How To Wash Bras? The Best Way In 10 Steps!

How to wash bras? Should we clean the bras in the washing machine or by hand? How often should you wash a bra? How hot should the water be? And which detergent is best for the delicate lace?

Women wear a bra every day, yet there are many unanswered questions about the bra’s proper care.

We’ve researched how to wash your bra from now correctly by hand or in the washing machine.

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How to wash bras? – Wash your bra the best way with these tips!

Wash your bra the best way with these tips
How to wash bras? – Wash your bra the best way with these tips! / Image by Luisella Planeta Leoni from Pixabay

Tips and tricks on washing your bras – Usually, women wear a bra every day, so they have a mountain of bras in their laundry basket by the end of the week. What is the best way to wash our bras?

Below you will find tips and tricks on washing your bras.

  1. Bras should always be getting washed in a laundry bag. It is especially true for underwired bras because the underwires can come loose and damage the washing machine and the laundry.
  2. Close the fastening hooks before washing so that they do not get caught in the bra fabric and damage the sensitive material.
  3. The maximum temperature for washing lingerie is 40 degrees because most materials, such as the closing hooks or the sliders on the straps, are not very heat resistant. The coating could peel off and rust.
  4. Never use fabric softener because it can attack the elastane contained in the lingerie. Result: The bra will wear out. It is better to use only a gentle, mild detergent.
  5. Particularly sensitive and high-quality lingerie made of lace or chiffon is better washed by hand. Soak the bra in warm water for about 30 minutes. Please use an only mild detergent. Then knead gently and rinse with cold water.
  6. Bras with underwire should never be put in the dryer because the elastic parts wear out very quickly. It is better to dry the pieces on an underwire in the fresh air or on the clothes horse.
  7. It is also essential to separate the colors in the laundry to avoid discoloration. Light yellow or natural colored bras should not be washed with white laundry because the white detergent contains bleach and removes the color.
  8. How often you should wash a bra depends entirely on how much you sweat during the day. It is enough every two to four days.
  9. In general, always pay attention to the information on the washing list. For each material, specifications should be getting applied.
  10. Sports bras are generally more comfortable to care for than conventional bra models. One can wash them also problem-free with 40 degrees in the washing machine. It is only essential that they are cleaned frequently, ideally even after each use. It is because sweat, body fat, and deodorants can attack and stick to the fibers.

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Bra: Hand wash or washing machine?

The best way to wash your bras is hand washing. It is not only better for your bra but also for your washing machine. If you wash your bra by hand, the bra will last longer because the elastic fibers are not affected as much. It means that the bra keeps its shape longer. Do you wear many preformed bras? Then we recommend you always wash them by hand.

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Before washing: Close the bra correctly.

To prevent your bra’s fasteners from destroying other garments during the wash cycle, you must close them properly before washing.

Close the bra with the last connecting eyelets so that none are visible. It ensures that the bra fastener does not suddenly become caught in other garments or on the machine’s elastic, and it also prevents the bra from getting tangled up in itself.

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Washing the bra properly in the washing machine

Washing the bra properly in the washing machine
How to wash bras? – Washing the bra properly in the washing machine / Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Once you have closed the bra, consider other things when washing in the machine. We show you what is essential.

  • Put the bra into a laundry bag or an old pillowcase. It is only vital that you can knot the ends or close the bag. It protects the bra and the machine, especially if it is an underwired bra because the underwires can easily get caught in the machine.
  • Do not stuff the machine too full. Especially large pieces of laundry, such as towels, will cause your bra to lose its shape. Ideally, it would benefit if you washed your bra with small laundry pieces in a machine that is not so full. Choose a gentle program at 30 or 40 degrees.
  • After washing, pull the bra into shape, ideally when it is still wet. Then hang it on the laundry rack and open the fastener.

Caution: Never put your bra in the dryer; otherwise, it will lose shape.

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Wash bra properly by hand

Wash bra properly by hand
How to wash bras? – Wash bra properly by hand / Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay
  • The most gentle way to protect your bra is to wash it by hand. Especially a bra with a lot of lace should not be put in the washing machine.
  • Fill a bowl or sink with warm water and add a dash of mild detergent.
  • Dip the bra into the water and leave it in the bath for about ten to twenty minutes.
  • Then rinse the bra with clean water and hang it up to dry.

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How often should I wash my bra?

It relies on the person, but you should wash a bra after wearing it four times on average. If you tend to sweat plenty, you should wash your bra earlier. 

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How do you dry a bra?

  • Never operate the tumble dryer to dry your bra. Bras are not resistant to the hot temperatures and will lose their elasticity and color.
  • Never squeeze your bra to dry it; this will damage the cup shape.
  • The best way to dry your bra is the classic air drying. Lay your bra flat on a towel with the cups facing up.
  • Never iron your bra.

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Do you sweat a lot, is it hot, or have you been doing sports? Then it would be best if you washed your bra after every wear.

Otherwise, after every third to fifth wear is enough. Washing too often can damage the fibers.

It is also recommended not to wear the bra on several consecutive days but to let it rest or air for a day now and then.

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