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Wara Art Festival – Straw Monsters In Niigata City Japan

Wara Art Festival - Straw Monsters In Niigata City Japan - Images Credit: WARA ART

Visit the “Wara Art Festival” at Niigata City in Japan! Where you can see big sculptured straw monsters made of Japanese students.


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Wara Art Festival – Straw Monsters Festival In Niigata City Japan

A festival called Wara Art at Niigata City in Japan is showing a bunch of straw monsters in their exhibitions.

The big staw monster sculptures are getting made from students at Musashino Art University in Tokyo.

At this “straw festival” is to see a king kong like a big gorilla, a full open-mouthed killer straw crocodile, ready to catch posing straw lion, a big rhino, and at last an exceptionally crafted straw bull.

Many Japanese families are going every year to wara art festival with there kids to have some fun and get some touches with the straw monster animals.

Enjoy the straw art pictures from the Japanese students.

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Images Credit: Wara Art on Facebook

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