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Smoked Fish Recipes: Salmon, Tuna, Seafood, Trout (How To & Video)

Smoked Fish Recipes - Image by Mieke Beerlage from Pixabay
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Smoked fish recipes with videos. Salmon, Tuna, Seafood, and Trout and more! Check out the smoked fish video recipes here. Best Smoked Fish Recipes With Videos.

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Table of Contents

About Smoked Fish

Smoked fish, smoked meat, and whiskey have one thing in common: a smoky flavor.

This unique taste is not for everyone, but the one who loves him does not want to miss him anymore.

That’s why we present you with the most popular smoked foods with matching side dishes and sauces.

We have searched the internet and collected only the best relevant recipes and videos to save you time.

Also, smoking is an ancient art to preserve food (especially fish and meat).

You can eat smoked food as it is. Dried food is a matter of taste if you prefer not to eat warm.


Smoked Fish Grilling and Cooking Preparation

Before we jump into the different types of smoking fish recipes, let us try to explain some basic stuff about this grill fish food category.

As an example, we will use a smoked salmon in an oven or on an electric smoker.

There are two types to smoke fish, hot and cold smoking. Each of them requires different smoking temperatures.

Hot smoking gets cooked between 250° – 200°Fdegrees and cold smoking will need – 80°F degrees.

Before you start, please consider that the fish fillets need to rest a minimum of two or three hours at room temperature.

If your smoker can’t heat the fish’s internal temperature to 160°F, transfer your fishes to a home oven set with 300°F.

When the fish start to get hot inside, let them cook a minimum of 30 minutes in your oven to reach the standard cooking time to let them become dark and layered for a delicious taste.

After the smoking progress has finished, you can serve your smoked salmon with cream cheese to get the best fish-eating feast experience!

And don’t forget the wood chips as well!


Smoked Fish Recipes

Smoked fish tastes great as a spicy extra to crisp salads, gives pasta and potato dishes a warm hearty touch, and brings an appetizer combination with herbs, fruits, or cheese on the table. Try these recipes with smoked fish.


List and Types of Smoked Fish Recipes with Videos

We are going to reveal five types of smoked fish recipes that will include:



Smoked Salmon Recipes

Smoked Salmon Recipes
Smoked Salmon Recipes

Different cooking and preparing styles of smoked salmon recipes with barbequed smoked salmon, smoked salmon candy, simply smoked salmon with cucumber relish, quick smoked salmon with avocado-radish salad and maple-smoked salmon.


Barbequed Smoked Salmon

Barbequed Smoked Salmon
Barbequed Smoked Salmon / Image Credit: LauriPatterson / Getty Images –

Real smoked salmon, salmon cooked by the heat of the smoky fire and infused with a fabulous smoky flavor, can be made without a smokehouse.

Any common grill will do, as long as you set it up as outlined below…>>> The Spruce Eats


How To Make Barbequed Smoked Salmon

Chef Jason Hill shows you how to make smoked salmon in this episode of “Chef Tips.”

This smoked salmon recipe is a “hot smoked salmon,” made by smoking salmon over low heat…>>> Source



Smoked Salmon Candy

Smoked Salmon Candy
Smoked Salmon Candy / Image Credit: Holly A. Heyser –

This is traditionally done with salmon in Alaska, usually chinook, coho, sockeye or chum salmon.

But any salmon will work for this recipe, as will fish like Mackinaw (lake trout), Dolly Varden, big rainbows or cutthroats, char or really any large, fatty fish you can cut into strips…>>> Honest Food


How To Make Smoked Salmon Candy

Candied Salmon is the perfect protein snack for a road trip, you’ll probably finish the haul in one sitting.

Traeger’s wood-fired smoke infuses with vigorous woody flavors, the gin cuts any fishiness and…>>> Source



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Simply Smoked Salmon With Cucumber Relish

Simply Smoked Salmon With Cucumber Relish
Simply Smoked Salmon With Cucumber Relish / Image Credit:

With it’s fresh, tart flavors and no-cook assembly, this smoked salmon appetizer is 100% summer-worthy.

The base is a simple medley of finely diced green apple, cucumber, lemon, olive oil, and fresh…>>> Whole Nourishment


How To Make Simply Smoked Salmon With Cucumber Relish

Such a simple, impressive and delicious appetizer! Ready in less than 10 minutes. Easy to make as little or as many as you need.

The smoked salmon paired with the cream cheese, fresh dill and…



Quick Smoked Salmon With Avocado Radish Salad

Quick Smoked Salmon With Avocado Radish Salad
Quick Smoked Salmon With Avocado Radish Salad / Image Credit:

Luckily, I only bought 4 ounces of smoked salmon, so that sort of took care of itself on it’s own.

