. They light expand the colour options at some point, but these are the colours available at the moment.

Dr martens creepers review! Worth the money?

What sizes do dr martens come in?

Dr martens creepers come in Uk sizes 3 to 13. Dr martens are a really size inclusive brand so this is a great selection! Also, dr martens tend to be nice and generous in their foot widths, so if you have wide feet, don’t worry, I’m sure they will fit you fine!

How much do they cost?!

The dr marten creepers cost £180 and come with free shipping (free standard shipping is on all items over £50) and returns are also free too. I recently ordered from DM’s and their customer service was fast and great!! You can also get 10% off by signing up to the mailing list and paying with klarna to stagger the payments.

Dr martens black creepers

how to style creepers?!

Creepers are quite a specific style and IMO they aren’t for everyone…. Sorry to disappoint, but I’m just being honest! They are a real rockabilly look and unlike regular dr martens they don’t go with every outfit. For instance, if you want to wear a vintage floral dress, regular docs would look super cute with this look, creeper docs would be harder. Similarly, if you are wearing your docs with a chic oversized COS dress then again; creepers might not be the one.

a good example of what to wear creepers with is a rock n roll look of rolled up skinny jeans and a plaid shirt; or plain pants and a studded belt. Or even a black or denim mini skirt and a rock teeshirt. It’s a look, y’know! Think Alex turner from the artic monkeys; he loves a creeper.

Why are they called creepers?

creepers are called creepers because they are associated with the ‘creep’ dance which ex-soldiers did when they returned home from the war. Hence why they are so associated with the 1950s and rock n roll. The original creepers were made by George cox footwear; who still exist today.

Dr martens creepers review!

The Dr Martens creepers are a slight twist on the classic creepers, for instance, they have a monk strap rather than a lace up front, the dm sole rather than a ridge sole and they are not two tone which is the classic design. I’m tempted to say ‘purists’ won’t be into these creepers, but I might be wrong. Let me know!!

Personally, I like this design, for me, I think they are more wearable. I’m not a rockabilly girl, so I don’t need it to be spot-on authentic and as a shoe, it’s great! I love the toe-shape, I love the fact they are just one colour and generally I think they are a really cute and cool shoe! Plus I feel like I could wear it and not feel like I’m going to be quizzed about knowing the ‘right’ bands. Y’know?!

Dr martens creepers

That being said, Dr Martens have some other creepers which are more tradish, like these ones above which you can shop here. They are very cool, but deffo more of a statement.

Anyway! Back to the monk strap ones… personally I love these ones in the black or the pink. I think they are super cute and a little more versatile than regular creepers. You would probably need to pair them with a more rock n roll outfit, but you wouldn’t need to go full on rockabilly with them. Also, they would be a a lot easier to match with your outfits as they are less of a statement and they are a little more discreet so could be worn with plainer outfits and be less obvious.

Are they worth the money? Well, that’s really about your wardrobe. Personally, I think dr martens are ALWAYS worth the money are they are great quality, super comfortable and really cool: plus they last for ever! However, creepers are nor for everyone’s style, so if they go with your wardrobe; then yes! They are worth it! But if they don’t… then maybe not!

also, just a final note, they are made from suede, which is great as they are softer and easier to break in, but suede isn’t as hardwearing as leather. So that’s something to consider! 

Pros & cons of dr martens creepers

Pros: great for the rock n rollers, soft suede is more comfortable to break in, cool, unique wearable colours, great quality

Cons: not vegan, a fashion investment

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Thank you for reading my post on the dr martens creepers collection! I hope you like it as much as I do! If you have any questions, please let me know and if you decide to buy anything, please use my affiliate link. It helps me out a lot, and I promise, it doesn’t cost you any more or alter the price of your items, all that happens is I make a few pennies commission from the sale.