Unexpected Benefits Of Being Weird: 6 Facts To Be Crazy!

Unexpected benefits of being weird: Being weird can mean being pathological and confused in your thinking. It can also mean being conspicuous, peculiar, or unusual. Being crazy can also mean doing something out of the ordinary. And being weird is sometimes better than being average. 

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Unexpected Benefits Of Being Weird

Get here the six facts about the surprising benefits of being weird:

The unexpected benefits of being weird
The unexpected benefits of being weird / Image by Khusen Rustamov from Pixabay

If you live your life usually

If you live your life according to a plan that your parents or your grandparents have set out for you, then at some point, it may not be so lovely.

Sometimes you’d think we were robots. Live our lives the way we were getting told to, without ever stopping to ask if we enjoy it or even make sense in its current form.

We go to school and often end up in a job that doesn’t fulfill us but at least secures us financially, and then we sit out the time until we get permission to do what we want to do during our last 15 – 25 years at the age of 70.

Being weird is not just being crazy.

There is no question that people who live the way society considers reasonable, like school, training, and job until retirement, usually work very hard for their bread and butter. Mostly they even have to work more for the same money as the self-employed or freelancers. However, it is often not possible to live happily with this.

The people who question the meaning of everything and everyone and, if necessary, go their own and often new ways. On the other hand, they are rather critically regarded by society. They are crazy about normality, out of the normal range.

Yet this craziness has, in most cases, nothing to do with the fact that the person did not hear the bang. On the contrary, these crazy and different people have always been the ones who made it to the top or made groundbreaking inventions and discoveries.

But why is this so? Why are mad people more successful and happier?

Being weird will question yourself and decide.

Being weird will question your self and decide
Unexpected benefits of being weird – Being weird will question yourself and decide / Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Laws and regulations are already relevant. But when it comes to purely social conventions, successful people first ask their sense of meaning for themselves.

Who says that you should study right after school? Who says that as an employee, you have to work until you retire or that you cannot cycle 20km to work every day?

Top athletes, in particular, have this pronounced mentality of not allowing themselves to be artificially restricted but instead setting their limits. So it’s worth looking out at the box and deciding what the right path is for you. Just because you can’t run two km today or need at least nine hours of sleep doesn’t mean you can’t be in top form next year.

Being weird will give you no fear of failure.

Crazy and successful people do not always worry about what could go wrong. They know about the possible risk, but they take it with the belief that they will make it.

Indeed, this does not always work out well, and often it takes several attempts. But just by trying at all, they succeed much more often than the eternal pessimists, who don’t even make the first attempt for fear of failure.

It took the inventor Thomas Edison over 1,000 attempts to develop the first working light bulb. If he had been afraid of failure right from the start, we would probably still be sitting in our homes with torches today.

Being weird will make you Full of energy and unstoppable

While the typical person tends to live into the day and continually works towards the next weekend or holiday, the crazy person is driven by almost boundless energy.

He looks forward to every day, has constant goals and ideas to work on, and doesn’t let anything or anyone upset him. Criticism or stupid sayings from ordinary people encourage him and only help him even more to make his dreams and goals come true. Such doers don’t care what any other people think about them.

Being weird will make you different.

Being weird will make you different
Unexpected benefits of being weird – Being weird will make you different / Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

It is sad enough that the people who once – by doing things differently than before – invented the wheel and discovered fire are now dismissed as crackpots because they do not operate within the social norm.

Recent times have also presented us with numerous people who have become successful by being different and rethinking. Examples are Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Nikola Tesla, and Henry Ford.

In the usual way, you will always achieve average results. By doing what everyone does, you will only make what everyone realizes.

Therefore you should ask yourself if you want to live a life according to Plan 2 and live in the box or if you’re going to design your box yourself? It is in your own hands.


To make a difference, you have to be weird, too. You have to question things and decide things for yourself. It’s also important to fail sometimes. In this sense, it is good to let your energy flow, not to make yourself be getting slowed down so quickly. Sometimes it is good to be consciously prepared to be considered crazy and weird.

Of course, with all being weird, it is also essential that you often tune your behavior to others. Being weird for being stupid and then coming into loneliness does not help either.

It is good to swim against the current from time to time. It is good to be crazy from time to time but to do good, you have to cooperate with others, and sometimes you have to look at what you can do with others. Sometimes you also have to put back things that are important to you or look: “How can I do what is helpful and vital so that others can do something with it? 

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