Nuni Tortilla Toaster Review: Warm Six Tortillas In A Minute!

Nuni Tortilla Toaster: Toast and warm up to six tortillas in less than a minute! No more stove and microwave needed. This Tortilla and Taco Toaster transforms fresh tortillas into crispy wraps.

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Nuni Tortilla Toaster Review

The Tortilla Toaster is a must for all friends of Mexican fast food lovers. It transforms fresh tortillas into crispy salsa beds you will love.

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Standalone Tortilla Toaster In White Color With Six Heating Slots.
Taco and Tortilla Toaster With Six Heating Slots

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What’s the difference between Tacos and Tortillas? Can we Toast both of them?

Tortillas in Mexico are thin pancakes made from corn or wheat flour. The most cutting differences in the choice of Tortilla are its hardness.

Wheat Tortillas are softer and, therefore, better suited for rolling. Corn Tortillas are in use for Tacos and enchiladas. You can Toast your Taco and Tortilla with this toaster.

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Heating and Warming Tortilla Tacos In A Six Slot Toaster

Without needing to flip the tortillas, both sides get heated up. Put your six tortillas for a minute into the slots and enjoy eating in no waiting time.

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Six tortillas are inside a toaster and warming and heating up.
Tortilla Toaster Can Heat and Warm Six Tortillas In Less Than One Minute

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Warm The Sides Of Tacos and Tortillas Equally With No Flipping

Selectable heat settings of the Toaster will allow you to warm your tacos and tortillas at the preferred temperature. The heat will be applied to both sides fairly.

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Taco and Tortilla Toaster Back Side With Selectable Heat Slider
Taco and Tortilla Toaster With Selectable Heat Settings

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Taco Tortilla Toaster With Sound Alert and Auto-Off Function

After every toasting cycle, a big “Ding” sound alert will inform you. The Taco Tortilla Toaster will automatically turn off. Pull the rear handle on your Toaster to rotate and release the crispy and warm baked tortillas.

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 Pulling a rear handle on the tortilla toaster.
Tortilla and Taco Toaster With Auto Turn Off and Sound Alert

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