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What Can You Do When The Bed Squeaks?

What Can You Do When The Bed Squeaks? / Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay
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What Can You Do When The Bed Squeaks? – Many things can deprive you of your well-earned rest at night. Noise and persistent sounds are certainly among them. A squeaking bed is a frequent disturber of the peace in the bedroom. In addition to squeaking, a creaking or grinding noise can also emanate from the bed.


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What Can You Do When The Bed Squeaks? Stop the squeaking from the bed with small tricks.

Stop the squeaking from the bed with small tricks
What Can You Do When The Bed Squeaks? – Stop the squeaking from the bed with small tricks / Image by Claudio_Scott from Pixabay

Squeaking beds are almost commonplace – whether made of wood or metal. Nevertheless, the 5 best reasons are usually quickly found and just as promptly remedied:

  1. Before you can reduce the noise, you need to know from where exactly it’s coming. To do this, you should narrow down the possible areas. By moving the bed a bit, you try to cause and narrow down the noise.
  2. Screwed beds develop noise, especially at the connected parts. It is a sign that the screws are not getting tightened enough. Therefore, tighten the screws and check if there is still noise.
  3. If there is too much friction between pieces of wood, this also leads to loud noises. In this case, it is enough to put a simple piece of cloth between the contact point. Contact between the slatted base and the bed frame will also make your bed squeak. Felt glides, attached to the bottom of the slatted frame, stop the noise and are inexpensive.
  4. Metal frames need to be oiled. The oil sits between the contact points and reduces friction. Proceed carefully, however – the principle applies here: less is often more. In any case, catch excess oil with an old rag.
  5. If the noise comes from a very old slatted frame that squeaks permanently because of its age, you can only replace it. Also, old mattresses that still have sprung as their core can hardly be repaired but only replaced.

To ensure that your bed is permanently silent, you should equip every possible contact point with fabrics or felt gliders. It will require some effort but will pay off in the long run. If your bed is generally very unstable, you can provide it with additional braces or angles. It is another way to prevent noise.


FAQ What Can You Do When The Bed Squeaks

Why does the slatted frame squeak?

Sometimes it's not the slatted frame that squeaks but the bed frame itself that makes unpleasant sounds. In most cases, the bed's parts rub against each other, often because the screws have loosened somewhat.

Why does the bed squeak?

Squeaking comes, you can get to work on the solution. In addition to the frame elements, the bed's squeaking can also be getting caused by a wobbly stand of the bed frame. The bed wobbles because one leg does not touch the floor or not sits correctly.

What kind of beds does not squeak?

The best types of wood for a perfect slatted frame are beech, alder, and birch. Bamboo is also an excellent raw material, which is suitable for all weight categories. If you have a slatted frame with an adjustable head end, you should also make sure that it is stable and does not squeak.

What to do if the slatted frame squeaks?

Lubricate the parts with candle wax, baby powder, or soap. If the measure does not help or the noise reappears after a short time, get a silicone spray to make the joints more slippery. Tighten the screws of the bed. You may have to glue wooden parts additionally.

Why does my metal bed squeak?

If the bed frame's parts are getting connected with screws, this may be the reason why the bed squeaks. When the screws loosen and the individual components gain play, friction points are getting created, and the bed creaks. Then tighten the loosened screws again.

Why does wood creak?

So, the creaking can be caused by small cracks or fractures in the floorboards, causing them to spring, creating the annoying noise. If the damages are only superficial and the wood is extremely dry, sanding and sealing the old floorboards will often help.

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What do you put between the mattress and the slatted frame?

A mattress protector can mean both a slatted base overlay, that is, an overlay that lies under the mattress and on the slatted base, and a mattress overlay, which is getting placed on top of the bed as a mattress protector: Slatted base overlay: overlay between the slatted base and the mattress.

Can a box spring bed squeak?

Even if the box spring creaks, the cause may be in the bed feet. Therefore, check the screws of the bed feet. If they are too loose, the box spring will creak - if they are too tight, it will squeak. Squeaky screws you can lubricate oil or silicone spray.



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