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A Genius Student Builds The Largest Game Boy Of The World

Worlds Biggest Largest Gameboy Guinness World Records 2018
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Genius student built the world’s biggest and largest Gameboy that gets him the Guinness world records 2018!


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Worlds Largest Gameboy

A Turkish tech student in Belgium named Ilhan Ünal have built up the biggest game boy in the world.

He has also gained the Guinness World Records 2018 Gamer’s Edition for creating the world’s biggest Nintendo Game Boy.

The author Kristen Stephenson from have mentioned more of his great work on his post:

Approximately 6.75 times the size of the classic Nintendo Game Boy, it has a volume of 120 liters – which is about two times the volume of an average human body!

The device itself measures to be 1.01 meters tall (3.31 ft), 0.62 meters (2.03 ft) wide, and 0.2 meters deep (0.65 ft), making for one grand dose of gaming fun. >>> Read The Full Story Here

Great story and success from the young student Ilhan!

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FAQ Gameboy

When did the first Gameboy come out?

October 21st, 1998

Can the games from the old Gameboy also be played in Gameboy Color?

Yes, you can play Gameboy Classic games on a Gameboy Color and even on a Gameboy Advance SP.

What was the first game from Nintendo?

In 1983, Nintendo released the Family Computer, or Famicom, in Japan and marketed it in America and Europe under the name Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Yamauchi had been brought up with this idea by the success of the American game console VCS 2600 from Atari.

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Who invented Nintendo?

Yamauchi Fusajirō - Nintendo/Founder


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