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Throw away banana peels? Some things that are still good for banana peels!

Throw away banana peels? Some things that are still good for banana peels! / Image by andyhernandezv94 from Pixabay
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Banana peels are usually thrown away carelessly; at best, they still make it into the compost. However, throwing away the banana peel is rash because we can still use the peel of the delicious fruit for many things. However, this only applies to the peels of organic bananas, which you also need to clean thoroughly before using them.

Banana peel as food

Banana peels contain many vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals as well as fiber, and therefore it is a pity that the peels are mainly not utilized in our country.

In many countries, such as England, people do not limit themselves to eating the fruit’s flesh; the banana peel is also eaten.

You can eat the banana peel raw as well as grilled, baked, or crispily roasted.

In principle, you should only use an organic banana peel, whether in a fruit salad, in a smoothie, or as crispy chips.

It would help if you also cleaned the peel of the organic banana very thoroughly. Although it is by far not as contaminated with pesticides as the banana from conventional cultivation, it is nevertheless – due to the long transport route alone – also not free of pollutants. 

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The peel of the banana as an ecological pesticide in the garden

That banana peels do well in compost is no secret. However, you can use the peels in the garden and plant care much more diverse.

For pest control, crush the peels and bury them under shrubs and flowers.

In addition, if you spread shredded banana peels in the beds, you will attract numerous butterflies.

If you put the shredded banana peel in a watering can with water, many nutrients are released from the peel to the water, so you get an excellent fertilizer for your plants for free. 

Banana peel – everything for natural beauty

As a beauty agent, the banana peel is also said to perform minor miracles. Versatile as the banana peel is, it accompanies you right through the most different stages of life.

The banana peel contains numerous natural anti-inflammatories and is therefore suitable against acne.

Due to your numerous vitamins, including vitamin E, which is essential for the skin, and antioxidants, the banana mask is also helpful against wrinkles.

Last but not least, you can use banana peel as a moisturizing mask for dry skin.

Cut the peel of the banana into small pieces and then put it in the blender with some water.

Leave the mask on the face or neck and décolleté for about 20 to 30 minutes before removing the banana mask with lukewarm water.

As a hair treatment, especially for dry and damaged hair, the banana peel is also said to work wonders.


Environment – banana peel as an ecological cleaning agent

You can use the universal agent banana peel not only for personal hygiene.

With the peel, you also give leather new life again. Go over the leather shoes with the inside of the peel.

Silver, especially black tarnished silver, you bring back to shine with the banana peel. 

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Cure minor health problems with banana peel

Against warts, in the past, people liked to use spells. Today, we tried it with a banana peel. Cut an appropriately sized piece from the banana peel and place it inside on the wart. Over it is a stable plaster and a small bandage, and then it is called one week wait. After that, the wart should be gone.

In case of skin irritation, for example, after encountering mosquitoes, bees, ants, or stinging nettles, it helps to soothe the skin if you place them inside the banana peel on the affected area for some time.

If you have psoriasis, you should also try out whether applying the inside of the peel can provide you with relief. 

For what plants are suitable banana peels?

Flowering perennials and roses respond particularly well to fertilization with banana peels. They are healthier, more eager to bloom, and come through the winter better thanks to the high potassium content. Since the nitrogen content is shallow, you can fertilize your plants with banana peel throughout the season.

Can you eat the banana peel?

But banana peel is edible. Not only that, but it is also wealthy in fiber, essential amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and potassium. So in a perfect world, we would never need to peel our bananas again!

What's in the banana peel?

Banana peels are full of minerals. Few people know about this: The fruit itself and the peel are full of minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium. In addition, it provides plenty of dietary fiber, which stimulates digestion and keeps you satiated longer.

Are banana peels good for tomatoes?

The ingredients help the plant to bloom, but we should fertilize it less rather than too much. Fertilize tomatoes with banana peel: Tomatoes are heavy growers; they need many nutrients, including potassium. Fertilizing them additionally with banana peel has a positive effect on fruit formation and aroma.

How to eat banana peel?

Unlike the sweet flesh, banana peel tastes somewhat bitter – but it is edible. You can eat the banana with peel or eat the banana peel plain. However, the peel tastes better when you process it into a dish.

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Can you eat bananas with the black peel?

We usually throw them away. But it is better not to do that. It is because ripe bananas that have brown spots are said to be a natural cancer prevention agent. The browner they are, the more of the protein TNF they are supposed to contain.

Why do banana peels help with plantar warts?

For warts: the enzymes in banana peel naturally help warts disappear. Place a piece of a banana peel on the wart and fix it with a plaster. After seven to ten days, the wart will have disappeared. However, it would help if you replaced the peel every three days.

How long does it need for a banana peel to decay?

A banana peel needs at least six weeks to rot. It takes six weeks for a banana peel to decay. Orange peels take even longer: up to two years for the fruit to decompose – often more than that in cool temperatures on the mountain.

What animal eats banana peels?

While ants or aphids take flight at bananas, some animals are totally into them. Rabbits, chickens, pigs, goats, or cows are happy about the tasty and natural waste.

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Can banana peels be composted?

Yes, banana peels can go on the compost even if it is not a native fruit. They are even considered excellent fertilizer for roses and other plants! And even if they rot more slowly than apple and co.

What percentage of a banana is a peel?

The banana weighs 244g with peel. Without peel, it still weighs 170g. So you can eat about 70% of the banana.

Why do banana peels not belong in organic waste?

Ensure that you preferably do not put banana peels in the compost when you dispose of your organic waste yourself. Bananas are often sprayed, and the peel is not suitable for compost for this reason.