Potala Palace: At The Top Of The World!

The Potala Palace fascinates its visitors with its magnificent view and splendor. A place to visit! China’s Tibet Autonomous Region has an average height of 4900 meters and is also called the ‘Roof of the world.’ The Potala Palace locates in the mountains of Tibet in Hongshan. It was built in the 17 Century and stands 3 thousand 767 meters high above sea level.

Hongshan Mountain Palace

The Potala Palace, built for the first time in the 7th century, was named “Hongshan Mountain Palace.” After the collapse of the Tang Dynasty, the Palace became a ruin in time. In the 17th century, the fifth Dalai Lama built a magnificent palace again in the old part of the Hongshan Mountain and named it “Potala Palace.” After that, it became the political and religious center of the Tibetans.

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UNESCO World Heritage Site

UNESCO listed the Potala Palace as a “World Heritage Site” list in 1994. With its classical architecture unique to the Tibetan nationality, thousands of historical artifacts and rare jewels can be seen there. Today, the Chinese government has opened it to the public as a museum.

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Strict rules bound the Potala Palace.

Visiting the Palace without guidance; only a few visitors, and taking pictures are prohibited. And when you add a visiting time that is limited to two hours, it is unlikely that you can visit the massive 13-story Palace of 119 meters high entirely.

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Historical Arts To See

In the Palace’s magnificent museum collection, there are tens of thousands of wall paintings made by the famous Tibetan painters of the time. Besides, stone and wood carving artifacts, sculptures, carpets, porcelain, and jewelry made from jade stones are also getting exhibited. The former Dalai Lama’s gold-plated tombs are also included in the structure.

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The building is getting divided into red and white palaces. Until 1959, the Buddhist prayer traditions were maintained at the Red House, while the White House was getting used as a part of the Dalai Lama’s interest in daily living space and government affairs.

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