Only now I have smoked salmon on my grocery list for tomorrow. That good- please try it…>>> Heather Christo


How To Make Quick Smoked Salmon Salad

A delicious & beautifully balanced salad – Perfect for a quick lunch or light dinner…>>> Source



Maple Smoked Salmon

Maple Smoked Salmon
Maple Smoked Salmon / Image Credit:

This Smoked Maple Glazed Salmon recipe is the most delectable, smoky, sweet, melt in your mouth salmon you will ever have.

The secret is in the steps, this one requires a little bit of time and patience, but it is totally worth it….>>> Hey Grill Hey


How To Make Maple Smoked Salmon

Maple-Cured Smoked King Salmon – As seen on Season Three of Steven Raichlen’s Project Smoke…


Smoked Tuna Recipes

Smoked Tuna Recipes
Smoked Tuna Recipes

Different types of smoked tuna recipes with smoked tuna dip, smoked lemon-pepper tuna, tuna with baby bok choy and carrots, easily smoked tuna, and manganese style smoked tuna.


Smoked Tuna Dip

Smoked Tuna Dip
Smoked Tuna Dip / Image Credit:

The beauty of this smoked tuna dip is its versatility—you can change it up by using a different fish (smoked salmon and red snapper are both fantastic) or ….>>> Louisiana Cookin


How To Make Smoked Tuna Dip

How to make smoked tuna dip. How to make freshly smoked tuna spread. Easy crowd-pleasing recipe for “Smoked Tuna Dip”…>>> Source



Smoked Lemon-Pepper Tuna

">> <a href=Armadillo Pepper


How To Make Smoked Lemon-Pepper Tuna

This is a really simple smoked tuna recipe where we will brine it overnight, season the next day and then smoke in the Masterbuilt Smoker…>>> Source



Tuna With Baby Bok Choy And Carrots

Tuna With Baby Bok Choy And Carrots
Tuna With Baby Bok Choy And Carrots / Image Credit:

Smoked tuna steaks just need a lick of hardwood smoke & a quick grill to make them taste amazing.

Add this sweet & spicy tuna glaze & a side of steamy vegetables for a quick dinner that takes less than 30 minutes….>>> Traeger Grills


How To Make Tuna With Baby Bok Choy And Carrots

In addition to cooking Fresh Tuna Steaks on the grill, (and Bok Choy!), Chef Mike also gives some good tips for using your grill to cook any food…>>> Source



Easy Smoked Tuna

Easy Smoked Tuna
Easy Smoked Tuna / Image Credit:

Why settle for canned, commercial tuna when you can make homemade smoked tuna in a snap?

Smoking tuna at home is a breeze. This no-fuss fish just needs a quick brine, a little seasoning, and…>>> Char-Broil


How To Make Easy Smoked Tuna

This is my method of smoking tuna. It’s not the only way, but so far the tastiest way I’ve made it…>>> Source



Manadonese Style Smoked Tuna

Manadonese Style Smoked Tuna
Manadonese Style Smoked Tuna / Image Credit:

My mom told me to make a dish the same as she usually makes at home beside the chili sauce (rica-rica). I asked her what is the specific name for this recipe…

She couldn’t remember. So I just called it Manadonese Seasoning Smoked Tuna Fish….>>> Jane’s Simple Kitchen


How To Make Manadonese Spicy Rich Spices Tuna Fish




Smoked Seafood Recipes

Smoked Seafood Recipes
Smoked Seafood Recipes

Different types of smoked seafood recipes with smoked baby octopus, smoked lobster tails, smoked jumbo shrimps, smoked garlic butter clams, smoked crab legs, bbq smoked mussels, and smoked scallops.


Smoked Baby Octopus

">> <a href=Assyrian Cook Book


How To Make Smoked Baby Octopus

Today we show you how to make BBQ Smoked Baby Octopus on the Weber Kettle Grill using the Slow N Sear.

This recipe uses only fire and smoke – no boiling required – and will yield tender, delicious, smokey octopus…>>> Source



Smoked Lobster Tails

">> <a href=Add A Pinch


How To Make Smoked Lobster Tails

This video is about Smoked Lobster Tails With Italian Garlic Butter Sauce…>>> Source



Smoked Jumbo Shrimps

">> <a href=Smoking Meat


How To Make Smoked Jumbo Shrimps

Hey friends, this is one AMAZING dish, I guarantee it will leave you wanting more or having you make it often, we have some fresh jumbo shrimps, sauteed in a lot of heat…>>> Source



Smoked Grilled Clams

">> <a href=Fine Cooking


How To Make Smoked Grilled Clams

Today I would like to share with you how I make my clams on the BBQ…>>> Source



Smoked Crab Legs

">> <a href=How To BBQ Right


How To Make Smoked Crab Legs

For these smoked snow crab legs, I start with 10lbs of frozen snow crab legs from my local seafood department. They usually come in a box and these legs have been fully…>>> Source



Bbq Smoked Mussels

Bbq Smoked Mussels
Bbq Smoked Mussels / Image Credit:

Auckland Seafood School regularly publishes a beautiful cookbook incorporating some of the most divine seafood recipes from professional chefs around New Zealand.

