What is Mayr Cure? 5 Best Facts About This Diet Explained!

The Mayr Cure is a holistically oriented program for promoting health and treating diseases. The cure concept is based on three pillars: tea fasting, the milk-Semmel Cure, and a mild diet.

The Austrian doctor Franz Mayer developed the Mayr Cure. He saw a connection between a person’s state of health and their intestines. The treatment cleanses and purifies the intestine. Let’s check out the facts here!

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Mayr Cure

What is Mayr Cure?
What is Mayr Cure? – Mayr Cure explained. / Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

The Mayr cure is less intended for losing weight but primarily to promote the body’s health. The Austrian doctor Franz Xaver Mayr saw a close connection between a person’s health and digestion after whom the treatment was named. 

  • The Mayr cure is a naturopathic treatment method.
  • The cure aims to cleanse and purify the intestines.
  • The Mayr cure consists of tea fasting, a milk-semmel therapy, and a mild derivative diet.
  • The Cure is an in-patient cure concept that lasts for two to four weeks. However, we can also carry it out at home, an outpatient cure.

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1. Principles of the Mayr Cure

Principles of the Mayr Cure
Principles of the Mayr Cure / Image by silviarita from Pixabay

The Mayr Cure is getting based on four principles:

  • Gentle Regeneration Treatment
  • Cleanup
  • Training
  • Substitution

Gentle Regeneration Treatment

The most comprehensive guide of Mayr therapy is gentle treatment.

The sparing concept also serves as a preparation for the Cure and includes reduced food intake and the avoidance of incriminating foods. In particular, patients should avoid alcohol, sweets, and high-fat products.

Relief Days” are the period of rest. During the Cure, intensive protection is possible through therapeutic or tea fasting and the milk or derivative diet.

However, there is no limitation to the intake of food but also includes the reduction of stress. It is essential to sleep sufficiently during the rest phase and avoid nervous tension.

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They use bitter laxative salts in Mayr therapy for intestinal cleansing.

These can remove deposited residues from the intestine and thus act against fermentation and putrefaction processes in the digestive system.

Consistent cleansing and purification of the intestines can help the often highly contaminated intestinal environment recover.

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Training is another essential pillar of the Mayr Cure, and it serves to impart knowledge and clarify individual health issues.

During the Cure, the patients should learn to eat consciously. Inadequate chewing and a hasty food intake strain the organism and damage the intestines.

Therefore, each bite of food is chewed 50 times during the Mayr cure. In this way, patients are sensitized to incorrect eating habits and can improve their eating habits in the long term.

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The substitution ensures that the body is sufficiently supplied with essential nutrients and vital substances during the Cure. It may even be possible to treat damage and deficiency symptoms caused by years of incorrect nutrition.

The patients take vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and unique herbal extracts during the treatment. These are getting intended to strengthen the body and especially the digestive organs.

Since the Mayr cure is relatively low in fiber, the substitution can counteract digestive disorders such as flatulence or diarrhea, which can occur during the therapy due to intestinal sluggishness.

Depending on individual requirements, patients often also receive base powder, as many diets – including the Mayr cure – can lead to hyperacidity due to the depletion of body reserves.

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2. Mayr Cure Diet

The Mayr Cure Diet
The Mayr Cure Diet / Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

The Mayr cure duration is two to four weeks and begins with a tea fasting phase. During the therapy, a person can add a little physical exercise and a heat treatment of the abdomen.

  • The tea fasting phase lasts one to two weeks. The patient consumes only water, vegetable broth, or herbal tea.
  • The milk-Semmel Cure also lasts one to two weeks. The patients drink 250ml warm water with a teaspoon of Epsom salts in the morning. They eat old rolls made of white or spelt flour at breakfast and milk only by the spoonful.
  • In the mild derivative diet, patients consume only bland food in cooked vegetables, white flour rolls, spelt rolls, and milk.

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3. The Effects of Mayr Cure

The Effects of Mayr Cure
The Effects of Mayr Cure / Image by Bhikku Amitha from Pixabay

The Mayr cure focuses on thoroughly chewing the food and taking the drinks by the spoonful. The diet and the nutrition itself have a detoxifying effect on the body.

  • At the beginning of the Mayr cure, you lose a lot of weight. However, a person should note that the treatment is not suitable for a long-term diet.
  • The digestive organs stimulates by thorough chewing.
  • The elimination purifies the blood of metabolic waste products.
  • The organism can regenerate itself by taking a light diet.
  • Epsom salts help in the elimination of toxins and intestinal waste products.
  • The elimination of digestive problems is supposed to counteract diseases and premature aging.

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4. Mayr Cure at Home

On the first and second days, the intestines are getting cleaned. We recommend Epsom salts from the pharmacy. Or even better, organize a colon hydro flush for your colon.

On the third to the fifth day, you eat five very stale buns and a quarter of a liter of milk each. The emphasis is on eating, chewing, and drooling. It also applies to milk, and it is not getting used to flush down the dry rolls. 

No, the milk is again sucked from the spoon by the teaspoon and then chewed further with the salivated breadcrumbs to stimulate the salivary glands to secrete saliva. 

The five rolls and milk are not eaten at once but in portions of five meals distributed regularly throughout the day. Drink 1.5 liters of herbal tea or/and low-sodium mineral water between meals to prevent fluid loss.

On the sixth day at noon, the bread roll is replaced with a salt-free, clear vegetable broth. It is also sucked from the spoon very slowly and chewed and drooled for a few moments. Apart from that, everything remains as before.

On the seventh day, you eat the bread roll with the milk in the morning and the evening. The midday meal may consist of clear (not salty), salt-free vegetable soup, and the afternoon. In contrast to vegetable broth, leave the steamed vegetables in the soup and puree them if necessary.

You have done it. Now eat normally again. Keep up what you have learned about chewing and drooling. Always take time to eat and be selective in your choice of food

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5. Risks of the Mayr Cure

Risks of the Mayr Cure
Risks of the Mayr Cure / Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

The intestine cleaning and the long chamfering time are not an easy way to more health and less weight. It would help if you had a strong will and a lot of discipline to persevere.

If one carries out the FX Mayr Cure as an in-patient, high costs can arise depending on the offer.

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This Cure is suitable as a disease-oriented diet; it can counteract intestinal problems like constipation and flatulence.

The danger of a yo-yo effect and muscle mass loss is reduced because the milk-Semmel diet provides sufficient protein. The energy supply is only gradually getting increased again.

The Mayr Cure is designed for a long-term change in food consuming behavior and is therefore suitable for introducing a healthier diet.

It is recommended that the Mayr Cure be carried out under a doctor’s supervision.

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