Wicked Ball Review: Automatic Smart Toy For Dogs And Cats!

Wicked Ball Review: Wicked Ball boosts your dog and cat to run, explore, scratch, sniff, and cheer them up mentally and physically.

“Wicked Ball” is a new smart toy that fights our pets’ boredom and separation anxiety while ensuring that they have constant access to forms of movement during our absence.

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"Wicked Ball" is more than just a ball!
Image Credit: Amazon

An intelligent toy that allows our pets to play with a moving object as nature intended. With the Wicked Ball, we give our best friends the chance to stay happy, healthy, and entertained all day long.

Style Your Wicked Ball
Style Your Wicked Ball – Image Credit: Amazon

“Wicked Ball” is more than just a ball!

It is an attractive and responsive automatic rolling ball that can play all day long. Playing with your pets and entertaining them. The best annoying killer for your dogs and cats

Wicked Ball For Dogs
Wicked Ball For Dogs – Image Credit: Amazon

Easy To Adjust

It has three reaction modes for interaction: gentle, regular, and active. You choose which style is best for your pet.

It’s super easy to set the pattern, and most importantly, no app is required. Just open the outer shell, and press the button on the Wicked Core for 3 seconds to turn it on.

The mode then changes every time you press the button on the Wicked Core. Different LED colors indicate different ways.

Easy To Adjust
Image Credit: Amazon

Style Your Wicked Ball

You can mix and match different colors. Style the Wicked Ball exciting and help your pet be healthier and happier.

Wicked Ball For Cats
Wicked Ball For Cats – Image Credit: Amazon

A Great Little Friend For Your Dogs And Cats

It is designed to eliminate the feeling of loneliness and boredom of your pets while away. It gives them the fun, interaction, and movement they crave when you’re not around.

A Great Little Friend For Your Dogs And Cats
Image Credit: Amazon

Designed For Rewards

Those whose pets are motivated only by food have a snack hole for placing pet food from themselves.

It’s the perfect feature to attract lazy and hungry pets, and now they can eat their favorite snacks and exercise simultaneously. It’s a win-win situation for you and your pet!

Wicked Ball For Pets
Wicked Ball For Pets – Image Credit: Amazon

Automatic Avoidance Of Obstacles

It has a built-in collision sensor. It reverses and moves away when it hits an obstacle, meaning it won’t get stuck in tight spots. Even if it gets stuck in a hole, it could jump out by itself.

Durable And Paw Resistant
Image Credit: Amazon

Durable And Paw Resistant

The outer shell is made of industrial-grade materials specially selected for its toughness. It’s made of environmentally friendly fabric that is safe for us and our pets.

It is waterproof, so rinse it off and clean and wash it in water.

Snack Hole
Snack Hole – Image Credit: Amazon

There is no recommendation for large dogs with too strong a chewing instinct, as it can lead to visible chewing marks and further damage.

It is perfect for dogs up to 15kg and all types of cats.

USB Rechargeable Battery

Charging is comfortable with the Micro-USB charging cable. It takes 1 hour to charge the battery fully.

The battery life depends on the game mode and the interaction time of the pets. The maximum playing time is up to 8 hours.

Cheerble Wicked Ball Automatic Interactive Ball For Dogs And Cats
Cheerble Wicked Ball Automatic Interactive Ball For Dogs And Cats – Image Credit: Amazon

Wicked Ball – Interactive dog toy – The first 100% automatic play train for dogs (and cats)

  • Automatic and flexible, no corner stops him
  • With a hole for treats for even more fun
  • Washable and floating
  • Rechargeable battery via USB
  • Stable material free of harmful substances

How does it work?

The Wicked Ball rolls through your house to attract your pets’ attention.

As soon as your pet touches the Wicked Ball, it shakes quickly or jumps to give the pet a direct reaction to your touch.

The Ball plays 100% automatically. It reverses its direction by itself when it hits an obstacle.

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