4 Useful Teff Tea Benefits And Side Effects You Need To Know!

Teff Tea Benefits and Side Effects – Teff tea is considered a detox tea and promises a positive effect on metabolism and the immune system. Please read here about how the tea works precisely and how you prepare it correctly. 

What is Teff Tea?

Teff tea is getting made from the seeds of the dwarf millet, and it contains a similar blend to weight loss, detox, or drainage teas. Teff tea boosts digestion, increases metabolism, strengthens the immune system, and regulates blood sugar levels.

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How healthy is Teff?

How healthy is Teff?
Teff Tea Benefits and Side Effects – How healthy is Teff? / Image by Esayas Ayele, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

As small as the teff grains are, they burst with minerals, especially silicic acid, for healthy hair and nails. The iron content is also high, making Teff an ideal grain for vegans in particular.

The teff fiber content is remarkably high: 100 grams already cover almost the entire daily requirement of 30 grams.

Since Teff contains no gluten, people with gluten intolerance tolerate it well. In general, dwarf millet is considered digestible and easy to digest; the grains are well suited to a sparing diet for sensitive stomachs and intestines.

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Teff Tea Benefits and Side Effects

Teff Tea Benefits and Side Effects
Teff Tea Benefits and Side Effects / Image by Couleur from Pixabay

What are the benefits and side effects of teff tea? It is drunk mainly in Turkey as Teff Tohumlu Çay”, Teff tea for weight lossteff seed teateff life slim teatef tea, slim teff teateff herbal teaTeff mixed herbal teatea teffteff matcha green tea, or in the Arab region.

The teff millet’s unprocessed seeds are used and sold with other effective teas such as senna and mate.

We explain below how teff tea works.

Healthy Effects and Benefits of Teff Tea

Teff tea is said to affect our organism in many ways positively. Although the exact impact is not yet scientifically clear, detox tea is especially popular with people who want to get their digestion going or lose weight.

  • Teff is also called dwarf millet. The grain initially comes from Ethiopia. In addition to teas, it is also getting used to making beers and spirits.
  • Teff tea is drunk mainly in Turkish and Arab countries. In this country, detox tea is less known. 
  • The drink is rich in fiber, which is supposed to have a positive effect on digestion.
  • Besides, the polyphenols in the seeds are said to stimulate the metabolism, which supports weight loss.
  • Furthermore, teff tea is said to have a positive effect on the immune system. Thus, the polyphenols contained in the dwarf millet can have an antioxidant effect. 

Thus, teff teas often contain a similar blend to weight loss, detox, drainage, or blood purification teas. Just like these, teff tea is getting said to have the following effects:

1. Teff Tea Boosts Digestion

Due to their high fiber content, teff seeds can aid in digestion. However, the extent to which this is getting transferred to teff tea has not yet been established. Ingredients such as senna, green tea, and mate have intensely stimulated digestion.

But caution is advised because senna leaves have a strong laxative effect when consumed in excess. The gelling agent tragacanth (E413) can also be used to combat both diarrhea and constipation, as it binds liquids. 

2. Teff Tea Boosts Metabolism

Both mate and green tea stimulate metabolism due to their caffeine content. According to medical news today, the polyphenols it contains boost fat burning, and white and brown teff seeds also contain these polyphenols.

3. Teff Tea Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

The chlorogenic acid in green coffee and the active ingredients in cinnamon can help lower blood sugar levels.

The β-sitosterol in Teff may also help. According to one analysis, the polyphenols in Teff can also do so, but this has not been proven.

4. Teff Tea Boosts Immune System

The various polyphenols in teff tea can act as antioxidants, keeping you young and protecting you from multiple diseases such as cancer by protecting your immune system from free radicals. According to a breast cancer study, mate can also help with this because of its antioxidants.

Unhealthy Side Effects of Teff Tea

Before drinking the tea, keep the following things in mind:

  • Tragacanth may cause an allergic reaction in people with respiratory conditions or pollen allergies. If you are affected, you should avoid tea blends with tragacanth.
  • If the tea contains senna, you should drink it only for acute symptoms such as constipation. The ingredient is not suitable for regular consumption.
  • How increased consumption of teff tea affects the human organism – positively or negatively – has not yet been clarified. Therefore, you should not consume too large quantities. If you notice any side effects, you should abstain from the tea mixture for a few days and seek medical advice. 

Preparation of Teff Tea

You can get teff tea in health food stores, organic food stores, or online, among other places. Usually, the tea is getting sold as a blend of herbs.

  • The tea does not consist of 100 percent dwarf millet but contains other active ingredients. Popular ones include Senna leaves, mate, green tea, green coffee, cinnamon, tragacanth gum (also called E413, a thickening agent), and the natural resin sandarac.
  • The preparation of a teff tea is quite simple. Brew a tea bag or a spoonful of the loose tea blend with boiling water. Depending on the mix and instructions, the amount may vary.
  • Let the tea steep for ten minutes. Then you can enjoy it.  

FAQ Teff Tea

What is teff tea?

Teff tea is getting made from the seeds of the dwarf millet. It is originally from Ethiopia but grown in Turkey, Australia, Egypt, Uganda, the USA, and Canada. In Turkey and Ethiopia, Teff is a popular grain.

How healthy is teff?

Teff is healthy because it is gluten-free, rich in protein and minerals, and versatile.

What does teff taste like?

Teff tastes pleasantly sweet and slightly nutty.

Where can I buy teff?

We can find these products on the shelves of well-stocked supermarkets and drugstores, health food stores, and organic food stores. As a gluten-free alternative to wheat, spell, rye and co.


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