This mussel recipe is ideal for impressing your friends at a dinner party, or a relaxed Friday BBQ…>>> Auckland Sea Food School


How To Make Bbq Smoked Mussels

The first time I tried this it blew my mind… The smoke flavor from the pine needle tree is amazing in combination with the mussels and the radler…>>> Source



Smoked Scallops

">> <a href=Traeger Grills


How To Make Smoked Scallops

Smoked scallops are done the right way with Chef Ted Reader and Bradley Smoker.

Chef Reader shows us how to smoke scallops using a Bradley Smoker and shares his secrets…>>> Source



Smoked Trout Recipes

Smoked Trout Recipes
Smoked Trout Recipes

Different types of recipes about smoked lake trout, tea-smoked trout, smoked trout salad, smoked rainbow trout, and smoked planked trout.


Smoked Lake Trout

Smoked Lake Trout
Smoked Lake Trout / Image Credit:

This recipe is designed for a fatty fish of between 5 and 15 pounds, something that can be butterflied or kited and then smoked whole…>>> Honest Food


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How To Make Smoked Lake Trout

This recipe is perhaps the best-smoked trout recipe that also works great on kokanee, steelhead, salmon and other fish.

Smokehouse Products has been using this smoked trout recipe for over 40…>>> Source



Tea Smoked Trout

Tea Smoked Trout
Tea Smoked Trout / Image Credit:

Hot tea-smoked trout with new potato & rocket salad…Boil the potatoes in a large pan of salted water for about 15 mins.

Drain well in a colander and allow them to steam dry for 5 mins…>>> BBC Good Food


How To Make Tea-Smoked Trout

You use a strongly flavored tea such as lapsang souchong, rooibos or jasmine to produce the smoke, and a wok with a trivet and a lid or even a saucepan, metal colander and lid as your smoking vessel.

Tea smoked salmon is easy to do, quick, and really tasty…>>> Source



Smoked Trout Salad

Smoked Trout Salad
Smoked Trout Salad / Image Credit: – MICHAEL GRAYDON AND NIKOLE HERRIOTT

You can substitute whitefish or hot-smoked salmon for the trout…

Trout salad can be made 3 days ahead. Cover and chill….>>> epicurious


How To Make Smoked Trout Salad

A regular on BBC’s Saturday Kitchen and Food Network UK shows chef-restaurateur Mark Sargeant shows us how to make a fennel and red onion smoked trout salad…>>> Source



Smoked Rainbow Trout

Smoked Rainbow Trout
Smoked Rainbow Trout / Image Credit:

Smoked rainbow trout have done in the Bradley Smoker. Dry brined with brown sugar, salt and spices and smoked with alder wood…>>> The Black Peppercorn


How To Make Smoked Rainbow Trout

Applewood Smoked Trout – a smoky sweet sensation, a delight to any fish lover. It’s opening day of trout season in North Georgia and a beautiful day…>>> Source



Smoked Planked Trout With Caper Dill Sauce

Smoked Planked Trout With Caper Dill Sauce
Smoked Planked Trout With Caper Dill Sauce / Image Credit: Richard Dallett –

Set up your grill for direct grilling and preheat to high.

Grill the empty planks until singed on both sides, 2 minutes per side. Let cool…>>> Barbecue Bible


How To Make Smoked Rainbow Trout

How to Grill Rainbow Trout on a Cedar Plank with Citrus Caper Relish…>>> Source



Smoked Fish Recipes

Smoked Fish Recipes
Smoked Fish Recipes

Different cooking and preparing styles of smoked fish recipes of smoked branzino, smoked smelt, smoked black cod, cajun smoked catfish, smoked fish pie, smoked haddock with cheat chips, smoked walleye, and smoked Pacific saury.


