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The best way to preserving garlic is quickly explained here!

The best way to preserving garlic is quickly explained here! / Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Preserving garlic – Garlic is a popular spice plant that is easy to cultivate in the garden.

The beauty of it is that a single clove stuck into the ground can develop into a large tuber with up to 20 new cloves in just a few months.

But where to go with the harvest then? Into the cellar? In the refrigerator? Or freeze it?

We give you tips on storing and preserving garlic properly and keeping it for a long time.


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Preserving Garlic – How to preserve garlic?

How to preserve garlic?
Preserving Garlic – How to preserve garlic? / Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Garlic only lasts a few weeks after purchase. It isn’t enjoyable because the amount of garlic sold is much too large for everyday household use. There is an easy trick with which you preserve garlic.

It would be best if you had this for that:

  • Garlic
  • Bowl
  • Knife or a hand blender
  • Oil
  • Clean glass with closure


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How to preserve garlic for a long time in summary:

In just a few steps, you can preserve garlic for several months. The oil keeps the garlic’s natural aroma so that you will still benefit from its intense taste after a while. And this is how you add garlic:

  • Peel all the cloves of garlic you want to put in.
  • Cut them into small pieces or put them all in a bowl.
  • Once you have placed the garlic in the bowl, pour about three-quarters of the oil over it.
  • You can now puree the garlic if you want it to be finer.
  • Pour it into the glass and add enough oil to cover the garlic completely.
  • Close the jar and store the garlic in a dry and dark place, such as a storage room or cellar.


Additional tips for preserving garlic:

  • You can also pour oil all over the garlic cloves and then take them out as needed. It gives you more flexibility in the preparation later.
  • It is also possible to cut the garlic cloves into small pieces, crush them, or similar. You don’t always have to use a hand blender. It all depends on your taste.
  • As a matter of principle, you should always ensure that you select high-quality garlic cloves before putting them into the blender. The same applies to oil.
  • You should clean the glass well beforehand and make sure that no other substances get to the garlic. It will reduce its shelf life.


Best way to store garlic

When storing garlic, the place mustn’t be too humid; otherwise, the tubers will mold. Storage in the refrigerator is here taboo.

Ideal are places where onions are also stored. These include cool places about zero to four degrees Celsius, dark and dry cellar rooms with relatively low humidity.


How to store fresh garlic?

As it is already available on the markets, fresh garlic can be stored for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator’s vegetable compartment. The stoneware pots, which allow air circulation, baskets, or linen bags, are very suitable.

Freshly harvested garlic should be getting dried. The most okay way to do this is to tie them together on the stems and hang them up. The garlic is braided into a decorative plait and hung up for post-drying, which also serves as a pretty decoration.


How to store peeled garlic cloves?

Peeled and possibly cut garlic cloves can be preserved or frozen to prolong the shelf life.


Put peeled cloves in oil:

  • Boil the garlic cloves in water for about five minutes. It kills off germs.
  • Drain the cloves in a sieve or dry them with kitchen paper.
  • Pour the dry garlic cloves into a screwed glass.
  • Pour olive oil over the cloves.
  • Add some salt and herbs (thyme, rosemary) if necessary.
  • Close the screw-on jar tightly.


Freeze the peeled garlic cloves:

  • Put the peeled garlic cloves, either whole or cut into smaller pieces, in portions in containers suitable for the freezer.
  • Seal the boxes airtight.


Preserving garlic with vinegar

If you want to preserve garlic, put the cloves in vinegar. They will keep in the refrigerator for up to four months and take on a slightly sour taste.

They are also versatile: Whether with bread, in salads, or as a side dish to hearty dishes, especially in summer when barbecuing – pickled garlic adds the right spice to every meal.

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Pickling garlic in vinegar

  • Before you put garlic in vinegar, the garlic cloves must be getting peeled. 
  • Cut the clove into pieces and remove the skin with a knife. 
  • Place the cloves in a clean, dry glass jar with a screw cap and fill the contents with white wine vinegar; alternatively, you can also use white or red wine. 
  • Then and add salt and spices. 
  • Per cup of liquid, add one tablespoon of salt.
  • Oregano, rosemary, and bay leaves are suitable for seasoning. If you like it fiery, you can refine the garlic additionally with chili flakes. 
  • To ensure that the ingredients are well distributed, close the glass and shake the contents vigorously.

Tip: Make sure that you only preserve fresh garlic. If the cloves are soft or have already developed sprouts, you can no longer use the garlic.


FAQ Preserving Garlic

FAQ Preserving Garlic
FAQ Preserving Garlic / Image by Pam de Butler from Pixabay

How can fresh garlic be preserved?

Peel the garlic and set it in a clean small screw-on jar. Then fill the glass with olive oil so that the garlic is completely covered. The pot can then be getting kept in the refrigerator for several weeks.

How to preserve garlic?

If you want to preserve garlic for a more extended time, you can soak the peeled cloves in oil. First, boil the cloves for about five minutes to kill germs. Then pour the drained and dried cloves into a screwed glass and pour olive oil over them.

How can garlic be frozen?

You can preserve garlic by freezing whole tubers in a plastic bag. However, it is better and more practical to freeze the spice and medicinal plant's cloves. Tip: Alternatively, you can chop the garlic into small pieces and put them in the freezer.

How long can fresh garlic be kept?

A fresh, undivided garlic bulb can usually be stored loosely for eight weeks and is still as fresh as ever. Once the bulb has been getting opened and already missing garlic cloves, the shelf life is getting shortened. The garlic is then only suitable for consumption for a maximum of 10 days.

Can garlic sauce be frozen?

By freezing garlic, you can make it keep longer. You can freeze peeled garlic in its fresh form. However, you should be aware that much of the garlic's aroma is lost when you freeze it.

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Can old garlic still be used?

If garlic is a reliable food ingredient in your kitchen, you have undoubtedly noticed how long the leek can be kept. Garlic does not spoil very quickly, but this tuber has a limited shelf life as with any food.

Can fresh garlic be dried?

Spread out on the oven tray, dry them at 70 degrees top and bottom heat for 4 hours. If the halves are not yet crisp, reduce the heat to 65 degrees Celsius. The garlic is dried when it feels slightly brittle.

Can garlic with sprout still be eaten?

No harmful substances are getting produced when garlic is getting germinated. You can eat it without hesitation. However, after some time, the quality suffers, and the structure becomes softer.



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