How To Wash A Feather Bed The Best Way In 5 Steps Explained!

How to wash a feather bed? – Featherbeds can quickly become dirty in daily use. Therefore, you should clean them regularly. But this is not so easy. So that your featherbeds do not get broken, we show you what you need to pay attention to.

What makes a feather bed?

A feather comforter is not the same as a down comforter. One speaks of a down comforter if the filling material consists of at least 60 percent down, and if it contains less down, it is a feather bed.

What is the difference between down and feathers?

Feathers are the visible dress of birds. On the other hand, Down forms the soft under feathers, especially of ducks and geese.

While feathers have the typical keel, down tends to wash out in tufts from the down core. They are soft and fluffy and store heat excellently but are still permeable to air.

On the other hand, Feathers keep little heat but provide more fullness and weight. The downside to them is the quills sometimes poke uncomfortably through the covers of pillows and comforters.

Why should you wash feather beds?

For the care of your feather bed, it does not matter which filling is getting included. Because both feathers, and down over time, have a habit of clumping.

These lumps are particularly unpleasant in the pillow because you can no longer rest your head comfortably. The nodes often collect at the foot end in the comforter, so the warming effect is lost.

Also, of course, you should wash feather comforters for hygienic reasons. Although down is relatively insensitive to bacteria, you still sweat during sleep and carry dust into the bedroom.

Therefore, regular cleaning is recommended to protect the bedding from mites, mold, and others.

How often should you wash a feather bed?

Featherbeds should be shaken thoroughly every day to loosen and air them.

Regular washing of down comforters is essential, but it should not be done too often because every time you wash it, there is a risk of damage to the delicate down.

You should wash down the comforter every three years and wash down the pillow about one time per year.

How to wash a feather bed?

How to wash a feather bed?
How to wash a feather bed? / Image by Frank Habel from Pixabay

So that the feather bed also becomes clean and soft again, we have tips for washing for you here:

  1. You should run feather beds at 60 degrees in the delicate wash program because it will remove all residue and protect the feather beds themselves. It may be that some manufacturers print other information on the label. If in doubt, stick to them and prefer to wash at a lower temperature.
  2. Make sure that there is a right place in the washing machine.
  3. If this is not the case, you should take significantly larger feather beds to the dry cleaners.
  4. For cleaning at home, you should use a simple all-purpose detergent. Please refrain from using a fabric softener, as it can cause the feathers to clump together.
  5. Once the washing process is complete, read the next section on how to dry your feather beds properly.

How to dry a feather bed?

How to dry a feather bed?
How to wash a feather bed? – How to dry a feather bed? / Image by Сергей Шабанов from Pixabay
  • Once you have successfully washed the feather beds, you can now put them in the dryer.
  • Also, put two clean tennis balls in the dryer. These will ensure that the feathers are getting stirred up and the feather beds stay nice and fluffy.
  • Remove the feather beds after the first drying cycle and shake them out.
  • After that, it must rest for about an hour spread out. After that, you can make a second drying process, if necessary.
  • Repeat these procedures until the feather beds are parched.
  • If you do not have a dryer, you should let the feather beds air dry.

FAQ How To Wash A Feather Bed

How do you wash a comforter?

If the manufacturer’s label does not say anything more specific, you can usually wash your comforter around 30 to 40 degrees on the delicate wash program. For this, you need a down or wool detergent. However, if you want to kill mites during washing, you can set the machine to 60 degrees.

Can you wash down comforters in the washing machine?

While in the past we propagated that a blanket or pillow made of down had best be cleaned by a professional, today we have other answers. Yes, you can wash your down blanket and the down pillow at home in the washing machine and dry it in the dryer.

Where can I have feather comforters cleaned?

If it is impossible to wash and dry the comforters in your own home or the washing machine is too small, we can clean the comforters in a laundromat. Mostly industrial washing machines with high capacity and fast washing speed are installed in these.

How hot should down we wash comforters?

The laundry label states how many degrees you can wash your down comforter, and some specimens can be cleaned only at 30 or 40 °C. People who are allergic to dust mites should check before buying the down comforter to wash it at 60 °C.

Can a comforter be washed in the washing machine?

As a rule, feather comforters can be washed in the washing machine, but we should follow the comforter’s care label. To not damage the down in the washing machine, down comforters should separate down pillows from other textiles.

How to wash and dry down the comforter?

The washer should have a volume of at least between 5 and 7.5 kilograms. We should never wash down comforters or pillows together with other textiles – always separately. You need a dryer, and down is challenging to dry in the air.

Which program for down comforters?

Use a delicate wash or wool wash program to wash the down comforter. Set the temperature according to the information on the washing label or to the max. 40 degrees.

Is it possible to wash a wool blanket?

Wool blankets are instead among the delicate products. Nevertheless, you can wash them in the washing machine if you choose the light program.

How much does it cost to clean a comforter?

Washing down blankets costs on average 30 to 50 dollars for small blankets sizes like 135x200cm. Cleaning large blankets costs 40 to 60 dollars.

How much does feather pillow cleaning cost?

A down comforter and feather pillow washed in a specialized store usually cost no more than 20 to 30 dollars. Steaming includes quality control and refilling with new high quality down to 100 dollars. But this investment is only every four years.

How expensive is bed feather cleaning?

Bed feather cleaning is a more costly procedure and significantly more expensive. Per bed in the standard size should be expected here with prices from 80$. A complete wash of a traditional size comforter usually starts at $25.


With the right tips for washing and drying down comforters, you will enjoy your cozy soft comforter even longer in the future.

Even if you are allergic, regular care and washing are helpful to reduce the number of allergens in the comforter and the bedding.

You can wash your down comforter yourself if your washing machine is big enough. You can set 60 degrees here to clean the down comforter most of the time.

Otherwise, go to a washing center with larger washing machines to wash and spin. You can also have the down comforter cleaned at a dry cleaner if necessary.

Of course, the cost of dry cleaning is much higher than a simple wash in a laundromat or at home.

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