Smoked Branzino (European Sea Bass)

Smoked Branzino (European Sea Bass)
Smoked Branzino (European Sea Bass) / Image Credit:

Grilled Branzino, simple supple fish grilled perfectly with lemon, spices, leaving the Branzino to shine forth with its moist delicate flesh slightly elevated in flavor…>>> Sugar Love Spices


How To Make Smoked Branzino

BBQ Branzino (Sea Bass) with White Wine and Herbs…

Today, I am cooking a branzino (sea bass) with white wine and herbs. It is super easy, super yummy and super juicy…>>> Source



Smoked Smelt

Smoked Smelt
Smoked Smelt / Image Credit:

Mix together water and apple juice with salt, sugar, and spices until the salt and brown sugar are dissolved…>>> Bradley Smoker


How To Make Smoked Hooligan Smelt

Learn how to smoke hooligan(candlefish). In this video, I recruit the help of a true Alaska pioneer…>>> Source



Smoked Black Cod (Sablefish)

Smoked Black Cod (Sablefish)
Smoked Black Cod (Sablefish) / Image Credit: Holly A. Heyser –

This is as close as I’ve gotten to that classic Jewish deli style “smoked sable” recipe.

Basically, it’s a dry cure and a light smoke, with the addition of some honey for sweetness and then that paprika that’s so distinctive…>>> Honest Food


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How To Make Smoked Black Cod

Black Cod Alder Smoked On A Gas Grill – Learn how to make an amazingly delicious black cod dish with the use of your grill!

The alder planks will give a lovely smoke to the rich flavors of the fish!…>>> Source



Cajun Smoked Catfish

Cajun Smoked Catfish
Cajun Smoked Catfish / Image Credit:

This recipe is specially designed to enhance the flavor of the catfish with a little spice without masking the natural fish flavor with smoke…>>> Smoke Grill Barbecue


How To Make Cajun Smoked Catfish

A great way to do Catfish! Tender, Moist, and full of Flavour, with a hint of Smoke!…>>> Source



Smoked Fish Pie

Smoked Fish Pie
Smoked Fish Pie / Image Credit:

Delicious and simple – this is a smoked fish pie recipe anyone can make. It will become a firm family favorite…>>> Sealord


How To Make Smoked Fish Pie

An easy to make family favorite here is the smoked fish pie with a mashed potato top covered with grated cheese and tomatoes. Smoked kahawai is the fish…>>> Source



Smoked Haddock With Cheat Chips

Smoked Haddock With Cheat Chips
Smoked Haddock With Cheat Chips / Image Credit:

A straightforward fish supper that’s speedy to make and cheap to prepare.

Enjoy this smoked haddock in a creamy, satisfying sauce with tenderstem broccoli and easy chips…>>> BBC Good Food


How To Make Smoked Haddock With Cheat Chips

She’s whipped up a super quick cheat’s bubble & squeak recipe with warm Italian style greens – paired with some smoked haddock this is a beautiful meal that will keep you going throughout the week…>>> Source



Smoked Walleye

Smoked Walleye
Smoked Walleye / Image Credit:

Walleye is every angler’s dream to catch due to its large size that can put up a good fight.

But, perhaps more importantly to those that don’t practice catch and release, walleye have…>>> Smoke Grill Barbecue


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How To Make Smoked Walleye

his Walleye turned out fantastic with an incredible brine recipe I found online! 2.5 hrs on the smoker at 200F with some Alder and Hickory!…>>> Source



Smoked Pacific Saury

Smoked Pacific Saury
Smoked Pacific Saury (Sanma Shioyaki) / Image Credit:

Sanma or Pacific Saury is one of the most well-known seasonal fish representing autumn in Japanese cuisine.

It’s usually salted and grilled whole even with intestines intact, and served with grated daikon and soy sauce to intensify the flavor of the fish…>>> Just One Cookbook


How To Make Smoked Pacific Saury

Grilling Pacific Saury Fish Eating Grilled Fish Sanma no shioyaki Salt grilled Pacific Saury…>>> Source


FAQ Smoked Fish

Is smoked fish healthy?

Vitamins are hardly lost, but the proportion of nutrients increases. The content of proteins, fat, and minerals per portion is higher than with fresh fish. This means that smoked fish also has a higher proportion of calories, but at the same time, it also contains more healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Can smoked fish be frozen?

That way, they keep the longest and stay fresh. The smoked fish lasts a maximum of 2 weeks in a freshness box in the refrigerator. With vacuum packaging, you can achieve a shelf life of up to 6 weeks. Smoked fish can even be kept for up to 3 months by freezing.

How long does smoked fish keep in the fridge?

That is why smoked fish have a relatively long shelf life. In general, cold-smoked fish have a longer shelf life than hot smoked fish. For example, the maximum storage time for cold-smoked fish is about 14 days if stored correctly and in a cool place. Hot-smoked fresh fish keep for about 4 to 8 days.

When is smoked fish ready?

After about 20 minutes, the burners go off by themselves. If the dorsal fins of the fish can be removed without effort, the smoked fish is ready. After cooling, it is then time to enjoy your meal.


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