Tovala Gen2 Smart Steam Oven Review: Small Smart Steam Oven

Tovala Gen2 Smart Steam Oven: With this Tovala Steam Oven, you can steam, broil, bake, toast, and reheat any food at home. Best small smart oven for home!

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Tovala Gen2 Smart Steam Oven Review

Tovala Steam Oven

A Small And Smart Steam Oven With 5 Different Cooking Modes

This small and intelligent steam oven has a WiFi feature that allows the users to control the baking heat over a mobile device app.

Smart Steam Oven

Switch effortlessly to different cooking modes like steaming, broiling, baking, reheating, and toasting to make every time the perfect meal.

Also, it has a feature that will notify you when your meal is getting done.

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App-Controlled Smart Steam Oven

You can program your oven to steam, broil, and bake using the intelligent steam oven app.

Best Smart Steam Oven

This intelligent oven app feature will allow you to get the perfect cooking result on any wished food every time.

We can manually or remotely set up the cooking mode for the best time and temperatures.

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Smart Steam Oven With In-App Recipes

Get more than 60 steam oven recipes over the smart oven app library.

Smart Steam Oven With In-App Recipes

Find your loved steam oven recipe and prepare your food ingredients to make a perfect meal.

Mix up your groceries by looking at the app’s recipe features and make your lunch, dinner, and breakfast every time like a pro with a touch of a button.

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Steam Oven Ready Tovala Meals

If you don’t want to spend too much time on food preparations or are merely busy, you can also sign up to receive ready-made Tovala meals.

You can scan the barcode of the steam-ready oven meal package and will automatically pair it with the steam oven to cook a perfectly coordinated meal.

Steam Oven Ready Tovala Meals

In less than 20 minutes, with no preparation and no cleaning, your home-cooked meal will be ready to enjoy.

These ready steam oven meals are getting sold separately.

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FAQ Tovala Gen 2 Smart Steam Oven

What are the interior dimensions of the Tovala Steam Oven?

Tovala Steam Oven Internal Chamber size : Height: 9.25″ Width: 12.875″ Depth:12.25″

Can you steam frozen buns in Tovala Steam Oven?

Yes, you can steam frozen buns in the Tovala Steam Oven.

What is the warranty on this Tovala Steam Oven model?

Tovala Oven warranty is a 2-year hardware warranty.

Is it possible to make the green light on the front stop blinking?

If you connect the Tovala Steam Oven model to the WiFi, the green light should switch off after 60 seconds.

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