Scents To Increase Mood And Productivity: The Power Of Odors!

Can we increase our mood or productivity by using scents? And if so, which are the best ones help to be productive? Let us check it out!

Did you know that smells affect human behavior, job performance, and moods?

It severely impacts our mood and affects our thoughts and behaviors. Let’s examine the connections between scents and productive work at work.

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How do scents influence our mood?

Humans can perceive and distinguish about 10,000 odors. The fresh scent of laundry, the smell of rain, and the smallest aromas in food are by the sensory cells in our noses.

Olfactory stimuli, which are getting passed on to the brain, also pass through brain areas that are responsible for emotions and memories. That’s why odors always remind us of something or trigger a specific feeling.

Best Natural Scents

Boosting your productivity, learning, perception, and attention: It is common for employees to feel tired, distracted, and sluggish. Besides, they cannot learn, remember, plan, and control their emotions in such an environment.

Creative problem-solving skills are higher than in odorless environments where people expose smells they like. Pleasant aromas make it easy to gather attention during tedious tasks.

Those exposed to awful smells have difficulty in decision-making and a low tolerance for disappointment.

What different effects do scents have?

Fragrances can also be getting used very correctly to influence mood. Individual scent components are particularly suitable for this purpose because each scent has a specific effect:

  • Fruity citrus scents are known for their refreshing effect and can even enhance our cognitive performance like perception, attention, and learning.
  • Musky scents radiate sensuality and warmth.
  • Floral scents are trendy when it comes to feeling more confident.
  • Lavender has a calming effect and helps you fall asleep.

Of course, we can’t carry fresh lavender twigs or a sliced vanilla pod around with us all day – it’s more comfortable and more productive! High-quality fabric softeners are available in a variety of fresh fragrances, and they not only make your clothes wonderfully soft and exude lovely freshness. 

Aromatic extracts increase success.

Various aromatic extracts make you more alert, which increases the efficiency rate. Aroma molecules emitted from aromatic essences help increase the concentration level and eliminate confusion later in the afternoon.

Pleasant smells also help correct social behavior when working in an office full of people. If you feel much tension when you go to the office, you can use one of these aromatic extracts.

Classic winter scents

Most people prefer fragrances that convey warmth and security in the cold seasons—odors such as anise, honey, orange, rosewood, vanilla, or cinnamon.

Aniseed is said to have a relaxing, balancing, and stabilizing effect and help against inner restlessness and tension. Honey, in turn, conveys a feeling of warmth and relaxes the nerves, while orange lifts the spirits.

Rosewood conveys a sense of security and also brightens the mood. Vanilla has an aphrodisiacal, stimulating, and warming effect, while cinnamon impresses with its inspiring, balancing, and nerve-strengthening effect.

Lavender scent helps us to find peace.

Not only do insomnia patients know that lavender has a calming effect. Lavender has long since shaken off its granny image as a moth repellent in the wardrobe and is omnipresent in the wake of the mindfulness movement. 

From lavender cheese and lavender lemonade to soap, shower gel, shampoo, room fragrance, and modern fragrance interpretations such as the Remix Cologne Lavender by 4711 – we appreciate everything that contains Provencale. 

The essential oil and scent are said to relieve our stress and help with migraines, minor burns, abrasions, cuts, bruises, inflammations, or insect bites. Aromatherapy is now even used in hospitals to calm patients.

Lavender does not have a calming effect at all when it is eaten or drunk. For it to work, we must absorb the scent of lavender through the sense of smell, and olfactory sensors stimulate the nerve signals to the brain. However, good lavender tea can still help – for example, against digestive problems.

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Relax your body with a Bergamot scent

Bergamot is said to have a relaxing, mood-lifting, and anxiety-relieving effect, and it strengthens stress and exhaustion and promotes creativity.

The Scent of Mint

Energizes refreshes, and revises the mind by helping concentration. The mint herb, which adds refreshment to your breath when consumed by mouth, also shows a similar effect through odor.

It is also known for its mind-clarification feature and can increase attention. So when you’re in a seminar or brainstorming session, you can spread the scent of mint in the environment to stimulate the mind.

This aroma will help the team find new ideas as well.

Refresh your mind and body with the Eucalyptus scent

Eucalyptus is said to have a stimulating, refreshing, and liberating effect. The fragrance is also highly air-purifying and antiseptic, hence its beneficial effect on colds and coughs.

