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Tattoo care with coconut oil – Coconut oil for tattoo treatment

Tattoo care with coconut oil - Image by ilovetattoos from Pixabay
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Tattoo care with coconut oil – A tattoo can be alternatively getting well maintained with coconut oil. However, if a tattoo is not well cared for, it can lead to an unsightly color fade or possibly even inflammation. In the article, you will learn what you should know about coconut oil and tattoo care. 

Coconut oil on the new tattoo explained in summary:

Coconut oil is a fabulous natural care product with many benefits. It’s getting obtained as vegetable fat from the dried pulp of the coconut plant.

  • Coconut oil has antibacterial and antiparasitic effects, preventing inflammation. Studies prove the antibacterial effect of the oil. 
  • It is easy to rub, absorbs quickly, and supports wound healing. You should know this if your tattoo peels. 
  • Also, coconut oil has a pleasant cooling effect and gives the stressed skin after the fresh tattoo sufficient moisture. 
  • It is 100% natural and contains no unwanted fragrances or additives.  

Tattoo care with coconut oil

Tattoo care with coconut oil - Coconut oil for tattoo treatment
Tattoo care with coconut oil – Coconut oil for tattoo treatment / Image by DanaTentis from Pixabay

Coconut oil for tattoo treatment – A fresh tattoo is comparable to a scrape. It burns a little, blood and wound water flush out foreign bodies, it oozes, itches, and tightens, would form scabs which can tear and break open in large areas and more or less scar. 

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However, this is precisely how a tattoo should not behave. Color would leak out this can be re-stabbed, but less optimally in scarred areas. The colors would also be pale and blurry. 

Also, it should not be cared for like a conventional wound zinc ointment, antibiotic creams, and petroleum jelly, for example, would only encourage the color to leak out. Also from the long-popular Panthenol is now very much discouraged.

So how do I care for my fresh tattoo with coconut oil?

The finished artwork is creamed and covered with cling film or, ideally, with a foil wound dressing. We should remove this foil after 2-4 hours and the wound foil after about four days.

Several times a day, gently rinse the tattoo area with disinfected hands under warm water, possibly with soap-free mild washing lotion. 

Please do not hold the water-jet directly on the tattoo area but the skin area above it. Gently dab the new body art with a kitchen roll and apply a thin layer of coconut oil. It gently supports wound healing and counteracts inflammation and bacteria. 

In addition, the skin is kept moist and supple – it tightens and itches so much less, especially since the coconut oil has a slightly cooling effect.

Under no circumstances should you apply the oil thickly so that the skin swells or smear fresh coconut oil on the old without first washing the area.

What else should I pay attention to when treating a new tattoo with coconut oil?

Ideally, a lot of fresh air gets to the wound, but it is advisable to cover the tattoo again with foil to prevent the clothing from sticking if clothing is unavoidable. If this does occur, do not remove the dress in any case, but soak it with warm water.

Also to be avoided during the healing phase is direct sunlight artificial sunlight. It burns painfully on the wound and causes the color to fade and run. 

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Coconut oil provides lightweight sun protection for freshly tattooed skin. Baths of any kind, and we should also avoid saunas for 4-6 weeks. Sports, incredibly sweaty, for at least 1-2 weeks.

Even after the visible healing, it’s recommended to keep the new skin layer supple with coconut oil.

Why coconut oil care for a tattoo?

Besides the antibacterial and wound healing properties, it is simply the tattoo care, with the fewest ingredients: Pure fatty acids, no preservatives, fragrances, or carriers. 

The oil cools gently and absorbs without leaving a sticky film. Moreover, the price is unbeatable compared to specially formulated ointments. 

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Coconut care is also suitable for the aftercare of permanent make-up, as well as classic wounds. 

Coconut oil is highly productive – should something be leftover, you can use it in various ways if they are not even already in the household.

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Coconut oil can meet all the requirements of successful tattoo aftercare and is cheap, vegan, and allergy-friendly. Thanks to careful care, colors, and details of the skin, art shine particularly intensively.