The Most Common Dog Diseases: Somthing Informative

Several things can cause your dog to get sick, but how much do you know about these most common diseases in dogs?

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Most Common Dog Diseases

Dogs are the best human friend. Although they vary according to their breed, they are the perfect beings in general in need of friendship and love. We see dozens of dogs on the streets in our daily lives, and they can be adorable. However, like all living things, these innocent beings can also be affected by a disease.

Although we protect them from dog diseases as much as possible, they are sick because of bacteria that we cannot see with the eye. You can do them a big favor in such a situation by taking them to the Vet. Because, as you know, there is a risk of infection from certain diseases and animals.

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Let us check out the list of the most common conditions in dogs:

Skin Problems In Dogs

Almost every dog suffers from skin disorders in different ways. You can understand this situation incredibly when itchy and swelling, and redness may occur. Other than that, if you have abnormal findings, it is helpful to show them to a vet.

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Ear Infection In Dogs

If your dog is scratching his ear with his paws and swinging his head, he’s probably getting infected with ear infections. It is also a painful ailment, and it is why regular care and vaccination should be getting done.

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Infection Of The Urinary Tract In Dogs

Among the dog breeds is one of the most common ailments. If the dog’s urine is urinating uncontrollably, you need to show it to the Vet.

Vomitting In Dogs

One of the most common causes is vomiting. It may be due to poisoning or a problem in the digestive system. Even if you don’t show it to your Vet every time, be aware of it. But if he vomits too much, you have to take him to the Vet.

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Diarrhea In Dogs

In addition to vomiting, the most common known illness is diarrhea. If diarrhea returns after a time to healthy, then the problem is over. However, if this happens twice a day, you should consult your Vet.

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Parasites In Dogs

Unfortunately, these parasites are not only seen in dogs but also all animals. Where there are parasites, there are fleas. You should not delay the vaccination so that the parasite cannot harass the dog. It is a disease that does not pose a problem and can quickly get terminated if it does not spread further.

Oral And Dental Problems In Dogs

In general, the smell of the mouth of dogs can be unbearable. This condition is one of the symptoms of dental disease. It can be challenging for the dog when getting infected with bacteria in the mouth. Therefore, it is essential to maintain it. Besides, if you have a small dog that you feed on bone, stop giving bone. They break the bone in the mouth by creating a wound that causes the germ to trap inside.

Obesity Disease In Dogs

One of the first animals that obesity affects is the dog. Therefore, you should give nutrients in time and consistency.

Joint Swelling In Dogs

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints, and it is more common in older age.

Poisoning In Dogs

If the dog is eating all kinds of food, this is one of the diseases you may encounter. Therefore, care for your dogs with vaccinations and the food they eat.

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Scabies In Dogs

This parasite, which is on the skin of healthy animals, is caused by factors such as reduced carrying health and hot and miserable nutrition. It can easily get transmitted with everyday items such as a comb brush.

Hydatid Cyst In Dogs

This disturbance, which we can find in foods such as giblets, is caused by echinococcus (tapeworms). However, there are no apparent problems in dogs with Hydatid Cyst disorders, and symptoms are in stool as ring forms or eggs.

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Toxoplasma In Dogs

The disease can occur mainly in an oral way. Oral parasitic parasites multiply by blood and lymph pathways to places such as the brain, lung, liver, and placenta.

Emaciation In Dogs ( Extreme Thinness )

The loss of appetite is a severe condition that should be taken care of when the stomach and intestinal are getting overfilled, foreign body swallowing, tumor, fear, etc. It can cause discomforts such as extreme weakness, fatigue, muscle loss, and anemia. A balanced diet, vitamin, and mineral supplementation require in the veterinary physician’s control.

Rickets In Dogs

Bone disease is more common in dogs in the development process, and the dog’s quality of life deteriorates. In the later stages of this disease, the dog’s bones can be seen as deformed, curvature, or even weakened that can easily break.


Always ask your Vet for the best dog health advice.

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