Underwater Restaurant In Europe: Amazing For A Special Dinner!

Underwater Restaurant In Europe: This unique underwater restaurant concept was designed and made by an architecture company named Snøhetta, and this beautiful construction is Europe’s first underwater restaurant.

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Underwater Restaurant In Europe: Norway!

Claimed architecture and interior design firm Snøhetta is making plans for an underwater restaurant of its own at a spot on Norway’s most southern point. It’ll be Europe’s first-ever underwater restaurant.

Underwater Restaurant In Europe

The European underwater restaurant will also be used as a center for marine life and is found at the southernmost place on the Norwegian sea coast by way of the small town of Båly in Norway.

This unique concept is called “Under” and has two meanings in the Norwegian language and “Wonder.”

One corridor rests half underwater in the underwater restaurant’s building and the other half above the coastline.

Europe Underwater Restaurant

It seems like a half-sunken concrete architecture when you look from the outside of this underwater restaurant structure.

The First European underwater restaurant UNDER’s breathtaking panoramic glass screen rests 15 feet below the sea, and it’s incredible to watch the natural marine wildlife by joining the fabulous food.

Deep Water
Deep Water

The wall structure is crafted with 3 feet of solid concrete to secure the environment of the building to hold up against the turbulent weather conditions or wild water challenges.


Europe UNDER water restaurant could very well take care of up to 100 diners at a time. When you enter the Underwater Restaurant, you’ll be submerged in a world of aquatic life. You’ll see colorful coral reefs and fish swimming around you. The restaurant is also home to giant fishes that swim on the ceiling. The Underwater Restaurant is open year-round and offers a unique experience for visitors.

Underwater Restaurant in Europe
Underwater Restaurant in Europe

If you are more interested, then read the entire project for UNDER here.

All Images Credit: www.under.no

Source: sobadsogood.com – archinect – ufunk

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