Stretch Leather Shoes: The Best 5 Quick & Easy Steps!

Stretch leather shoes: Tanners or shoemakers use various aids and methods to make this fiber mesh more flexible or stretch it.

On the one hand, fiber netting can be getting loosened by stretching, and the tanner does this by fulling. The shoemaker has different possibilities.

The fiber structure is microscopically stretched or torn by tapping, stretching, or fulling and the leather becomes softer and gains some surface area.

Besides, moistening is helpful besides movement. Moistening the leather softens up the fiber netting, and the leather can then be deformed more quickly and permanently when wet.

Tanners take advantage of this when the leather is changing for shaping. After drying, the new shape is getting retained.

Let us examine how we can stretch leather shoes with home remedies, tips, and tricks.

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Stretching leather shoes that are too tight

Get here in quick how-to stretch leather shoes with home remedies. On the net, you can find various tips on widening shoes, but not all of them are practical and helpful.

Stretch leather shoes that are too tight
Stretch leather shoes that are too tight. / Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Stretching Leather Shoes Steps:

  1. Various household tips recommend soaking your shoes in hot water and then wearing them for a few hours in your home. But this procedure is everything but pleasant. Moreover, permanent moisture can be harmful to leather.
  2. Alternatively, you can also fill the wet shoes with newspaper, but this often does not bring the desired success. Besides, the procedure is very time-consuming, as you usually have to repeat the process more often.
  3. Instead of water, rub the shoes with leather grease. It makes it easier to stretch the leather afterward, as it becomes softer and more supple.
  4. A special stretching spray for leather shoes can also be beneficial.
  5. To stretch, insert a shoe stretcher into the leather shoes. You can get a shoe stretcher in the most different variations in the specialized trade. It is worth spending a little more money on the shoe stretcher to achieve the best and quickest possible effect. There are always shoes that are too tight – so you can use the device several times if necessary.

If the shoes are costly, a visit to a good shoemaker may be the best choice. Many shoemakers have individual machines for the professional stretching of leather shoes.

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Let the shoemaker widen the leather shoes.

A specialist can widen your leather shoes with unique stretchers, and he can also give you tips on pressing fabric and imitation leather shoes. The prices for stretching can vary.

Stretching leather shoes with a spray

Special stretch sprays are available in retail stores that allow you to stretch your leather shoes. Most products need to be sprayed on the outside and inside the shoe.

Then put the shoes on and walk around for a while. Ideally, the shoe will have adjusted to your foot, and you may have to repeat the procedure.

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Stretching leather shoes at home with a shoe stretcher.

Another way you can stretch your shoes yourself is with a shoe stretcher. Simple models spread your boots evenly.

A particular shoe stretcher can be getting adjusted in width and length. So you can stretch your shoes according to your needs.

After you have inserted the shoe stretcher, you should check after a while whether the desired width fits your feet.

Widen leather shoes correctly
Stretch leather shoes – Widen leather shoes correctly / Image by rupixen from Pixabay.

It’s best to leave the shoe tree in the shoe overnight.

Experts advise using products made of wood instead of plastic, as these can absorb moisture from the shoes and, at the same time, allow air to circulate in the boots.

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Stretch leather shoes with freezer bags

As an alternative to the shoe stretcher, you can also place a freezer bag in the shoe and fill it with water. Then close the bag and put the shoe and the bag in the freezer overnight. Before removing the freezer bag the next day, you must let it thaw.

Stretch leather shoes with alcohol

You can also easily create a DIY stretch spray from pure alcohol and water with a ratio of 1:1. Spray on the shoe and break it in. Only when the shoe is dry should it be taken off.

Alternatively, you can use spirit to drip onto a cotton cloth. You can use this to wipe the shoe and wear it until it is dry.

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Widen leather shoes cheaply with paper

A very inexpensive way to widen shoes that are too tight is to stuff them with damp newspaper.

To do this, moisten the crumpled newspaper and plug it into the places in your shoes that pinch and leave the boots overnight. If they are still too tight the next day, repeat the process.

Warm air expands leather shoes.

Another simple trick is to widen shoes with a hairdryer.

Put on too tight shoes with thick socks, and warm them from the outside with a hairdryer. Ensure that the device is not getting set too hot to avoid overstretching the material.

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Widen leather shoes with water and vinegar

If you want to stretch out too-tight shoes, it may help to walk in your shoes for some time with water-wet socks.

A mix-up of water and vinegar in equal parts can also widen intimate details. Either spray the vinegar mixture on your shoes or dab it on the affected areas.


Many of the above tips only work on leather shoes, and shoes made of fabric, imitation leather, and other materials are often not as stretchy. Therefore, try out the above methods carefully and, if in doubt, ask a cobbler for their opinion.

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