What Is Hexyl Cinnamal? 5 Interesting Reasons To Read!

What is hexyl cinnamal? Hexyl cinnamal, also known as hexyl cinnamaldehyde or hexyl cinnamaldehyde, is a light yellow transparent liquid. 

It’s insoluble in water but soluble in oils and is getting used as a fragrance and flavoring agent. Hexyl Cinnamal improves the smell of a product and is used to perfume the skin. 

As a fragrance, Hexyl Cinnamal is in perfume cosmetics. In nature, we can find Hexyl Cinnamal in chamomile’s essential oils.

Let us examine more deeply what hexyl cinnamal is and where it is getting used.

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Uses of the fragrance hexyl cinnamal

Uses of the fragrance
What is hexyl cinnamal? – Uses of the fragrance / Image by Christine Sponchia from Pixabay

Hexyl Cinnamal is in many essential oils and the leaves of the cinnamon tree. After further chemical processing, it’s primarily used as a fragrance in perfumes.

The substance is also getting used in detergents, deodorants, or toothpaste. In the food industry, Hexyl Cinnamal is getting used as a spice.

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How to find out cosmetic product contains hexyl cinnamal?

How to find out cosmetic product contains hexyl cinnamal
What is hexyl cinnamal? – How to find out cosmetic product contains hexyl cinnamal? / Image by Andreas N from Pixabay

Manufacturers of cosmetic products must declare cinnamal (hexyl cinnamal) on the list or overview of ingredients.

If there are several open questions or you would like more detailed information, the seller, a pharmacist, or a doctor can help you.
The consumer advice center from the seller is also happy to provide information.

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Is Cinnamal (Hexylcinnamal) harmful?

Is Cinnamal (Hexylcinnamal) harmful
What is hexyl cinnamal? – Is Cinnamal (Hexylcinnamal) harmful? / Image by 955169 from Pixabay

Is it possible to buy cosmetics with Cinnamal, or should one use cosmetics without Hexylcinnamal? Cinnamal is in cosmetic products in such small doses that no problems show up. There is a risk of allergy, but it is low.

In high doses, for example, if the consumer consumes several products with Cinnamal simultaneously, skin irritations can occur. Cinnamal (hexyl cinnamal) is harmful to contact allergy sufferers; the same applies to asthmatics and people with hyperreactive airways.

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Health risks of Hexyl Cinnamal

Health risks of Hexyl Cinnamal
What is hexyl cinnamal? – Health risks of Hexyl Cinnamal / Image by Tristan MIMET from Pixabay

A total of 26 fragrances has an allergic risk and are in a list as ingredients based on the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) guideline – Hexyl Cinnamal is one of these substances.

However, this regulation only applies if the substance content exceeds 0.01 percent of the final product.

In most cases, manufacturers limit themselves to very low dosages of the fragrances. To avoid health risks with Hexyl Cinnamal for non-allergic persons.

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  1. However, for allergy sufferers, the fragrance is of concern – about 11.5 percent of consumers show allergic reactions to fragrances. Even small doses can be enough to cause skin reactions such as redness, hives, itching, or eczema within 24 to 72 hours.
  2. If such a reaction occurs in the armpit of frequently deodorant sage, you should check the fragrance ingredients. To be sure about possible allergies, consult a dermatologist.
  3. For susceptible skin, even a dose below the limit of 0.01 percent can cause a reaction. Therefore, in case of doubt, it is always advisable to consult a doctor.
  4. Contact allergies are not curable. Consequently, you should avoid the corresponding fragrance in the future. Drugstores and pharmacies offer alternative products that are entirely free of scents.
  5. Avoid usage on asthmatics, people with hyperreactive (hypersensitive) airways issues. 

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Cinnamal in cosmetics

Cinnamal in cosmetics
What is hexyl cinnamal? – Cinnamal in cosmetics / Image by summa from Pixabay

Cinnamal or cinnamic aldehyde is in perfumery fragrance and in the composition of oriental perfumes.

The scent is in cosmetics, lipsticks, detergents, toothpaste, and mouthwashes. In the food industry, we find the ingredient as a spice.

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Why is Cinnamal of concern?

Why is Cinnamal of concern
What is hexyl cinnamal? – Why is Cinnamal of concern? / Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Cinnamal is of concern because it is allergenic like many other fragrances.

Even low concentrations of 0.01 to 0.03 percent cinnamaldehyde in deodorants can cause eczema or allergic skin reactions in the armpit.

Besides this allergic potential, some fragrances, such as synthetic musk compounds, are even suspected of causing cancer.

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