When The Washer Won’t Start: Unlock The Best Lost Tricks!

The washer won’t start: What to do? If your washing machine no longer starts, this can have various causes. 

Mostly it is due to the water inlet or the door lock. You need to check different parts to determine why the washing machine won’t start. 

We will explain here how to troubleshoot the right way your washing machine.

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When the washer doesn’t start, follow these troubleshooting steps.

The laundry waits in the drum, and the detergent compartment is complete, but only the washing program won’t start. It is not always due to technology.

First, check the most apparent causes during troubleshooting, and often we can discover the issues back to very simple defects.

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Troubleshooting steps:

  • The washing machine won’t start because it has no power supply. Check that the plug is securely seated in the socket and the fuse. If in doubt, test another technical device at the same socket. The dilemma may be with the power supply, not the washing machine itself.
  • The washing machine will not start because the door is not closed correctly. Most washing devices have a safety mechanism. If the door is not entirely closed, the washing program will not start. Open and close the door again to check whether this error has occurred.
  • The washing machine will not start because it is overloaded. Check if there is too much laundry in the drum. Some washing machines make an emergency stop in this case. Remove some parts and try again to start the program. 
  • It is also possible that it triggered the mechanical water stop on the hose. A sight glass indicates typically this on the tube. In this case, the washing machine cannot draw water.
  • If the inlet valve is defective and does not open or is getting stuck after a long period of use, please get in touch with our service department.
Washer won't start - What needs to be done
Washer won’t start – What needs to be getting done? / Image by moerschy from Pixabay

If the sieves are dirty, the water slowly runs into the washing machine, and it will begin water to build up in the fabric softener chamber of your detergent drawer. The fault with the clogged sieves is already starting to show. Therefore, clean the sieves as soon as you notice this.

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  • Check whether the key lock, if present, is activated. Deactivate it and start the machine again.
  • If the device indicates a fault that is not getting described in the operating instructions, you can try to reset the washing machine. When the error remains, don’t hesitate to contact the service office.
  • If the water protection system has been getting triggered because there is water in the base tub, the machine cannot be getting started. However, this is usually getting indicated by an error code.
  • The washing machine does not start because it is not getting water. If the supply hose is damaged or blocked, no water gets to the device. Or the water has been turned off, for example, during maintenance or repair. Alternatively, it may stop the inlet screen – you can find it in the machine’s inlet hose. Regular descaling keeps it free from deposits. Switch off the washing machine and examine the inlet hose to eliminate this cause.

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Reasons: The washing machine does not start

Reasons Of Washer Won’t Start: Once a washing machine is connected, and nothing happens after pressing the start button, you should check the following:

The washing machine does not start - this may be the reason
The washing machine does not start – this may be the reason / Image by StockSnap from Pixabay
  • Have you turned on the tap fully, and is any water coming out of the wall connection? If the machine cannot draw water, the washing process will not start.
  • Are all hoses connected correctly? Do not confuse the hoses for supply and wastewater.
  • Is the washing machine lid adequately closed? Some washing machine models have an extra indicator for the cover. If this is not available, check it manually.
  • Many appliances have an on/off button and a separate start button. We must press after the program and temperature reset.
  • Plugin the power plug and make sure that power is coming out of the socket in advance.
  • To prevent the drum from rotating without any problems, try moving it once. There may be some fallen laundry next to it in the machine, preventing it from starting.
  • Also, check that the machine is standing straight and remove any laundry if necessary. Even a device that is too fully loaded will often not start. 

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The washing machine does not start: Is the lint trap clogged?

Washer Won’t Start: A frequent cause of the washing machine not starting and a faulty pump-down process is a clogged lint filter. You should check this in any case.

To check whether the lint filter is tight, set the pump-down program on the washing machine and try to start it. If nothing happens, check the small flap at the bottom of the washing machine to see if a piece of laundry is preventing the pumping.

Washing machine does not start - Is the lint trap clogged
Washing machine does not start – Is the lint trap clogged? / Image by Gerhard Stach from Pixabay

You can also detect faulty pumping by unusual noises from the machine. It is not uncommon for the lye pump to be broken and replaced by a specialist if necessary. In a household with animals, animal hair can also be responsible for the blockage.

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Washer Won’t Start: Fault diagnosis

Newer washing machines already have their fault diagnosis, which shows you exactly what is defective. If a defect concerns individual parts of the device, you may need to contact customer service and have the affected parts replaced.

For example, all spin speed LEDs on Bosch appliances flash, the safety of the functionality is at risk, and we should not use the washing machine until repaired.

The washing machine does not start - fault diagnosis.
The washing machine does not start – fault diagnosis. / Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay

Consult the machine’s manual for error messages of any kind. Depending on how the individual lights flash, there may be different causes. However, if, for example, the motor carbons are getting broken, we should consult a specialist.

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Now you have checked everything, and still, the washing machine does not start. Then the only thing that helps is a call to the service office.

If you decide to consult a washing machine repair service, you should clarify financial matters to protect yourself from expensive surprises. It includes both troubleshooting and repair. It is better to obtain a binding cost estimate for the repair. If necessary, insist on it.

If the repair expenses are out of proportion to the machine’s residual value, you should decide to buy a new washing machine.

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