Matted Cat Hair: Helpful Guide To Know It All!

Matted Cat Hair: What can you do about matted cat hair? – Problems that long-haired cats often face are knots and tangles in cat fur. 

They are not only unattractive but can also become a health threat. 

Fortunately, there are a few tricks to prevent it; why you should brush your cat, and You can find some tips for removing felt and knots on cats here in this article. 

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Matted cat hair

Matted cat hair Causes, prevent, remove.
matted cat hair: Causes, prevent, remove. – Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

If cats have matted fur after a walk outside, harmless pollution can happen. Significantly long-haired cats affect by matted hair

In any case, you can usually prevent or remove the matted cat coat yourself. 

However, if the cat’s fur is permanently matted or worsens, the veterinarian is needed. 

1. Cause of matting in cat fur

What causes the matting in cat fur in summary explained?
matted cat hair – What causes the matting in cat fur, in summary, explained / Image by Doris Metternich from Pixabay
  • Affected are usually breeds with long hair, such as Angora cats.
  • Consistent coat care prevents but does not entirely rule out matting.
  • So the cat hairs can quickly become matted when changing coat.
  • If the cat suffers from mineral or vitamin deficiency, this also promotes matting.
  • Tick bites or other parasite infestations can cause cat furring and matting problems.
  • Sometimes, merely dirty fur is the reason for felting cat fur.

2. Preventing cat fur with brushing

Preventing cat fur with brushing
matted cat hair – Preventing cat fur with brushing / Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

Comb your cat’s fur minimum in a week once – Longhair-cats need especially much fur-care like frequent brushing, often several times a day belongs to it.

But you should at least comb your cat’s fur once a week because hair can mat and knot.

  • Felts in cat fur is not only an optical problem. It does not get enough air to the skin, which becomes scaly as a consequence. In the worst case, this can even result in inflammation.
  • With such a strong felting, only a visit to the veterinarian helps. He removes the matting then, usually under general anesthesia.
  • But you can intervene yourself before if you notice that the hair of your house cat becomes matted. This way, new tangles carefully untangled by hand. The seam ripper from your sewing box can be helpful here.
  • If dirt is the reason for the felting, remove the soil carefully with a wet towel.
  • With so-called untangling combs, you lighten the undercoat and separate the fur thickenings. However, not every cat tolerates this procedure.
  • If you use an anti-felt spray, it can untangle the tangles more easily.
  • If the cat consistently resists all grooming measures, there is still the way to the hairdresser. 

Matted fur ensures that the cat’s skin does not get enough air. It then often tends to flake. 

Not seldom can it even come to inflammations on the skin; such matting removes under general anesthesia at the veterinarian.

It is a treatment that probably every cat lover wants to spare their pet, if at all possible.

3. When tangles develop in cat fur

How do tangles develop in cat fur?
matted cat hair – How do tangles develop in cat fur? / Image by Jake Heckey from Pixabay

What are the reasons for matting in cat fur? Your cat’s hair tends to get knots can have many causes. 

If your cat – no matter if long-haired or short-haired cat – has an above-average tendency to tangles so that you can’t keep up with the brushing, it is worth asking a vet for advice. The most common causes for the matted coat are:

  • Falling hair during coat change
  • Mineral deficiency
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Tick or parasite infestation
  • Clogged skin pores

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4. Removing matted cat hair

Removing matted cat hair
Removing matted cat hair / Image by Luisella Planeta Leoni from Pixabay


Quickly discovered, new felting can often be carefully getting untangled by hand. An accurate insider tip and a great help in this endeavor is a seam unraveler, which can be found in every well-assorted sewing box.

If dirt is the reason for the felting, a wet cloth can still help, with which the soil can be getting removed carefully.

Visits to the bathtub are not only punished by most cats with a long-lasting deprivation of friendship; they are not the means of choice for the long-haired animals – neither sensible nor purposeful.

Combs and brushes

Experienced longhair and semi-longhair cat parents swear by so-called Furminators. The sharp cat brushes lighten the undercoat, separate fur compressions, and prevent new matting formation, but should only be used on animals that tolerate the combing ritual.

