What Is Emotional Eating? Survival The Most Reasons Fearless!

What is emotional eating? – Besides physical hunger, there are many reasons to go to the refrigerator. For example, we often use food to compensate for negative emotions.

It only acts in the short term at best, and many feel worse afterward than before. Feelings of guilt and remorse play a leading role in emotional eaters.

Let us take a more in-depth look at what emotional eating means and what we can do about it.

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What is emotional eating?

Emotional eating refers to compensating or strengthening negative and positive feelings with food—emotional eating results from emotional hunger, which is different from a natural, physical hunger feeling.

Why emotional eating
What is emotional eating? – Why emotional eating? / Image by MikesPhotos from Pixabay

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Why emotional eating? 

Sometimes, there is an adverse event from the past behind emotional food or traumatic experiences that you have not yet processed.

With food, we try to push the negative feelings aside as soon as they come up. But this attempt at suppression is doomed to failure!

We feel good while we eat, but soon after eating, we feel guilty. To suppress the negative feeling of guilt, we continue to eat and eat and eat.

To reduce lovesickness, we consume a significant portion of ice cream, but afterward, you feel even worse – and still, love does not return.

On the contrary, often, it is even more difficult to like oneself, and it’s essential to create an awareness of this behavior.

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Why do I eat now, and can’t I make myself feel better in the long run by doing something else? 

Let’s check below the seven facts about emotional eating:

  1. They are frustrated, stressed, sad, or angry and reach for sweets, snacks, or fast food to suppress their feelings. What is commonly known as frustration eating is part of emotional eating.
  2. But it is not only negative emotions that can trigger emotional eating. Joy and feelings of happiness can also be triggers for emotional eating.
  3. Occasionally, there is nothing wrong with reaching for your favorite snack to cheer you up or as a reward. It becomes problematic as soon as eating becomes a supposed problem solver.
  4. Because although it may feel good at the moment of eating, frustration sets in a short time later. The real problem is still there.
  5. You are also annoyed that you have overeaten, and your mood continues to deteriorate. It creates a cycle from which you first have to get out again.
  6. Social occasions can also trigger emotional eating. You may eat at a party only because it is getting expected of you.
  7. Women tend to be more responsive to emotional eating than men, but both sexes are affected. 

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Emotional eating: Consuming calories against everyday stress

We have a similar situation with our crammed everyday life. We need nourishment for our nerves against the stress at work. And as a reward, first of all, we get a piece of chocolate.

Because we have forgotten how to allow emotions, our body reacts with an appetite for external stimuli. We try to control our feelings and transform them into pleasant satiety by eating.

With calories against everyday stress
What is emotional eating? – With calories against everyday stress / Image by Daniel Reche from Pixabay

As soon as we notice that this does not work, we reach for it again. The body tries to relax by eating, but the more we eat, the more everything turns into stress.

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Eating out of habit

There is another bad habit; eating out of boredom. We long for chips and chocolate when sitting on the couch, and Snacking on the side has become a habit.

Without nibbling anything, something is only missing; but this is a fallacy. In reality, we are only trying to fill the hole of boredom with calories.

Eating out of habit
What is emotional eating? – Eating out of habit / Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

Changing habits is very tricky, and you have to replace them with another pattern for at least three weeks to have a chance to get rid of a harmful habit.

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How do recognize emotional eating?

Emotional eating can have many factors. The following points guide recognizes emotional eating and distinguishing between sensitive appetite and physical hunger.

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How to recognize emotional eating
What is emotional eating? – How to recognize emotional eating? / Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Emotional eating facts:

  • Emotional hunger comes suddenly. Real need develops little by little.
  • You want sweets, fast food, and junk food when you have an emotional appetite. You do not want to satisfy hunger but rather satisfy your craving for food. When physically hungry, you are mostly indifferent to what makes you feel full.
  • You eat uncontrollably on the side and pay no attention to your food intake. With a proper meal, you concentrate on eating.
  • You feel an emotional appetite even when you are full. You continue to eat until you feel crowded.
  • Emotional hunger is not about getting full. You crave specific tastes and smells.
  • After eating, you feel guilty or ashamed that you have eaten unnecessarily. You were not hungry at all.
  • Emotional hunger does not start in the stomach but the head. When you are emotionally hungry, you never have a growling stomach. 

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Self-compassion is necessary to refrain from the usual behavior. Only if you understand yourself is it possible to change.

With a positive attitude, it is then essential to recognize and reduce eating triggers.

With suitable alternatives such as conversation, sports, or creativity, you can find new solution strategies.

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