How To Pluck Eyebrows Correctly? Something Beautiful Happened!

Pluck Eyebrows Correctly: The eyebrows are the frame of our face, which puts it in the right light and makes the facial features appear more harmonious. Perfectly plucked eyebrows belong to a well-groomed outer appearance. Plucking eyebrows is not a very pleasant matter, but it is very effective. Because a perfect eyebrow shape underlines the face’s natural shape and makes the eyes shine.

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Plucking Eyebrows : The Right Preparation

“What do I want to achieve by plucking?” It would help if you asked yourself this question before you start plucking. 

The correct shape is crucial for optimal plucking. So think carefully about how you would like to have the eyebrows. 

The right preparation before plucking
Plucking eyebrows correctly – The right preparation before plucking / Image by Andrej Podobedov from Pixabay

Natural Eyebrows Plucking Steps:

  1. The eyebrows on the inner edge – also called internal brow sets – are always thicker than the remaining hairs.
  2. The inner brow line runs from inside to outside (from the nose to the ear) and becomes narrower.
  3. Thus the beginning of the brow is naturally bushier, while the forehead becomes narrower towards the outside.
  4. With the pencil trick, you can quickly find out which hairs you should pluck.
  5. Hold a pencil vertically next to the nostrils to run between the inner edge of the eye and nose bone.
  6. It would be best to pluck all the hairs between the pencil and the nasal bone.
  7. The eyebrow line should also always form an arc that first rises to ¾ and then falls to ¼.
  8. Before plucking, you can comb the eyebrows with a brush in the direction of growth and form the desired shape with an eyebrow pencil.

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Plucking Eyebrows: The shape of the face.

When plucking eyebrows, always pay attention to the eyebrows’ natural shape and growth direction. The optimal way also depends on the shape of the face. 

Shape Of The Face Guidelines:

  • Square face: Round and soft eyebrow shape
  • Narrow face: Filigree eyebrow shape
  • Round face: Square eyebrow shape
  • Broad face: Strong eyebrow shape

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Cut eyebrows first

If you have long or bushy eyebrows, it is worth shortening them beforehand with small scissors because it’s the best way to do it:

  • Use nail scissors for this – ideally with a rounded tip so that you do not damage your skin.
  • Before doing so, washing your face with warm water helps open the pores and degrease the skin.
  • Shorten unruly hairs that protrude conspicuously from the eyebrows.
  • To shorten them, hold the scissors, as usual, to align both blades horizontally with your face.
  • If you want to cut stray hairs between the two brows above the nose, hold the scissors so that both blades are lying on the skin.
  • It would help if you were exceptionally careful with the second option so that you do not injure your skin.
Cut eyebrows first
Plucking eyebrows correctly – Cut eyebrows first / Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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Plucking correctly with the tweezers

Plucking the eyebrows is the best and easiest way to achieve the desired look quickly. The following tips and procedures should be getting followed:

  • If your eyes are susceptible to pain, it helps cool them down with an ice cube beforehand. After plucking, the skin is usually gets reddened. Therefore, pluck your eyebrows one or two days before you want to go out.
  • To tighten the skin while plucking, you can use two fingers to pull the skin apart.
  • Now pluck the hairs in the direction of growth and work your way to the desired shape.
  • It would help if you always plucked the hairs at the root and never at the top to break off. Eliminate the inches on the left and right sides so that the two hair arches above the eyes are symmetrical.
Plucking correctly with the tweezers
Plucking eyebrows correctly – Plucking correctly with the tweezers / Image by HeungSoon from Pixabay

Darker hair under the eyebrow and above the root of the nose should be getting removed in any case. However, lighter and more beautiful coats belong to healthy natural facial hair, and dont remove it! Otherwise, you must expect more robust hair growth.

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Eyebrows Plucking Tips

Eyebrows plucking Tips and tricks
Plucking eyebrows correctly – Eyebrows plucking Tips and tricks / Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

We should always pluck eyebrows only from below, not above, making them look natural. 

It is better to work towards the desired shape bit by bit. If you pluck too much away at once, it will take a while before the brows look natural again. 

When plucking the eyebrows, make sure that the eyebrow shape tapers slightly towards the back and becomes narrower.

If you pluck your eyebrow shape yourself, follow this tip:

“If you are afraid of the pain of plucking and therefore don’t dare to use tweezers, you can numb the area around the eye with an ice cube. Due to the cold, the tweezing is no longer getting noticed. But usually, the fear of the eyebrow plucking is greater than the actual pain, which one also gets used to very quickly.”

Once you find the desired eyebrow shape after the eyebrow plucking, we can quickly fill it in. Use special eyebrow powder applied with a brush, or a pencil, which, like the powder, is available in different colors. And work in light strokes to emphasize the eyebrow shape naturally.

And if something goes wrong with the eyebrow plucking? You can compensate for small mistakes with an eyebrow pencil in your natural hair color.

 In the event of more massive accidents, an eyebrow serum that accelerates growth is the savior in the emergency. A serum stimulates the development of the hairs and shows visible effects after only a few weeks when used daily. 

After plucking the eyebrows, you can care for the skin with a cooling aloe vera gel as required.

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Eyebrow Make-Up

Only with the right make-up will your eyebrows get the final touch. Fill the gaps with make-up:

  • First, we should clean a mascara brush with cosmetic tissue; brush your breasts off with a cloth.
  • You can then mascara your eyebrows with the cleaning brush and bring them into shape and shine.
  • With an eyebrow pencil, you should first draw the upper line of the eyebrows to lift the brow further upwards.
  • Small gaps between the hairs can be getting filled with delicate strokes.
  • Finally, you can shade your eyebrows slightly to moderately with eyeshadow.
Eyebrow make-up
Plucking eyebrows correctly – Eyebrow make-up / Image by Sanderson Lopes from Pixabay

Here, a balance between the two eyes is particularly outstanding. Ensure that both eyelids are shaded equally strongly and naturally in the same shade.

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