The Scent Of Jasmine

It increases metabolism and gives a mild sweet smell, and feels good. Thus, this floral aroma can create a sense of trust and increase motivation.

Calm down and relax with the spruce needles’ scent

The spruce needle can help with stress, nervousness, and exhaustion.
Geranium is said to have a positive effect on mood and promote balance.

Everyone loves the vanilla scent.

The love of vanilla unites us. And it connects us worldwide. We have known vanilla since we were born because the mother’s milk smells.

But even cosmetic baby products such as creams or baths contain vanilla. It is used for nervousness and irritability because the spice has a balancing, relaxing, and even aphrodisiac effect.

Natural vanilla has become precious, and due to weak harvest periods, it is currently even more expensive than silver. Thus vanilla is the second most valuable spice in the world after saffron.

Clove blossom scent acts sensual and stimulating.

Clove blossom has a physical and refreshing effect.

The Citrus scents

Lemon increases focus and morale. The grapefruit smell fights mental fatigue, and orange makes it easy to deal with stress. Orange scent can also be used against anxiety and is known as the smell of happiness.

Limit stress and nerves with the Patchouli scent

Patchouli oil scent is harmonizing, creative, sensual, and stimulating. Patchouli oil scent has a perceptible pheromone character. It has a particularly euphoric and refreshing effect.

Besides, patchouli oil strengthens the nerves and balances negative emotions. As soon as stress, anger, fury, and rage are no longer getting felt as intensely as before, satisfaction and relaxation gain the upper hand.

Scents of Orange lift our spirits, grapefruit rejuvenates

The essential oils and smells of the orange are often used in shops to lift our spirits and loosen our wallets. Tangerine has a stimulating, refreshing effect and relieves tension and anxiety.

The American olfactory researcher Alan Hirsch found out that the scent of pink grapefruit supposedly makes you look six years younger.

Create a calm and lovely atmosphere with the Rose scent

On the other hand, Rose is calming, skin caring, and creates a warm and loving atmosphere. The fragrance is also said to have an aphrodisiac effect.

Chamomile scent can reduce anxiety.

Usually, people use the smell of chamomile to relax at home in the evenings, and it has such an effect. Chamomile smell is also known as an anxiety reducer.

We can use it effectively in the treatment of stress and insomnia. It is ideal for people who have a restless night and need to relax.

Chocolate scent can increase the activity of brain waves

Neither peppermint nor baked beans could trigger such effects in the brain as chocolate. The smellers perceived the smell of chocolate as soothing, pleasant, and very relaxing. It seems to relax and excite the brain simultaneously and wake up the mind.

Top Ten Best Oil Scents To Increase Mood and Productivity

Here are is the list of best oil scents to increase your mood:

FAQ Scent Effects

Can we influence our well-being with scents?

Fragrances directly influence our mood. Scientifically, they can create positive and negative feelings, thus contributing to whether we feel good. The nose reports the scent of information to our brain, specifically our limbic system, which controls our emotions and moods.

Which smells trigger positive feelings?

Most people perceive the orange scent as positive, which applies to vanilla. This scent grounds and gives a feeling of familiarity and home. What kind of scents we perceive as pleasant is usually very subjective. Everybody has their favorite scents. The smell of your favorite flower, your favorite perfume, or your partner’s perfume can trigger positive moods.

What is the effect of scents on humans?

Every day we are surrounded by numerous scents and smells. Depending on the smell, these can even lift the mood or increase the sense of well-being. However, some odors can negatively affect us well, and it does not even have to be that they smell unpleasant. Fragrances that are afflicted with negative memories can also lower our mood.

Are there scents that can make us happy?

Some studies prove that chocolate scent makes some people happy. Natural substances such as cocoa contain hormone-like elements, but sugar, which can create positive moods. The smell of this food is associated with happiness in our brains. Over time, the scent of chocolate alone is enough to arouse positive feelings.

What is the sense of smell?

In contrast to hearing or visual perception, we give less importance to the sense of smell. When the sense of smell is temporarily lost, for example, due to a cold, it is only then that one notices how important it is for everyday life. Besides, it ensures our survival by allowing us to perceive hazards such as a fire, escaping gas, or toxic chemicals via smell before they are even visible to us.


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