The Kodiak Queen: Sunken Underwater Kraken Ship At Caribean Sea!

Visit “The Kodiak Queen” – A giant sunken Kraken ship from World War 2 waits for scuba divers and adventure lovers in the Caribbean sea.

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The Kodiak Queen

Close to the British virgin islands in the Caribbean sea in 2017, a giant sunken Kraken ship was sunken.

The original name of the giant sunken Kraken ship is The Kodiak Queen.

A fantastic underwater project with the name “B.V.I. Art Reef.” It is a work with group members of:

Unite B.V.I.Secret Samurai ProductionsMaverick1000Beneath the Waves.

This underwater project will attract anybody worldwide to scuba diving adventure. It is also a new natural area for aquatic living creatures.

The ship was prepared and cleaned to the highest standards to ensure safety for diving.

The video maker Rob Sorrenti made a movie about how the underwater Kraken ship was sunken.

The Kodiak Queen – Highlights

Video Credit: Rob Sorrenti

More info: / Source:

Images Credit: Owen Buggy

Pictures Of The Kodiak Queen

The Kodiak Queen: Diving Underwater With Kraken
Diving Underwater With Kraken
Giant Kraken Sunken
Giant Kraken Sunken
Sunken Kraken Boat
Sunken Kraken Boat
The Kodiak Queen: Giant Kraken Boat
Giant Kraken Boat
Sunken Kraken Ship
Sunken Kraken Ship
Giant Sunken Kraken Boat
Giant Sunken Kraken Boat
Kraken Boat Ship
Kraken Boat Ship
The Kodiak Queen: Sunken Kraken Boat Ship
Sunken Kraken Boat Ship

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F.A.Q. Kodiak Queen

When did the ship go down?

The boat sank in April of 2017, and it is already open for diving beginning in June 2017.

Was the ship sunk clean?

Professional scuba service spent a significant amount of time sanitizing the craft. It eliminated several machines and a large amount of unsecured material.

Was the sink location subjected to an environmental impact study?

An ecological agency and the city government in the B.V.I. picked the place. They ensure appropriate for the task while not having a negative effect.

What is the most effective approach to dive into the location?

They recommend contacting any of the local diving companies in the B.V.I.s. This work aims to keep adding artworks so that you never know what you should find or what is going on. If you dive the location, the local dive providers contribute little. It supports coral planting, swimming teaching community, ecological D.N.A. investigations, and site upkeep.

How deep does it go?

The Kodiak Queen is still roughly 60 feet deep, about 15 to 17 feet underwater at its highest spot.

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