Lower Blood Sugar Naturally With Apple Vinegar – 2 Good Facts!

Lower Blood Sugar Naturally With Apple Vinegar – Can we lower blood sugar levels naturally with Apple Cider Vinegar? Yes, we can! Let’s check out two scientific study results!

Cider vinegar is well known as a proven household remedy. Type 2 diabetes patients can also use its extraordinary properties to improve blood sugar levels because cider vinegar helps lower blood sugar levels. Numerous studies have proven it.

Vinegar can reduce blood sugar peaks after carbohydrate-rich meals and improve fasting blood sugar levels.

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Lower Blood Sugar Naturally With Apple Vinegar

See below the two scientific facts about “Lower Blood Sugar Naturally With Apple Vinegar.” Let us take a look at the insights into two scientific study results:

Vinegar lowers blood sugar after a meal

Vinegar lowers blood sugar after a meal
Lower blood sugar naturally with apple vinegar – Vinegar lowers blood sugar after a meal – Image by LEEROY Agency from Pixabay.

A Swedish study shows that a bit of vinegar with food counteracts an excessive increase in sugar.

Study participants were given one portion of white bread for breakfast for the study. H for the analysis of the par participants, the study ate white bread with vinegar, and half of the participants in white bread without vinegar.

Before breakfast, all participants were sober – that is, they had not eaten anything for eight hours before breakfast. After breakfast, blood samples were getting taken at regular intervals, and the feeling of satiety was getting asked.

The result:

Those participants who had eaten the white bread combined with vinegar were pleased with a significantly lower blood sugar and insulin increase—the higher the vinegar dose, the flatter the growth.

Another subtle side effect: the feeling of satiety also increased, which is beneficial for weight regulation.

Scientific Study Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17712024

Vinegar lowers blood sugar in the morning

Vinegar lowers blood sugar in the morning
Lower blood sugar naturally with apple vinegar – Vinegar lowers blood sugar in the morning – Image by andreas160578 from Pixabay.

Scientists from America show in a study that vinegar also has a positive effect on the fasting blood sugar level.

Study participants were people with type 2 diabetes who took various diabetes drugs but did not inject insulin. During the study, all participants received a ready-made diet for several days.

Every morning at 7 a.m., they measured blood sugar levels. Starting on the third day of the study, the participants took a tablespoon of apple vinegar three evenings in a row. The comparison group received one tablespoon of water instead of one tablespoon of vinegar. A piece of cheese was also getting eaten.

The result:

The small vinegar-cheese bites improved the morning blood sugar by 5 mg/dl. They best-reduced blood sugar in those type 2 diabetics whose blood sugar level in the morning was above 130 mg/dl.

Scientific Study Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16015276

FAQ Apple Vinegar

How can you lower your blood sugar quickly?

While insulin lowers blood sugar levels, glucagon drives them up. In addition to glucagon, adrenaline, cortisol, and thyroid hormones can also increase blood sugar levels. Insulin lowers the blood sugar level by transporting glucose from the blood into the cells.

Is cider vinegar good for cholesterol?

Apple cider vinegar is also said to lower blood sugar levels and can support the treatment of diabetes. It is also said to help against high blood pressure and lower cholesterol and blood fat levels. A cider vinegar diet is even said to stimulate digestion and metabolism and thus make losing weight easier.

Is cider vinegar good for high blood pressure?

It helps to lower high blood pressure. To do this, put two teaspoons of cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink one or two glasses of it daily. However, the blood pressure-lowering effect only happens after a more extended period. Its minerals, iron, magnesium, and potassium also help lower blood pressure.

Is cider vinegar suitable for people with diabetes?

Apple cider vinegar lowers blood sugar. Apple cider vinegar reduces the risk of secondary diabetes. To regulate diabetes and rule out other complaints, one should not exceed two tablespoons of apple vinegar daily consumption.


Regular vinegar intake affects both the Meal blood sugar and the fasting blood sugar favorable. Apple cider vinegar can thus actively contribute to increasing the success of therapy for type 2 diabetes, which means a good life with diabetes is possible.

Advice: If you are trying out blood sugar-lowering measures, always check your blood sugar level at the same time. If there is a risk of hypoglycemia, take countermeasures immediately.

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