How To Wash Pillows? The Best Way In 5 Steps Explained!

How to wash pillows? – How to wash a pillow in the washing machine and then dry it in the dryer to achieve an ideal result? 

We show everything about washing and the proper care of pillows here in our guide. 

Depending on what kind of filling the pillow has, you need to wash the pillow with the specified number of degrees. The pillow filling in a pillow is a pillow with down filling, Visco, feathers, cotton, and polyester filling.

Also, pay attention to the corresponding laundry marks. It is easy to wash a pillow as long as you can follow them. 

The laundry sign label indicates how to clean the pillow correctly, for example, the down pillow in the washing machine with a down filling. 

Besides, the title provides information on ironing, drying, bleaching, and dry or professional cleaning. 

With our expert knowledge, we show you how you can master the topic of washing pillows clean and correctly in the following sections.

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How to wash pillows?

How to wash pillows?
How to wash pillows? / Image by Claudio_Scott from Pixabay

The pillow label provides information about whether it is washable or not – You can put most pillows in the washing machine without any problems.

However, it would help if you looked at the care label on the pillow before cleaning it. Here you will find the temperature setting’s information – and whether the pillow can survive a tumble dryer.

However, there are general tips that apply to any pillow.

  1. When washing a pillow, be sure to avoid fabric softener. With polyester fill, fabric softener will cause the filling to clump. It will also make it impossible to fluff. Down also does not like fabric softener.
  2. Regardless of the filling, a pillow needs one thing above all in the washing machine: space. Therefore, only wash one pillow at a time, and it’s best not to add any other laundry.
  3. Washing is one thing, but the pillow should also dry afterward. In the fresh air or on a clothes horse, this won’t be easy. So you should already have a dryer when you wash your pillow.
  4. Do not set the dryer on full power. Lower drying temperatures will make the pillow fluffier. It would help if you accepted the longer drying time for this.
  5. Pause the drying process in between and shake the pillow vigorously. It will distribute the filling more evenly.

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How to wash down pillows with a washing machine?

How to wash down pillows with a washing machine?
How to wash pillows? / How to wash down pillows with a washing machine? / Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Yes, down pillows can usually be getting washed in the machine without any problems. But here too: follow the washing instructions on the label.

  • You can wash down pillows at a temperature between 40 and 60 degrees unless the label specifies a different temperature.
  • A down pillow is sensitive. Therefore, it is best to use a mild, mild detergent.
  • You should also avoid using fabric softener with down pillows.
  • Both during washing and drying, down pillows are happy to have a tennis ball for the company. It loosens the down nicely and prevents clumping. However, make sure that the tennis ball does not stain.
  • A down pillow takes a long time to dry completely. In any case, please do not put it in the blazing sun; it makes the down brittle. The dryer at lower temperatures – again with a tennis ball – is gentler.

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Will pillows fit in the washing machine?

When washing pillows, you should clean the item separately, not with other bedding, blankets, etc. 

Pads need a lot of space in the machine, so you should not save room for the down pillow made of down or feather pillow with feathers when washing a cushion with filling. 

For example, to protect the filling, the cotton, polyester, and down, you can put them in an extra laundry bag to maintain gently clean. 

Meanwhile, modern washing machines have gentle washing cycles that remove any dirt, dust mites, and Co. and at the same time gently care for them.

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At how many degrees of water should you wash pillows?

For a more robust item, such as a feather pillow with feather filling or synthetic fiber filling, you can wash it at a degree of heat up to 60 degrees. 

Covers made of polyester are also excellent and durable to clean such surfaces without much trouble, even at a higher degree of warmth in the washing machine. 

Always note the type of treatment to be well secured in all categories. For example, if the label is faded, you can also play it safe and clean the pillow (feather pillow, down pillow) at a lower heat level, removing all dirt particles and stains. 

If your pad does not fit in the washing machine or the filling needs special care treatment, you can also hire a cleaning service to professionally clean the pillow, pillows, down pillows, and even mattresses or a simple single mattress. 

The high degree also helps remove dust mites, which is very good for dust mite allergy sufferers.

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How often should you wash a pillow?

How often should you wash a pillow?
How to wash pillows? / How often should you wash a pillow? / Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Like bedding, a pillow and a pillow should be cleaned and thoroughly washed once or twice a year. 

Especially impurities that accumulate during the night due to sweat, saliva, and dander can cause allergies, such as dust mites, which feed on dead skin scales. 

Pillows, like neck support pillows, feather pillows, and down pillows, should be washed more often than, for example, a comforter or the covers of a mattress or several mattresses. 

Overnight we sweat, especially over the head, so you should clean the pillow more often. Besides, it helps provide the pad with enough fresh air in the morning after getting up. 

Fluffing it up is a good tip, as new air will aerate the pillow, remaining moisture will disappear, and in the case of a down pillow, the down and feather filling will not clump together. 

If the pillow clumps in the filling, it has less bulking power and no longer feels soft and fluffy. Therefore, fluffing is especially important.

Which detergent should I use for pillow washing?

Pillows filled with down and feathers, such as down pillows and feather pillows, are products that should only be getting washed with mild liquid detergent. 

Unlike heavy-duty detergents, mild detergents are much gentler and more gentle on the laundry so that the down, feather, and cotton fillings are not getting damaged during the washing process. 

If you clean wool or do not have a unique down washing program in the washing machine, use a wool washing program. 

The wool wash program washes the laundry at a low heat level and degree number and is super gentle. 

Not using high heat degrees is gentle on the laundry in the washing machine.

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Why no fabric softener to wash pillows?

Cleaning with fabric softener is not recommended when washing pillows. Fabric softener causes the down and feathers in the buffer to clump together when washed in the washing machine. 

