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What should you do when your dog goes missing?

What should you do when your dog goes missing? / Image by JacLou DL from Pixabay

My dog is gone; what should I do? One of the panicking situations dog owners can experience is losing their dogs. In a position like this, you should not panic and act quickly.

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What should you do when your dog goes missing?

We’ve shared methods that you need to know about and make it easier for you to find.

One of the most horrific incidents dog owners can experience is losing their dogs, which they love as much as their lives.

In such cases, hasty behavior and action will take you a step forward.

Knowing how you are experiencing this situation, or if you live one day, will create a higher chance for you to find it.

Even if your dog friend has a microchip, you should not rely on it and take the necessary actions immediately.

Here are the ways you should watch your dog disappear:

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First thing you need to start calling right away

If your dog is lost, you should first search your own home and garden, and explore the basement, garage, even the vents, and large pipes.

Since small-sized dogs are very available to hide when they are injured or scared, you should check all hiding places where they can fit in.

Besides all this, you should not neglect to show your dog’s photo to the neighbors, the neighborhood, and the local tradesmen.


Call him by saying his name when you’re looking

During the search, you should always walk around shouting his name and make sure you check places such as pits, construction sites, and wells that may be dangerous.

You should phone nearby vets and animal hospitals too.

If your dog is injured, it may be taken by an animal lover to a vet or animal hospital.

It would be entirely appropriate to call the local veterinary or animal hospitals to check if a dog matching your loved friend’s description has brought in recently.


If the chip is not present on it

If your dog’s microchip is available and the information on that chip is out of date, you should immediately contact the person who entered the chip’s data.

Inform the person of your current address and data by telling him or her about the situation.


Take help of the power of social media

You should not ignore the fact that you can reach a lot of people with social media and ask for help from related sites by sharing your dog’s disappearance on social media.

Share a photo of your missing dog. Which area it disappeared, the name responds to when you call it, and a social media message with your contact number. Ask other pet pages to share this ad.

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Leave items outside your home where your scent get digested

The dogs ‘ sense of direction is powerful, and a lost dog may find its way home again.


Get help from animal rescue teams and associations

You can get information about surrounding animal rescue teams and associations from your vet and social media.

You can take benefit from their experience by consulting these teams and associations.

Learn about animal behaviors. You can get tips on where your missing dog might have gone and where it has hidden.


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As a last option, you will reward the one who finds your dog

If the time has passed over your searches and you have not received a result. You can say to peoples that you will reward whoever finds your dog.

It may even be more effective if you specify this in your flyer prints. However, this point is also useful and to be careful too.

We shouldn’t trust anyone who says you’ve found your dog, investigate it thoroughly, and act accordingly.


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Don’t lose your faith and be patient!


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