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Why you shouldn’t put bananas in the fridge – 2 Best Tips

Why you shouldn't put bananas in the fridge. / Image by Daniel Dan outsideclick from Pixabay
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Why you shouldn’t put bananas in the fridge – They are a tasty and healthy snack, but they spoil very quickly. Does it help to store them in the refrigerator?


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Why you shouldn’t put bananas in the fridge

Why you shouldn't put bananas in the fridge - What you need to know
Why you shouldn’t put bananas in the fridge – What you need to know / Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Black bananas are not all rotten. First of all, as soon as a banana gets brown spots, it is not overripe, but just right.

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When the stem is still brown, and the fruit smells sweet, the pleasure is still the greatest.

Now, lets us inspect below the two tips to consider when we need to store bananas in the refrigerator.


1. If you need to store banana in the refrigerator

  • Bananas belong in the vegetable compartment of the fridge. There they stay fresh for a few days longer. However, it would help if you did not store them together with other fruits and vegetables, as this could accelerate the ripening process.
  • To enjoy them as fresh as possible, you should eat them soon after purchase.
  • Bananas are very popular because they are not only healthy but also taste good. It is essential to store bananas properly to enjoy the fruit for as long as possible.
  • Bananas also stay fresh longer in the refrigerator. However, you should not store the yellow fruits in the average refrigerator because they turn brown very quickly. The reason is the cold, which the tropical fruits do not like.
  • Bananas belong to tropical fruits. It means that they are used to warm temperatures. However, they have already been getting transported a long way, which is not suitable for them.
  • There are also freshness bags, especially for bananas. These ensure the right temperature for bananas in the refrigerator and extend the shelf life by about two weeks. 


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2. What you should know in mind when storing bananas

  • Ripe bananas are not so good for people with gastrointestinal problems, as the starch they contain is getting converted into sugar during ripening. It can lead to diarrhea and other digestive issues for those affected. 
  • Be careful not to squeeze or squeeze the fruit, as this too will quickly produce a brown skin.
  • Whether you want to store the banana in the refrigerator or the kitchen, there are a few things you should always need to consider.
  • When ripe, however, the serotine content of the tropical fruit is higher. It means that good mood increases when consumed.
  • If you want to do something for your intestinal health, eat bananas as green as possible. Then they contain many valuable, indigestible ingredients that are used by good intestinal bacteria as food and thus ensure the right balance in the intestine.
  • If possible, store the banana separately so that the ripening process is not affected by other fruits.


Bananas should (if we can) always be stored at room temperature, as they cannot tolerate the low temperatures that prevail in the refrigerator.

Bananas should always be stored at room temperature.
Why you shouldn’t put bananas in the fridge / Image by Peggy Choucair from Pixabay

It is the case with all tropical fruits: they are not used to cold temperatures and require warmer storage. Ideally, fruits from temperate regions should be getting stored at around 13 degrees Celsius.

Bananas turn brown very quickly in the refrigerator, as they suffer a real cold shock. Due to the damaged cell tissue, the peel discolors. They also lose their flavor when stored in the refrigerator. Not yet ripe bananas, which can be recognized by their slightly greenish skin, can also ripen ideally at higher temperatures and become edible.


The best way to store fruits: Unripe fruits, which can be recognized by their slightly greenish skin, ripen only at room temperature.

The best way to store fruits
Why you shouldn’t put bananas in the fridge / Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

A simple trick will help you determine the right storage for each fruit and vegetable. Just ask yourself in which climate zone the fruit is at home. Bananas should be stored dry and keep for up to a week, depending on how ripe they are. During storage, bananas release ethylene, a plant hormone that triggers the ripening process. Other varieties such as apples, apricots, pears, and tomatoes also release ethylene. You can use this process: Put a banana into an unripe apple. This way, it ripens faster, and you can enjoy it earlier.

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What to do with a black banana?

Some people cannot bring themselves to eat soft or black bananas. But that’s no reason to throw bananas away. From supposedly overripe bananas, you can still conjure up delicious fruit milkshakes and smoothies, as the fruits become sweeter and sweeter over time.

Cut very ripe bananas into slices and put them in the freezer of the refrigerator or the freezer. They are a delicious ingredient that gives smoothies a natural sweetness. Even fresh overripe bananas don’t have to end up in the trash. They are delightful, and you can use them for a shake, banana milk, or dessert.



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