Other materials, such as polyester and cotton items, are also affected by their filling. Therefore, fabric softener is not recommended, and you should do without it. 

By not using fabric softener when washing pillows, the pillow will stay nice and fluffy and soft so you can sleep comfortably on your mattress plus cover and blanket. 

When washing down pillows, mild detergents are the best choice, as they do not contain optical brighteners and are incredibly gentle and kind. 

Soft detergents also remove all stains from the pillow cover and are cheap to buy. With a wool wash program, washing pillows becomes child’s play.

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Which laundry program to wash pillows?

Which laundry program to wash pillows?
How to wash pillows? / Which laundry program to wash pillows? / Image by Alterio Felines from Pixabay

You can’t go wrong if the pillow came out of the wash clean and selected a wool wash program or a unique down and feather wash program. 

To prevent the filling from clumping, place a clean athletic shoe or tennis ball in the washing machine. 

Down pillows and other pillows and pillows are kneaded nicely and are nice and fluffy after the washing program.

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When washing pillows, should we spin them?

It is possible to spin pillows in the washing machine. However, it would help if you used a spin cycle with a few revolutions for natural products, such as a down pillow with a down and feather filling. 

For example, the washing program with 400 spins is getting recommended here. Setting the spin to too high a rotation can damage the filling; for instance, down and feathers become brittle and lose their natural structure. 

Experts and our guide recommend maintaining a pillow’s quality by a low spinning speed for a long time. 

Besides, you can turn on an extra rinse cycle after spinning so that the last remnants, be it mild detergent or other filling and products full detergent, can be adequately removed from the pillow. 

After drying in the dryer, enjoy your clean and fresh pad on your mattress.

How to wash down pillows in the washing machine?

If a pillow has a down and feather filling, it is recommended that you fluff it regularly after getting up so that the feather-down filling mixture does not clump together. 

It can remove various deposits, such as residual moisture. Pillows should be washed at a heat level between 40 and 60 degrees, preferably with mild detergent and a wool wash program in the washing machine. 

Do not use a full detergent, which is an important rule when washing down pillows. Otherwise, the down and feathers clump together. 

You can save on detergent and should only add a third of the average amount. It would help if you did without fabric softener because otherwise, the pillow can be damaged.

After washing pillows, how to dry them in the dryer?

Is it possible to dry in a dryer after washing a pillow? Of course, it is a necessary process that is unavoidable.

In the case of down pillows and feather pillows, it is the case that you have to dry them in the dryer because otherwise, mold can form in the pad. 

For other pillows, such as a neck support pillow, polyester pillow, and Visco pillow, you have to look at the tag to know if the item is suitable for the dryer. 

As a rule, it is accurate and can be getting said to dry most dryer pillows at a low number of degrees. Additional fluffing is recommended here; filling does not clump and is evenly distributed inside the cover. 

Let especially down pillows and feather pillows dry correctly. As a tip, you can add a tennis ball into the dryer for drying so that the filling is well kneaded and dried.

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FAQ How To Wash Pillows

FAQ How To Wash Pillows
FAQ How To Wash Pillows / Image by Wunderela from Pixabay

Is it possible to wash pillows with a filling?

We can wash down pillows and pillows with synthetic filling in the washing machine. Put a single pillow (without a pillowcase) in the washing machine and add a small amount of mild detergent. Set the washing machine to 60°C.

Is it possible to wash pillows with polyester filling?

You usually wash synthetic fibers at 30 or 40 degrees Celsius or as indicated on the label as a thumb rule. For example, polyester fillings usually tolerate only 40 degrees Celsius, while microfiber fillings can certainly withstand 60 degrees Celsius.

How do I dry a down pillow?

Always use a dryer to dry down pillows and down comforters. They dry too slowly in the air, and residual moisture often remains in the feathers, and it promotes mold formation and germs and causes the pillow or down comforter to clump together.

How to wash polyester pillows?

You can use a mild detergent for polyester pillows or homemade chestnut detergent. We should not wash neck support pillows and other functional pillows; otherwise, they will lose their stability. Pre-washing is as unnecessary for the pads as a fabric softener and bleach.

Can pillows with feathers be washed?

Yes, even in the washing machine. You can wash pillows filled with down or feathers in the gentle cycle at 30 degrees with mild detergent, which is also suitable for wool and silk. When doing so, always fluff the pillow.

How to wash pillows and blankets?

We can usually wash them at 60 degrees on the gentle cycle. Afterward, we may put the pillows or comforters in the dryer (gentle drying). Dry cleaning is also possible. Synthetic fibers can be washed at a low temperature (40 degrees).

How do I get my pillow fluffy again?

Dry properly: A dryer is worth it becomes fluffy again to wash pillows. The dryer better not be too hot because polyester can melt otherwise and break down at too hot temperatures.

How do I dry pillows in the dryer?

First, you should look at the label and see if the material is suitable for the dryer. As a rule, however, most pillows can be dried in the dryer at a low temperature. In between, you can also fluff up the pad so that the filling is evenly getting distributed.

Which detergent for feather pillows?

Wash feather pillows only with a gentle, mild detergent. Do not use bleach (full detergent) detergent – it makes the feathers brittle. Do not use fabric softener either, as it makes the feathers clump together.

What can you put in the dryer instead of tennis balls?

Aluminum foil: If aluminum foil is getting crumpled up into small balls, it does an excellent job in the dryer. The aluminum balls ensure that the laundry does not become statically charged. To make the textiles soft and loose, you can wrap the foil around a tennis ball and put it in the dryer.


Anyone who wants to wash his pillow should not forget under which conditions we can clean it. You can find them on the washing label on each pad.

Usually, it is possible to clean pillows in the washing machine with different programs. It is essential to protect the pad with the proper detergents and low rotation speeds.

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