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10 Best Ways to Save Water – Guide & Tips to Conserve Water

10 Best Ways to Save Water - Guide & Tips to Conserve Water. / Image by rony michaud from Pixabay
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Best ways to save water – In the USA, each inhabitant consumes between 120 and 190 liters of drinking water on average – whether for washing clothes, cooking, showering or flushing the toilet.

However, it is often not that difficult to reduce personal water consumption. It not only saves you money but also does something good for the environment.

In our energies guide on how to save water in your household, you will find useful knowledge and tips on how to reduce your water consumption in everyday life and avoid drinking water consumption.


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Best ways to save water – Tips and Tricks

Best ways to save water - Tips and Tricks
Best ways to save water – Tips and Tricks. / Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

With several easy tricks, you can reduce water consumption in your household. We have summarised further information in a detailed guide:


1. Save water when washing dishes

You also use a lot of water when washing the dishes – regardless of whether you wash them by hand or machine. The tendency is that washing dishes by hand often consume more water. However, there are tips for both options:

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  • First, collect the dishes in the machine before washing them. When the device is full, you can start the wash cycle. We also recommend an economy program here, as long as the dishes are not very dirty. Make sure that the energy efficiency class is high.
  • If you wash the dishes by hand, you should also collect them briefly. Then let the basin half-full with water and then clean the dishes in the basin. Washing dishes under running water consumes a lot of water.


2. Save water on showerheads

Not only leaky pipes are an annoying evil, which will later show up on the water cost bill. You can save even more money by optimizing your pipes, for example, with the showerhead.

There are individual water-saving devices for the showerhead. These mix the water with air so that less water runs through the showerhead. It means that you use less water.

You can also use a tap attachment. It will, besides, save you a lot of water, and it is not even bothering.


Tap Water Save Drop
Best Ways to Save Water – Tap Water Save Drop. / Image by Laree Umbah from Pixabay


3. Save water when flushing the toilet

When you flush the toilet, you use a lot of water – and we are often not even aware of this. For this purpose, we should pay some attention to the toilet’s flushing cycles when saving water. And this is how it works:

  • The best thing is to have a modern cistern. With this, you can often decide whether you want to flush just a little or a lot. Ideally, you should use the lower flush cycle as often as possible.
  • Many cisterns are also getting equipped with a start/stop button. You should always make use of this. Still, stop the flushing process when you no longer need more water. If necessary, retrofit a flush stop.


4. Save water when taps are dripping

Dripping faucets are not only annoying but are often getting underestimated when it comes to saving water. Even though only a little water is running all the time, the annual consumption rises rapidly.

A dripping tap is quickly getting repaired. You should take this time or hire someone to do it. In most cases, however, you can manage this yourself. 

But you should not only take attention to dripping taps but also to all leaking pipes. For example, your toilet flush may not be tight. You should also investigate this.


5. Save water when bathing and showering

In the bathroom, you can save more water – for example, when bathing and showering. In the best case, you should opt for showering, as this uses considerably less water.

You can save more water when showering yourself. Never leave the water on longer than necessary. So if you soap yourself, you can turn off the water. It saves you water consumption again.

If you cannot do without bathing, you should at least reduce this. Take more frequent showers instead of baths. It is already noticeable in your water consumption. 


Conserve Water
Best Ways to Save Water – Conserve Water. / Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay


6. Save water when preparing drinks

If you regularly boil water with the kettle, you can save money here too. Get here how to do it:

  • Fill the kettle only as thoroughly as necessary. Otherwise, you will pour too much water away afterward. It is not advisable to leave the water in the pot because of limescale formation.
  • You can quickly check how much water you need by filling the cups with water and putting it directly into the kettle.
  • Tip: The same applies to cook, of course. For example, when cooking pasta or rice, add as much water as needed to the pot.


7. Save water when doing the laundry

You can also save money on laundry if you follow our advice. When doing the laundry, you should pay particular attention to the following:

  • When you buy your washing machine, you can make sure that it is getting equipped with the highest energy efficiency class. This class primarily provides information about electricity guzzlers. However, you will save more water with an A+++ washing machine than with a grade A+ or worse.
  • Whenever possible, switch on the washing machine’s quick program, which will save even more water. The regular schedule is only vital in most cases for filthy clothes.
  • Remember to start the washing machine only when it is full. Only in exceptional circumstances should you wash a single garment or a few garments.


8. Save water when watering your garden

Depending on the area of the garden or plants that need to be getting water, this can increase water consumption. For this reason, you should use a few tricks when watering your garden.

Ideally, you should collect rainwater in a barrel and then use it for watering. In this way, you do not use water from the tap, and you are doing something good for the plants.

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Especially the lawn should only be watered when it is dry because everything else would be superfluous. Make sure that the dryness lasts long enough for there to be a risk of dehydration.

It is best to equip your plant beds with a water reservoir, as this prevents you from having to water every day. A glance at the display tells you whether the plants need water or not.


Water Faucet Save Drop
Best Ways to Save Water – Water Faucet Save Drop. / Image by Henryk Niestrój from Pixabay


9. Save water in your hygiene

Even with personal hygiene, you unconsciously consume a lot of water. For example, take special attention to shaving, washing your hands, and brushing your teeth.

Always turn off the tap when you do not need it. Especially when shaving and brushing your teeth, the valve should not be running. It is better to turn on the water only when needed.

When washing your hands, you should only soap your hands first and only then rinse them. Try not to allow the water to run while you are spreading the soap on your hands. 


10. Save water when cleaning

When cleaning, it is equally tempting to leave the water running while scrubbing. However, this costs an unnecessary amount of water, so you should avoid using it here.

It is better to buy a cleaning bucket and fill it with a little water. Now you can use the water practically for scrubbing and refill it if necessary.

Even if you clean the kitchen or bathroom, you should never leave the water running. It will cost you an unnecessary amount of water. 

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Its also better to turn off the water again and again and only turn it on when you need it.


Save Earth and Household Water
Best Ways to Save Water – Save Earth and Household Water. / Image by Dimitri Wittmann from Pixabay



Best Ways to Save Water – Water is a precious and vital resource. Yet it is often shed far too carelessly. With the conscious use of water and a few simple tricks, many liters of water can usually be getting saved per capita per year.

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Many saving possibilities can be getting implemented very quickly. For example, if you prefer to shower instead of bathing and turn off the water while soaping. The same applies to wash your hands. Special economy nozzles or an economy button on the toilet are also very efficient. With these, you can easily save several liters of water a day without sacrificing any comfort.

But also make sure that your household appliances use less water. Modern dishwashers, for example, can get by with just a few liters of water and therefore use less than if you wash your dishes by hand.

You also don’t need fresh drinking water for watering and sprinkling plants. Rainwater is just as suitable here and is also free. Using water sparingly, you not only do something good for the environment, but you can also save a lot of money every year.

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