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Tap Strap: This gadget turns your hand into a keyboard

TAP STRAP 2 - Image Credit: Amazon

Tap Strap is a Bluetooth enabled wearable keyboard mouse that gets controlled with finger movements. A smart controller for smartphone, tablet, pc, laptop, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and smart tv.

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Tap Strap Review

Tap Strap Review
Image Credit: Amazon

There’s a new way to type on the tablet, and it’s keyboardless. The portable device, which looks like a technological brass knuckle, turns your hands into a keyboard and mouse.

The gadget is called Tap Strap and can connect via Bluetooth to devices such as smartphones, VR headsets, tablets, and smartwatches. The handset is equipped with sensors that register every typing movement you make and convert it into specific words. There is a particular finger combination for each letter.

It takes between one and four hours to master typing, but once you remember the movements, the process revolutionizes the way you work and where you work.

It looks like a knuckleduster – but is intended for typing texts. The keyboard replacement is primarily designed for use with VR glasses, smartwatches, and smartphones. With the Tap Strap, you can write on any surface.

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Replacing Keyboard Functions With Finger Movements

Replacing Keyboard Functions With Finger Movements
Image Credit: Amazon

For years, various companies have been working on a possible replacement for a conventional keyboard. A new attempt dares the US enterprise Tap, which wants to bring a kind of Bluetooth striking ring with the strap on the market. Users should be able to type on any surface. The strap is pulled over the fingers like a knuckleduster and registers finger movements.

The finger movements are converted into letters, and these are then transmitted to the smart devices via a Bluetooth connection. The strap user must first learn how to write with it. The manufacturer merely promises that typing can be gained after an hour – but this is still a very long time to get used. How fast and error-free the user can write with it is not known.


A Ten Finger Writing System?

A Ten Finger Writing System
Image Credit: Amazon

The basic idea behind strap is that it is only used on the one hand – a ten-finger writing system is therefore probably not intended. If required, two straps can also be applied – one per hand. It is unclear how typing will then be done.

In general, the strap should work with any device to which keyboards can be connected via Bluetooth. However, the strap can only be paired with another device.

The makers of the strap can imagine that virtual musical instruments such as a piano can be played with it. Here, however, the focus is on other companies that develop suitable implementations.


Air Gestures: Typing with finger gestures


Typing with finger gestures
Image Credit: Amazon

Then we’ll type about gestures. Each finger or combination of fingers can be assigned a letter. In a corresponding app, you will find an overview of how you can type which characters.


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Mouse function also integrated

The gadget also has a built-in mouse. Tap Strap can be connected to Bluetooth compatible devices.


Tap Strap: Type text without a keyboard

Tap Strap Type text without a keyboard
Image Credit: Amazon

The movements of the individual fingers are registered by small sensors that sit in an elastic band with five holes for the fingers. Before entering the text, the user must slip over this tap strap.

Activating Tap Strap for text input, the fingers have to tap twice on a flat surface. Then each finger represents a vowel. Consonants are entered by tapping with two fingers simultaneously. There should be a total of 31 different input options – including punctuation marks, numbers, and special characters.


Learning Tap Strap Finger Controlled Movements With A Game

Learning Tap Strap’s combinations, there is a learning program in the form of a game. Within one to four hours, the user should be able to write texts fluently. The app TapGenius is available for iOS and Android devices.

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Tap Strap Finger Movements Controller
Image Credit: Amazon


Charge The Tap Strap With USB Connection

With a single battery charge, the user should be able to enter texts for four hours. In standby mode, the tap strap lasts three days. It’s charged via a micro-USB connection. However, this process should take three hours, and all these parameters can change with a revised design.

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TAP STRAP 2 – Now With Air Gestures!

Text, Navigate, Control & Input into any Bluetooth Device Using Air Gestures & Finger Taps On Any Surface.

Air Gestures Finger Controller
Air Gestures Finger Controller – Image Credit: Amazon

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