How To Remove Ironing Stains From Clothes? Stunning Ways!

Remove ironing stains from clothes: A wide variety of stains can occur when ironing. But how can we avoid ironing stains? You can do something against most of them, but only the stain scissors will help against the burn. 

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Remove ironing stains from clothes

If light-colored stains appear on dark laundry when ironing, this is due to limescale in the water.

If the tap water in your living area is very hard, it is worth rolling with distilled water. You can get this in drugstores and many supermarkets.

It is also essential to decalcify the iron, and here you will find suitable instructions.

How to remove ironing stains from clothes in two-steps correctly!
How to remove ironing stains from clothes in two-steps correctly! / Image by tookapic from Pixabay

If slightly brown stains appear on your clothes, you have been on one spot for too long or have set the iron too hot.

Apply citric acid or vinegar essence to the stain and rub it in lightly with your finger. After another wash cycle, the stain will disappear with luck.

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Ironing stains

Ironing tips against ironing stains
How to remove ironing stains from clothes – Ironing tips against ironing stains. / Image by Mimzy from Pixabay

Always iron your clothes inside out if you are worried about the material, and it prevents lime, for example, from landing directly on the visible side of the clothes.

We cannot avoid stains by ironing inside out, but it still reduces the danger—iron particularly delicate garments by placing a damp cloth between the laundry and the iron.

However, it may be enough to set the iron’s power setting only as hot as the care label on the garment recommends.

If ironing stains have already appeared, the only thing that helps is to treat them with one of the following tips below.

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Ironing stains caused by lime

Light lime stains on the dark shirt are particularly noticeable. Apply distilled water because it does not contain lime and offers no chance for ironing stains caused by lime.

If you have an iron that can also tolerate lime-containing water, you should deliberately decalcify it from time to time.

Ironing stains caused by lime
How to remove ironing stains from clothes – Ironing stains caused by lime. / Image by Michal_o79 from Pixabay

This way, you can prevent the limescale from crumbling onto your clothes and leaving unsightly ironing stains at an undesirable time on the iron.

We can also iron your clothes at lower temperatures, and it is because limescale only comes off the metal at higher temperatures.

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Too hot iron causes ironing stains!

We are getting ironing stains caused by a too-hot iron
How to remove ironing stains from clothes – We are getting ironing stains caused by a too-hot iron. / Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Too hot can leave serious ironing marks, and the fabric may deform or melt if rolled too hot. We may have had a slightly silvery stain on your garment before.

Be sure to iron the garment only according to the recommended care instructions. It may take longer to iron, but it can prevent heat-related discoloration and material loss.

We may still remove burn marks from the laundry if they are light and beige or light brown.

Apply diluted lemon juice or diluted acetic acid to the stain and gently rub it with a clean cloth. The garment should then be getting rewashed.

If the clothing is already slightly burnt, you can cut or reshape it to the maximum – otherwise, the only thing that helps is to dispose of it and buy a new one if necessary.

When ironing, you must always place the iron on the shelf provided and never put it on the board with the ironing surface facing down.

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Prevent ironing stains

Steps To Prevent Ironing Stains:
  • Always observe the suggested temperature on the garment. Especially with sensitive fabrics, you should always read the information in the sewn-in label again.
  • If you iron your laundry inside out, you cannot avoid the possible stains, but the damage can be limited.
  • Place a thin and slightly damp towel between the laundry to be ironed and the iron; it will gently iron your laundry. In this way, you will ruin the sheet at most.
  • Even if it takes a bit longer, ironing in colder temperatures will also be more gentle on your laundry. The limescale in the iron only dissolves at higher temperatures and thus gets onto the clothes.

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Preventing ironing stains Tips and tricks
How to remove ironing stains from clothes – Preventing ironing stains Tips and tricks. / Image by RitaE from Pixabay


What helps prevent ironing stains?

Always iron your clothes inside out. It means that ironing stains can appear on the inside of the garment at most, where they are not disturbing. Do not set the temperature of your iron too hot. Place a damp cloth between your T-shirt and iron.

How can we remove the shiny spots again?

Some methods will give your textile fibers a new shine, as with most stains. It would help if you reacted quickly. Otherwise, it will be almost impossible to refresh the collapsed tissues and remove the shiny spots.

Is it possible to remove shiny stains with sandpaper?

If you iron your trousers, shine stains are not uncommon. The sandpaper helps here. Of course, only on coarser fabrics, like jeans. The sandpaper surface freshens up the glued fibers, and the shiny look disappears. Proceed carefully here because sandpaper is not getting made for sensitive tissues. For this reason, fine sandpaper is best suited for this purpose.

Is it possible to remove shiny stains with a damp vinegar cloth?

A damp cloth is a gentler way to remove shine stains caused by too hot ironing. For example, wet a tea towel, put it on the stain, and iron it again. However, you should make sure that the heat of the metal is not set too high; otherwise, new shiny stains may appear. You can also moisten the cloth with vinegar because the bright fabric will become more matt again due to the acidity of the vinegar. The vinegar smell should disappear after a short time.

Can coffee and black tea help against shiny spots on dark fabric?

Coffee and black tea are also proven household remedies that help to remove shiny spots. However, you should only use this method on black or very dark fabrics, where the coloring cannot stand out from coffee or black tea stains. You dip a cloth into the drink and rub the shiny stains.

FAQ Remove ironing stains from clothes
FAQ Remove ironing stains from clothes. / Image by Thomas Wolter from Pixabay

Can you use spearmint as a stain remover?

You can find spearmint at your local pharmacy, which can also be getting used to removing shiny stains on trousers or T-shirts. Drizzle this tincture onto a clean cloth. As with the above version, rub the bright spots with the mixture. Then let the hot steam of your iron hit the treated areas, and do not put the iron directly on the treated area. During this process, the spearmint will ensure that the collapsed fibers will straighten up again.

How do I get the soleplate clean off the iron?

Put table salt on a moistened cotton ball or cloth and rub the iron’s soleplate. Rub the iron with toothpaste and wipe with a damp cloth. Put some ceramic glass cleaner on a wet cloth, apply it thinly to the metal’s soleplate, and rub it off.

How do I clean ceramic soleplates irons?

An excellent way to clean the ceramic soleplate of iron is, for example, the oven spray. This method is also suitable for stainless steel soles but not aluminum ones. The oven spray has already proven itself many times over for cleaning irons.

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