Cats that do not as it can sometimes be getting tricked out with special rubber-knobbed gloves. After a while, the glove is getting replaced with a nubbed rubber brush – this removes mostly the rough undercoat.

It is also important that the brushes are not too soft and that the combs are not too narrow and pointed. Even when using scissors, please always pay attention to rounded corners!

Daily combing routine right from the start

Get your pets used to the fact that 10 to 15 minutes of grooming with the cat brush are necessary.

We can easily combine combing with the feeding ritual for kittens who are perhaps less cuddly.

De-felting aids

Persian cat connoisseurs swear by anti-felting spray, which works miracles for freelancers in the purring sector. And for cats whose hair stands on end after combing.

Food control

Outstanding food for shiny fur and against hairballs is available in stores. Some cats react to (cat) milk with matted hair. In this case, you should take them off the menu for a while and watch their fur.

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FAQ Matted Cat Hair

How do I get tangles from the cat coat?

Loosening individual cat felt knots: Such cat felt knots could be pulled apart slightly with the fingers. Never pull on the skin, but always unravel the knot from the inside out. If the knot is getting pulled up in this way, it can easily get combed out.

What does a shaggy coat mean in cats?

There may be bald spots in long-haired cats when changing coats, but maybe there is also a disease or allergy behind it. When cat fur becomes hairy and scaly, it is more than a beauty problem because coat and skin changes can signify illness.

What helps with matted cat fur?

Small matted areas can often be cut open with fur scissors; a small straight pair of fur scissors are well suited. With large matting, usually, only the shearing machine helps. The matted area is quickly getting removed, and your cat does not need to be plucked and pulled around unnecessarily.

How do I shear my cat correctly?

You start at the head behind the ears. Then the complete back is sheared up to the tail. Afterward, the shoulders and flanks come to the row. The cat should be lifted slightly by a second person to shear the hair in the area of armpits, inner thighs, and belly.

What do cats need for a beautiful coat?

Cats produce superior hair protection because sebaceous glands in the skin secrete an oily substance. It is distributed during brushing and ensures that the skin and hair are smooth and shiny. Besides, the sebum gives the cat a slightly water-repellent coat.

Can cats be sheared?

Do cats have to be sheared? Usually, it would help if you did not crop your cat. However, if fur plates and fur knots sit close to the skin, it can cause pain to the cat by tugging.

What does the coat color say about the cat?

The idea to connect the cat’s coat color with its nature is not a new one. Surveys of cat owners have shown that tricolored cats have an incredibly complex character than other velvet paws and are more likely to react aggressively.

How long does it take until cat fur grows back?

Usually, the fur grows back entirely within three to four months, and with the post-clipping syndrome, it takes much longer.

How do you care for cat fur?

The essential accessories for cat fur care are a comb and brush. You can use a baby hairbrush for cats with short fur and a little undercoat. Specialist shops also offer various brushes and fur combs with different bristles.

How do I get the coat of my cat shiny?

Even though short-haired cats hardly need any help with this, you can also improve the hairs’ shine by brushing the coat. Long-haired cats like Persian and Chinchilla cats should be getting brushed regularly, if possible, every day because their fur tangles very easily.

Do cats have hair or fur?

Cats lose their hair when cleaning, scrubbing, playing, or stroking. But also, in a very natural way, the coat follows a fixed cycle, which determines the loss of hair. A new hair is first getting created by forming a root.

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FAQ Matted Cat Hair
FAQ Matted Cat Hair / Image by Phạm Quốc Nguyên from Pixabay


If you don’t comb your cat’s hair regularly, you have to go to the groomer. In most salons, cats have become a regular customer base, but a visit is a natural stress factor for some of them.

Maybe cats will reconsider whether combing at home is the worst thing that can happen to her or them.

So if you decide to buy a longhair cat, you should be aware that you have to invest a little time grooming your pet. The regular brushing of the cat is simply a part of it.

But with the help of the tips and tricks listed above, you and your cat will manage, and maybe grooming will even become a relaxing ritual for cat owners and long-haired pets.

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