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Ketogenic Diet Benefits And Side Effects Of The Low Carb Diet

Ketogenic Diet Benefits And Side Effects Of The Low Carb Diet. / Image by DanaTentis from Pixabay
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Ketogenic Diet Benefits And Side Effects Of The Low Carb Diet

If you undergo the ketogenic diet, it can have many benefits but also side effects. It is one of the strictest diets and leads to rapid weight loss due to the foods high in protein and low in carbohydrates at the same time.

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Benefits Of Ketogenic Diet

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Benefits Of Ketogenic Diet. / Image by Pavlofox from Pixabay

A keto diet requires strict planning and a certain amount of stamina. However, if you do everything right in the process, such a diet change has advantages above all.

  • An interesting point, especially for athletes, is that the ketogenic diet improves our endurance. It is mainly due to the saturated fats that you consume during the diet.
  • Probably the most common goal, fat burning, is particularly evoked in the ketogenic diet. Due to the low-carb approach, you will notice a difference relatively quickly compared to other diets.
  • Cutting out carbohydrates also causes your blood sugar levels to remain constant throughout the day. In addition, this also prevents cravings, which in turn is a plus for weight. A ketogenic diet is therefore particularly interesting for people with unstable blood sugar, such as diabetics.
  • Even if you eliminate fruit from the meal plan during the ketogenic diet, you do not fear any deficits due to the healthy fats from oils, fish, or vegetables. Thus, you increase your performance and do something good for your body in terms of health.
  • Such a diet change leads to an improvement in the appearance of your skin because a ketogenic diet has an anti-inflammatory effect. At the same time, it also prevents numerous diseases, such as cancer.

Side Effects Of Ketogenic Diet

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Side Effects Of Ketogenic Diet. / Image by Gundula Vogel from Pixabay

If you want to attend a ketogenic diet, you have to be very strict regarding food. You will have to eliminate carbohydrates like pasta, potatoes, and even oatmeal from your daily schedule. But the more healthy fats such as avocado, nuts or fish to take. Which disadvantages this change of nutrition brings with it, we reveal to you here.

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  • With the ketogenic diet, you eliminate fruit from the shopping list. It means that you will not supply your body with enough vitamins and minerals during the diet.
  • The diet requires lots of planning, which in turn causes stress during a busy work week. A visit to the canteen during lunch break must be replaced by the dish you bring from home.
  • Since you will be eating more very high-fat foods during the ketogenic diet, this will also impact your liver in the long run. So if you already suffer from fatty liver or heart problems, you should discuss this with your doctor in advance.
  • The deficit in carbohydrates ensures rapid weight loss. So once you end the diet, you are particularly at risk of quickly putting those kilos back on the scales.
  • Switching to a purely ketogenic diet also means that you eat less fiber. However, these are very important for our digestion in particular, which is why you should not be surprised if constipation occurs.

Conclusion: This is ketogenic nutrition

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You do almost entirely without carbohydrates if you eat a ketogenic diet like pasta, bread, etc. This extremely low-sugar diet is also used in tumor and epilepsy therapy. It forces the body to draw the energy it needs from fat deposits.

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