6 Best Facts About Wisdom Tooth Breaking Through Explained!

Wisdom tooth breaking through – Wisdom teeth are the four back molars located on each side of the upper and lower jaw.

Even if wisdom teeth are present, they do not necessarily need to be removed. Moreover, these eruption does not proceed the same way for everyone.

Read here what symptoms to look out for and how best to react to them.

When the wisdom tooth breaking through in summary explained.

Wisdom Tooth Breaking Through
Wisdom Tooth Breaking Through / Image by Martin Slavoljubovski from Pixabay

Wisdom teeth are the four teeth found most distant back in the jaw – one at each jaw corner. They date back to man’s gray prehistory when it was still necessary to have more teeth to grind coarser food.

  1. Usually, wisdom teeth erupt when you are an adult. There are some people for whom this happens in adolescence.
  2. Any tooth that wants to come out of the gums hurts and can drag on for some time. Swelling, difficulty swallowing, and redness are normal. In general, however, the pain is minor.
  3. Although there are no significant problems, a dentist’s visit is still getting recommended to check if everything is okay or if a painkiller is necessary.
  4. In some people, the wisdom teeth never come out; then it is called a retained wisdom tooth. In this case, they rarely cause problems.
  5. If the teeth break through only halfway, i.e., the tooth’s crown only looks halfway out of the gum, this is called a semi-retained tooth.
  6. In this case, the dentist should be visited in any case, because often a cap of gum forms over these teeth, which can be cleaned only poorly and is a collection point for bacteria. 

What is wisdom teeth eruption?

What is wisdom teeth eruption?
Wisdom Tooth Breaking Through – What is wisdom teeth eruption? / Image by renatalferro from Pixabay

Wisdom teeth usually erupt in adulthood, in some people only partially or not. An eruption is possible up to old age, but young people can also get their wisdom teeth. Whether wisdom teeth are present in the jaw and how they are growing can be determined with an x-ray at the dentist.

The eruption of wisdom teeth causes pain – as with all other tooth eruptions. There may be redness, swelling, difficulty in swallowing, and discomfort when opening the mouth. The eruption takes a more extended time. Thus, the pain may subside and come back until the tooth is wholly outgrown.

It is advisable to see a dentist as soon as the eruption symptoms appear. The dentist can determine if the teeth can grow unimpeded, prescribe an ointment or cream for relief, or a painkiller if the pain is severe. You may use an antiseptic mouth rinse to help and prevent inflammation.

Usually, the pain is mild, and no inflammation occurs.

Wisdom teeth do not breakthrough.

If the tooth remains partially covered with gum, it is called a partially retained wisdom tooth. In this eruption disorder, a gum cap forms over the erupting wisdom tooth, and the lid is difficult to clean with a toothbrush.

Food debris and bacteria can collect and lead to inflammation. In most cases, a throbbing pain extends to the ear or temples. In this case, a dentist should be getting consulted, especially if a fever is getting added.

If the wisdom tooth doesn’t erupt into the oral cavity but remains in the jawbone, this is called a retained wisdom tooth. In most cases, the lack of space in the jaw is the cause.

However, a transverse position can also prevent the tooth from coming out. If the wisdom teeth have not erupted by 25, a visit to the dentist is getting recommended. Naturally, fully erupted teeth remain asymptomatic.

Wisdom tooth pain? What you can do

As soon as your wisdom teeth hurt, it is usually time for surgery. Especially the phase after surgery is problematic for many patients. With these tips, you can promote the recovery process.

When wisdom teeth hurt

Usually, each person has four wisdom teeth, which develop relatively late compared to the other teeth. When the wisdom teeth erupt varies and may not happen until adulthood.

Some individuals do not have wisdom teeth, which researchers explain with evolutionary development. The obvious solution is that the extra teeth are no longer needed due to a change in eating behavior.

The wisdom tooth eruption can cause pain.

The eruption of wisdom teeth can be associated with pain, and it can have many causes, for example, if the teeth grow crooked or there is inflammation.

Often there is not adequate room in the jaw so that the teeth press against each other. In these cases, the dentist may recommend surgical removal of the wisdom teeth.

Surgery is usually uncomplicated on wisdom tooth removal.

The vast majority of operations are relatively uncomplicated. Due to the anesthesia, you, as the patient, will hardly notice the process. Only when the anesthesia wears off will the pain set in.

Therefore, be sure to take appropriate tablets in time. A little precaution cannot hurt in the days after the procedure. Besides, the active ingredient needs some time to develop its effect.

Cooling is considered the most effective method against wisdom tooth pain.

Cooling is still considered one of the most effective methods against swelling. Ideally, you should start putting cold packs on the affected cheek already on the way home.

It will help to cover a towel around the ice to protect the skin. In between, it is advisable always to take a short break. Continue cooling until the swelling goes down.

It is usually the case after one to two days.

Other home remedies for wisdom tooth pain:

FAQ Wisdom Tooth Breaking Through

FAQ Wisdom Tooth Breaking Through
FAQ Wisdom Tooth Breaking Through / Image by Lolame from Pixabay

How long does it take for the wisdom tooth to come through?

How long does wisdom tooth surgery take? The surgery duration is about 20 minutes for one tooth and can take up to an hour if all four wisdom teeth are removed.

What to do if the wisdom tooth comes and hurts?

To relieve the pain, you can gently massage or cool the gums. Your dentist may also prescribe a desensitizing ointment or cream. You should also not chew gum, as this can increase the pain.

What are the symptoms of wisdom teeth?

Health problems may occur, such as enlarged lymph nodes, mucosal inflammation, and swelling in the mouth. Other symptoms may include difficulty swallowing and ear pain. Many affected people can no longer open their mouths properly due to the pain.

What kind of pain can a wisdom tooth cause?

For many people, wisdom teeth that have not erupted do not cause any discomfort. However, they can cause pain, swelling, decay, or inflammation of the gums. Also, they sometimes displace neighboring teeth.

How long pain with wisdom tooth eruption?

The eruption takes a more extended time. Thus, the pain may subside and come back until the tooth grows out ultimately. It is advisable to see a dentist as soon as the eruption symptoms appear.

How painful is it to have a wisdom tooth extracted?

So, the procedure does not cause any pain. Crooked wisdom teeth also need to be removed by a surgeon, primarily if bacteria have settled and inflammation or caries have developed. An oral or maxillofacial surgeon performs the procedure.


If you have impacted wisdom teeth, we recommend that you contact your dentist if you experience any pain.

At the latest, in the event of cheek swelling – an abscess can develop into a life-threatening socket abscess.

Annual check-ups at the dentist are also essential: for early detection and to prevent pain.

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